New Kids.

hi my names Bridgit , call me Brig for short . Anyways , I'm attending North East High School in the small city called Bridgewood , North Dakota . Guess who are the new kids . If you guessed Justin Bieber or Selena Gomez or anyone like that , well , you're sadly mistaken . Its the one and only One Direction . Yeh , i know right ? Oh yeah , i should tell you guys that im not anywhere NEAR being one of the populars which they instantly become . I loved them thats right , I said loveD . What happens when they attend North East High ?


2. Take that as a yes


   We couldn't exit the school buses for about 15 minutes with all of the chaos going on outside . Hell , the police even ended up coming . I was exhausted but i couldn't take a short nap due to all of the commotion outside the building .

 ~~Inside the School (breakfast) ~~

As we entered the cafeteria , you could see the "cool" kids table all the way in the back , closest to the huge window to the left . Our table was filled with only 6 kids . It was Cam , Liz , Abby , Jamie , Dallas , and me . Dallas was the only boy that would make an effort to talk to us . We all met in 1st grade and we've been close ever since . Dallas is really good looking . He is 5 ft 12 , has bright , ocean blue eyes that can be noticed from miles away . His hair is a light , golden brown , matching his tan from summer vacation which will slowly fade throughout the school year . His hair was the only thing that describes his personality , nerdy . Well , also his jet black glasses which were almost like mine but the frame was slightly thinner . Oh yeah , his hair . Well it was a quiff which was swooped to his left only slightly . Anyways , when we approached the table , Dallas and Liz were already seated , leaving 5 seats available . Our school had many students attending therefore , leaving our breakfasts & lunches stuffed .

"Hey girls" Dallas said creepily , ah typical Dallas .

"Hey hot stuff" Cam replied

I was quiet . I kept thinking about who were the new kids . They were in our presence but just not visible . Were they girls ? Were they shy ? Were they freakishly tall ? Or maybe even the size of Oompha-Loompas ? Ugh Brig , stop thinking about it , they wouldn't like you anyways I mean , they've already been taken by the populars . They're "them" now and I couldn't do anything to stop them now .

"Bridget Rose , you home ? The lights are on but nobody's answeringggg !!"

"Huh ?" I said almost immediately

"Dude , you zoned out" Jamie said finally arriving with Abby . Oh yeah , Abby and Jamie are sisters and both get driven to school each & everyday .

"What the hell is up with those fancy cars outside ?" Jamie asked

"We were all wondering the same thing . ." Dallas replied , taking the words right out of my mouth .

   There was 1 chair left at our table and some boy found it standing there on it's 4 metal legs .

"Who's that ?" I asked .

"Probably one of the new kids ." Abby answered .

"Can I take this chair ?" a deep , British voice asked me .

  We all looked up in awe and pure shock , it was Harry fucking Styles in our little tiny high school .

"I'll take that as a yes ." He smirked at me and took the chair slowly at first , making sure it was a definite yes . He then was gone , back to the populars . Away from us 6 "nerds" or "dweebs" or whatever he'd call us when talking about us to his new "friends"

"Well , I guess we all know who the new kids are ." Dallas stated

  We all nodded our heads in agreement , exchanging our "holy crap" looks to one another .

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