Escape 16+

This is the story of Brianna. An 18 year old girl who has finay escaped her abusive relationship with Skyler. Suddenly she starts falling for another boy she ran into in the park. Niall Horan. The boys of One Direction change Brianna's life completely. But what will happen when Skyler finds her?


1. Finally gone

*Brianna's POV*
I had to keep running. I can feel the pain in my ankle, but I don't care. If I don't keep running he's going to punish me. I only had my backpack filled with enough clothes for 2 days, but I knew that if I went back he would catch me. In case your confused, my name is Brianna. I have been trapped in his flat for the past 3 years by my boyfriend. Well ex-boyfriend you could say, Skyler. He was truly a horrible person. He would beat me and rape me whenever he felt like it. This isn't my first time that I have tried to escape."BRIANNA!" I can hear him repeatedly shouting my name. I can hear his footsteps getting closer behind me. I jump into a bush on the side of the road in the park. I don't think he saw me get into the bush cause he just sprinted past. I check my phone and its says 11:47. I check my backpack to make sure I still have everything there. Clothes for 2 days, pyjamas, phone charger, money, a toothbrush and toothpaste, and 2 water bottles. All there. I jump out of the bush and start walking through the park when I don't realise it and I bump into someone. He looked really angery. But his eyes were sparkling and were the bluest eyes I have ever seen. "I-i'm so sorry. I didn't mean to hit you." I started rambling. I tend to do that when i'm nervous. "Its no problem. What are you doing out this late?" he says with his adorable irish accent as he asked me. "I could ask you the same thing. My name is Brianna by the way. And I was just, uh, going for a late night walk." I lied. "I'm Niall. And with a backpack filled with clothes? Are you okay? You're all bruised up and have cuts everywhere. Do you know where you're going?" I could hear the sadness in his voice. I broke down. I was balling and then I feel myself being lifted and I look up and see he is carrying me and he has my backpack. "W-where are you taking me? Please don't hurt me! Please!" i'm begging him not to punish me. "I'm not going to hurt you I promise. I'm just going to take you back to my flat and i'll take care of you. You can stay there tonight with me and my mates." "Your mates?" "Yea. They are real nice lads." "Are they going to hurt me?" "No! They are the nicest guys you will ever meet. I promise." I don't really want to meet his 'mates'. I really am only compfy with Niall. "I will come with you on one condition." "Whats that?" He chuckles. "You stay with me and don't leave me alone with them." "Okay. It's no problem." "Thank you Niall." "How about when I get you to my flat you can tell me where all these marks came from. Okay?" "Okay" My eyes suddenly get heavier and I drift off to sleep. 

*Niall's POV*
Brianna. Her name is a gorgeous as she is. As i'm carrying her I ses her eyes close and she goes into a deep sleep. She's so skinny that it looks like she hasn't been fed in years. I can tell someone must have been hurting her with all the cuts a bruises she had all over her fragile body. I look down at her and see her long dirty blonde hair just hanging down. She is so gorgeous. From her sparkling hazel eyes that looked almost golden to her adorable small legs. She's so short and cute. I walk into the flat and see the lads and they start shouting. "Shhhhh!!" I whisper screm at them. "Who is this?" Zayn asked walking over. "Brianna. I found her in the park and she was crying and was in alot of pain it looked like. I wasn't about to let her just walk all alone not knowing where she was going." I told them feeling so bad for her. "Well why is she all cut up and bruised?" Harry asks. "I don't know she was going to tell me when we got here. Should we wake her?" "Yeah. Maybe we can let her stay here and we can help her." Liam walks over and says. I set her down on the couch and slighty shake her to wake her up.

*Brianna's POV*
I can hear people talking. About me. I feel myself be gently put down on a couch. And I feel a little bit of shaking on my arm. I wince in pain because thats where Skyler most recently hit me. I flutter my eyes open and see Niall and 4 other boys around me. I sit up and grab Niall and hold onto him. The other boys all introduce themselves. "I'm Harry and this is Liam, Louis, Zayn, and Liam." The one with the curly hair points them out and says to me. "I-i'm Brianna." I look at Niall and he gives me a smile of reassurance. I smile and realise he's not going to hurt me. "So Brianna. What happened? You have cuts and bruises everywhere." Liam asks me sincerely. I can't help but cry. I put my head on Nialls chest and he calms me down. "You can tell us. We will take good care of you." Zayn says to me. "Well it's kinda a long story." I tell them so I don't have to say all. "We have time." Louis says in a funny voice which makes me start to giggle. "Well. About 3 years ago I started dating this guy Skyler. The first few months were great. Until he got jealous of everyone. Even my family. I had moved into his flat with him thinking we were going to be happy together and he kept me prisoner in there instead. He refused to let me leave. He beats me and rapes me all the time. Sometimes he let his friends do it too. I tried multiple times to escape, but he always caught me and punished me. Usually my punishments are he will smack me around. And tonight I finally escaped and really got away from him." I could see the tears start building up in their eyes. I feel a huge lump forming in my throat. "I-i had no clue Brianna. Im so sorry." Niall said sympathetically. "Well you are welcome to stay with us as long as you would like." Liam says as he hugs me. Is this what it feels like to actually be wanted? I have never felt this before. I like this happy feeling. I hug him back and it feels good. 

*Liam's POV* 
As Brianna is telling us the story of Skyler I can't help but cry. Who would ever hurt her? She is so tiny and helpless. How does this Skyler guy sleep at night knowing what he does to her? I will help her through this. I can tell Niall is starting to develop a crush for her. I'm going to become her best friend and I want her to think of me as her brother. I'm determined to always be here for her.


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