True Love ?

This story is about a girl named Jazmine who is a beautiful girl with trust issues, she cant trust anyone because her step dad is abusive and her mom is afraid to do something about it. Jazmine she has to lie about her scars . But when one boy comes across and helps her out will she let him or be afraid ?


2. The Boy

I Woke Up The Next Morning Walking Down The Hall To Peek If My Step Dad Was Home. I Opened The Door Just A Crack To See That He Was Gone. He Is Always Running Around With These Trifflin Ratchet Whores. He Cheats On My Mom Like Its Nothing. That's When I Smelt Eggs And Bacon. ''Yumm'' I Thought In My Head. I Walked To The Bathroom Brushed My Teeth And Put On Some Make-Up To Cover My Scars , I Walked DownStairs To Find My Mother Humming And Dancing Around The Kitchen Cooking.

'' Hmm , Did He Die? Or Are You Just Trying To Make Me Feel Good?'' I Asked With A Questioned Look.

My Mom Turned Around And Took My Hand And Started Dancing With Me. She Laughs '' Sweetie He Went On A Business Trip For A Month Gives Us Time To Get Ourselves Together.'' She Sings.

'' Woahh That's Amazing ! Mom But I'm Gonna Go Hit Up The Mall Or Go Find A Job'' I Say As I Walk Upstairs And Put On Some High-Waisted Shorts And A Ruffle TankTop With Black And Diamond Flats. I Go Back Downstairs

'' Bye Mom I Love You'' I Say And Kiss Her Cheek.

'' Bye Sweetie Have Fun Maybe You Will Make Some New Friends'' She Gives Me A Smile.

I Get In My Car And Start Playing A Song Called Beautiful Lies By Katlynn Simone Smith. I Sang Along With Her While My Curly Hair Is Being Blown From The Wind. I Pull Up To The Mall And Get Out Taking My Time. Untill I See This Handsome Boy That Use To Go To My School Get Out His Car With His Friend. I Walk To The Front Door Of The Mall And Took A Glance At This Boy. I Never Really Knew His Name But He Was Really Popular.

As Im Bout To Open The Door His Friends Throw A Football And He Goes And Runs For It And Bumps Into Me And He Falls OnTop Of Me. Im Just Laying There Looking At His Sexy Green Eyes. I Smile At Him And He Does The Same.

'' Sorry I Was In The Way I Should Of Went Inside A Little Faster, Huh? '' I Say When Hes Helping Me Up.

'' No , We Shouldn't Have Been Playing Football Here Anyway, Isn't That Right Devin? '' He Says While A Tall Boy Comes Beside Him.

'' Psh , Nooo I Was Having Fun But Yeah You Should Of Been More Careful Kevin. Always Blaming Me'' Devin Said ,

'' Well , Hi Devin , And Kevin, Im Jazmine You Can Call Me Jazzy Though. I Sorta Need To Go I Hope You Guys Have A Fun Time.''

I Walk Away And Kevin Runs Beside Me '' Well Can I Least Get Your Number? Like, I Did Run Into You It Must Mean A Sign Right?''

I Looked At Him Liked He Bumped His Head. '' You Want My Number?'' I Asked.

'' Yes I Do Jazmine You Seem Like A Really Cool Girl Maybe We Can Hang Out One Day?'' He Grabs My Phone And Puts His Number In My Phone And I Put Mine In His '' Bye Sweet Cheeks'' He Said And Waved Then Ran Off With His Friends.

I Just Stood There Confused. A Boy. Wanted My Number? Why? What? Do I Like This Boy? Does He Like Me? I Wonder What His Friends Think Of Me. Then That's When I Got A Text From A Boy Named Your Future <3 In My Phone

Text From Your Future <3 : Hey , Its Kevin Beautiful . I Want To Take You Out Tomorrow Night. To You Know Get To Know You Better. Hope You Don't Mind?

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