Escape 16+

This is the story of Brianna. An 18 year old girl who has finay escaped her abusive relationship with Skyler. Suddenly she starts falling for another boy she ran into in the park. Niall Horan. The boys of One Direction change Brianna's life completely. But what will happen when Skyler finds her?


3. Skyler?!

*Brianna's POV*

I stand there. Motionless. I tighten my grip on his hand just enough to get his attention. "Whats the matter love?" Niall says. I point at my ex-boyfriend who is now glaring at me and walking towards us. "Who is that?" Niall asks concerned. "Sk-sk-skyler." I tell him as I can feel myself shaking. "Why hello there baby. Are you ready to come home with your true love now?" Skyler walks up and says to me. I can see the anger in his eyes. "She's not going with you Skyler. You hurt her and she is not going with you. She is staying safe with us." Niall pretty much shouts. Skyler then has his arm on mine. He pulls me away from Niall. "NIALL HELP!!" "PLEASE HELP ME PLEASE!!" Niall and Paul are then sprinting over to Skyler and I. Niall then pushes Skyler off of me and throws the first punch. Skyler falls and then Niall jumps on top of him. Each punch splattering more and more blood everywhere. Paul runs up and rips Niall off of Skyler and he calls 911. I can already hear the sirens coming as I run over to the other boys. Liam hold his arms out and I run to him. The police come over and ask about everything. I tell them everything. From the rape to the escape. They arrest Skyler and say that he is going to be put away under the charges of rape and abuse. He is going to jail for 25-life. A wave of relief comes over me. The boys and I go into the mall and enjoy our day of shopping. I got so many clothes and shoes and makeup. All of which Niall payed for. I tried to argue it with him but he always payed before I could even get my money out. We walk out of the mall with so many bags. Climbing into the limo i'm holding onto Nialls hand. Still scared about Skyler. 


*Nialls POV*

I can't believe that asshole Skyler tried to take Brianna. My Brianna. I'm never going to let anyone ever hurt her! We pull up to the flat and her and I walk up to my room."Brianna I will never let anyone hurt you. You are now my whole world and no one and I repeat NO ONE will ever lay a hand on you ever!" I can't believe I have grown so many feeling for this girl that I just met. I look her up and now and I lean down and kiss her. It feels so perfect. And she's mine. All mine. "Let's go down stairs baby. We can go out for dinner. Just you and I." I say to her. "And you might want to wear that new dress and heels I got you today." I say to her before leaning down and kissing her again. "Okay baby. Just let me shower and get ready." she says smiling at me. 


*Briannas POV*

I quickly hop into the shower. I turn on the shower and let the hot warm stream down my body. I just now noticed that my bruises are fading a little. That makes me so happy that Niall cares so much about me. After I finish washing my hair and body I jump out of the shower and wrap my hair with my towel. I put some makeup on and get into my dress. It squeezes in all the right places. It's a small black dress with silver sparkles all over. I style my hair and decide to straiten it. Perfect. I grab my new heels. They are black and have a little pink bow on the front. I step out of the bathroom and see Niall dressed in a suit and tie. He looks so good. I swear I just want to run up to him and kiss him all over. Stop it Brianna! Keep calm! "Ready gorgeous?" Niall says in his sexy irish accent. "Yes I am." I say back to him. We walk out of the flat hand in hand. Niall runs to the door of his black Range Rover and opens it for me. He runs around to the other side and I can see a smile plastered on his face. I can't help but smile and giggle. He climbs in the car and we drive off. I still have no clue where we are going. He turns on the radio and 'Miss Movin On' by Fifth Harmony comes on. I love this song! I quietly start singing to myself. I think Niall heard me because after the song is over he says to me "You know you have an incredible voice right?" I can't help but smile and I deel myself turning a deep red. After about 15 minutes we pull up to what looks like an italian restaurant. My favorite. As I step out of the car papparazzi hounded Naill and I. "Niall who is this? Is she your girlfriend?" The paps are all shouting as us. Suddenly Niall intertwines our fingers and I am pulled into a kiss. This one felt different. It was so much more passionate. I can here the clicks of the camera going faster and louder. Then the paps all clear out. We walk up to the restaraunt. Niall said this place is called Magianos."Ah. Mr.Horan. We have your private booth upstairs all ready to your satisfaction." The matre d walks up this big winding stair case and we follow behind him. I see a small booth set up with candles and two glasses of wine already poured for us with the bottle sitting in the ice chest. "Oh Niall. This is perfect." I go up and kiss him. This is going to be the most perfect night ever. I can already feel it. We sit in our private booth and the waiter comes up and reads us the specials. I decide on the chicken parm and Niall gets the meatballs and spaggetti. All night we just have the best and funniest conversations. We finish dinner and head out to the car. We start to head home and when we get home we go imideately up to the room. We start kissing so passionately. I feel him lick my bottom lick and pretty much beg me for entrance. I let him in and our tounges are fighting for dominance. I let him win. He picks me up and walks over to the bed and sets me down gently. I feel him go to the zipper on the back of my dress and he quickly unzips me and lets the dress go onto the floor. I'm now laying there witin myblack sexy bra and matching underwear. Still kissing i reach to the bottom of his shirt and pull it off. I unzip his pants and pull them off of him. He starts making his way to the clip on my bra and in a split second he has my bra on the floor. For the first time in a long time I actually want to have sex with a boy. He starts kissing down my jawline and down to my breast. he takes off my panties and I can feel him, hard against my leg. He pulls off his boxers and runs over to his bedside table and pulls out a condom and puts it on. He starts teasing me. "Niall please. I need you!" i'm begging him. He then plunges into me. His thrusts starting slow and softly and then speeding up until I can feel it coming. My walls close tightly around him and we both climax at the same time. He rolls off me and we lay there, in silence. It's not awkward in anyway though. I go up to him and lay my head on his chest. "Goodnight my princess." he whispers in my ear. Then I drift into a deep sleep.

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