New Kids.

hi my names Bridgit , call me Brig for short . Anyways , I'm attending North East High School in the small city called Bridgewood , North Dakota . Guess who are the new kids . If you guessed Justin Bieber or Selena Gomez or anyone like that , well , you're sadly mistaken . Its the one and only One Direction . Yeh , i know right ? Oh yeah , i should tell you guys that im not anywhere NEAR being one of the populars which they instantly become . I loved them thats right , I said loveD . What happens when they attend North East High ?


4. Looks can be Deceiving

   I got goosebumps all over my body . Good thing I was wearing a sweater and jeans right ? He slowly pulled out his chair , making me cringe . I really , really hate that sound . He then sat down , for some reason I thought he was going to be nice and sweet since he decided to sit behind me but , I was wrong . He started kicking my seats and pulling my hair but every time Mrs . Wilks looked over he acted like he was an angel . Well looks like it's another word of advice for stupid old me . Looks can be deceiving . 

   The class finally ended and I jetted out of that room like there was no tomorrow . I was walking down the halls to my next class which was English . I also despised my teacher in that class who was Ms.Coccion . Nobody liked her . The women was downright viscous , scary , and strict . All of the parents thought she was a good teacher , same with the school board . Idiots . Her jet black hair and bright hazel eyes made her appearance look even more frightful . Imagine when she smiled . I said imagine because she never smiles in her classes . EVER . I would say about 87% of the boys attending North East High think she's a total babe and think they can get her but I know deep down they knew she was waayy out of their leagues . 

   I looked back down the halls , thank God Harry wasn't in my English . I finally reached the burgundy door decorated with "WELCOME BACK" signs and cute little worms coming out of apples . Again , looks can be deceiving . As I entered I saw someone already in there . He had medium-toned brown hair . I couldn't see his face but I saw his hair which gave his identity away . He had a small quiffed Mohawk . The sides were buzzed off slightly . It was Liam . Liam Payne . He was wearing a plain white t-shirt with a jean jacket over . The jean jacket was 3/4 in length . He was wearing light washed skinny jeans with plain white NIKE high-tops . One word : Hotness . He was sitting in the front , only a few seats away from me . He was closest to the many windows , exposing the other side of the building and the parking lot . Mine was more towards the window . When i took my seat he gave me a warm smile . I smiled lightly back at him thinking "He's not a douche like Harry . SCORE !" When I was about to read the tasks on the whiteboard , he lightly spoke .

"Hey umm .. "

It's Bridgit" I said with a light giggle exiting my mouth right after

"Oh , then hey Bridgit .. " he replied with a smile

"Yes ?"

"Do you have a pencil I can borrow , I left mine in science ."

"Yeah , no problem just give it back at the end of the period."

 "Definetly" were the last words he said to me before getting mobbed by the populars

   I bet he's going to become one of them this period . He was actually really nice and not a complete dick . Well word of advice #2 , You don't always get what you want in life .


     By the end of class , I got up slowly , taking my time since I didn't have to worry about being bullied by him again . Liam approached me while I was packing my bag and handed me the pencil .

"Here ya go ." he handed me the pencil

"Oh , I completely forgot about it ! Thanks"

"No problem , Bridgit " He said with a smirk as he left the classroom . Yep , they got to him . His kind , warm smile turned into a evil , uncomfortable smirk . Wow was the last thing I said before I headed to my next class , art .


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