New Kids.

hi my names Bridgit , call me Brig for short . Anyways , I'm attending North East High School in the small city called Bridgewood , North Dakota . Guess who are the new kids . If you guessed Justin Bieber or Selena Gomez or anyone like that , well , you're sadly mistaken . Its the one and only One Direction . Yeh , i know right ? Oh yeah , i should tell you guys that im not anywhere NEAR being one of the populars which they instantly become . I loved them thats right , I said loveD . What happens when they attend North East High ?


1. The Arrival


Brig's P.O.V.

ugh , i don't wanna get up ! Why can't it be summer forever ?

-slaps alarm clock until it shuts off-

oh and it's only September :/

... kill me now


*on the bus*

I only like my outfit right now . It's a soft baby blue sweater that say "live , love , sleep" in all caps . . perfect for a Monday . i paired it with my black skinny jeans and my combat boots which were also black . To top it off I had my baby blue nerd glasses which yes , were my real glasses . They made my dark chocolate eyes pop helping them outline my puples which were barely recognized . My strawberry blonde hair draped down in a spiral formation down my back almost reaching my waist . 

     I felt a light tap on my shoulder , knowing it was my best friend Cameron . It still always gave me a little jolt every now and then but for what reason , i don't know.

" Hey what's up ? You seem weird. . "

I didn't respond at first but as a few seconds went by , I decided to just so she doesn't get worried.

"Just tired . I mean , read the shirt Cam ."

Live love sleep . I saw Cam outline the words out of her round lips and then her light giggle escaped her mouth immediately after .

"You would ." she said right before we reached the dull looking high school .

 Our school matched it's appearance , it was dull and quiet . You would expect it to have flowers and have a " Welcome to North East High School" but we had none of that warm , comforting miscellaneous . All we had was the date that the building was built engraved in New Roman on the side of the school , close to where the emergency exits were .  Oddly enough , today it was loud and filled with screaming girls scattered around the enterance , filling the pavement meant to be used to let students or whoever enter the building from their transportations .

"Woah , what the hell's going on ?" I asked Cameron while she was too wondering the same thing .

"I have no clue . Why is there a fucking Lamborghini in the schools parking ?!?!"

Why is there all of these expensive cars in our parking is the real question ." I replied

    There were several eyes scattered everywhere , staring either out of the windows facing the parking or the windows revealing the building . There were specifically 2 different cars that were new to us , new to our parking spots . There was one Lamborghini as Cam pointed out that was bright blood red . It sparkled in the almost fully grown sun , sprouting from the horizon . Then there was the classic , silky-like , Bently . It definetly looked like it could store a pack of clowns rather than a clown car . I wondered why there was only 2 . Was there more people or was there only 2 new kids ?

   Well I guess we'll all find out shortly . . .



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