New Kids.

hi my names Bridgit , call me Brig for short . Anyways , I'm attending North East High School in the small city called Bridgewood , North Dakota . Guess who are the new kids . If you guessed Justin Bieber or Selena Gomez or anyone like that , well , you're sadly mistaken . Its the one and only One Direction . Yeh , i know right ? Oh yeah , i should tell you guys that im not anywhere NEAR being one of the populars which they instantly become . I loved them thats right , I said loveD . What happens when they attend North East High ?


3. Math Class

~~~~After Lunch~~~~

   I was walking to math class which was my homeroom . Sadly , none of my friends were in the same homeroom as me which really sucked . I finally reached the room 101 which was my math class room number . My math teacher was a bitch , straight up . Her name was Mrs . Wilks and she was about in her mid 30s . She acted like she was better & smarter than all of us which got me mad since she was dumbfounded .

   I was the first person in the classroom as usual . I sat dead in the front since I actually wanted to pay attention and not fool around in the back like I was all that . I sat in the back last year in one of my classes and it was not fun , well , at least to me . Ugh , I really hate the populars . Oh look who entered , Steffanie and Melinda , the two meanest & perfect girls in the school . Steffanie had dark brown hair which was naturally puffy so it almost formed and Afro but taken care of so it didn't eventually turn into one . She had hazel eyes that made her skin light up , in a good way though . She also had curves and wasn't a branch like Melinda . Melinda was tall and like I said before , was a branch . No curves , butt , boobs , nothing . Just gorgeous that's all . She had deep blue eyes which made her short , flawless hair shine . Her hair was the opposite of Steffanies , it was dry-straight . They had expensive clothing such as Michael Kors or whatever they wore . All i know was that it was really expensive . They gave me a harsh scowl , it didn't affect me since I knew they wouldn't lay a finger on me .

   A few minutes later the bell rang . I wasn't in the mood to learn today since I fell asleep at 4 am and had to wake up 2 hours later . When Mrs . Wilks was about to start yapping away , there was a faint knock on the door . It was yours truly , Harry . He was leaning on the side of the door entrance with a neon pink late slip in his hand . His hair was amazing as always and he was wearing a burgundy sweater and black skinny jeans that fit around his muscular legs perfectly . He had black low-top Converse on to match his outfit . His Jansport backpack was hanging off his shoulder . Mrs . Wilks was about to start yelling at Harry but he just gave her a look , a look that would drive any girl mad . It was working too . She just told him not to worry about it and to find a seat . There was only 2 seats available . One behind me and one next to Steffanie & Melinda . He started walking towards them but then stopped . Was he really about to take the seat behind me ? The little nobody that gets picked on and was hated by the populars ? The odd out who only has 6 friends ? I'm not saying it would be a problem I mean , I love One Direction and all but , why ? Why me ?

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