A sister and brother are thrown into a world of monsters and supernatural beings, while discovering that they themselves may or may not be who they have always believed.

This novel is under construction and I would greatly appreciate any feedback.


2. A Gift

The alarm clock blared. Annoyed, Aneli rolled over and smacked it with her hand. She was rubbing her eyes open when a pillow smacked her on the head.

"Rise and shine and all that crap." her brother said sarcastically. "Breakfast is getting cold! Get a move on." Aiden said in his best Mom impersonation.

Aneli grabbed the pillow and threw it back at her brother.

"Be down in a minute."

Her brother, Aiden, caught the pillow, spiked it like a football and turned to run back downstairs. His foot caught on a gym bag and he went sprawling to the floor.

Aiden, like Aneli, was only 13 years old, however he was already six feet tall. He loved sports and had a fair amount of athletic ability. However, at this point in life he was constantly fighting with his long, gangly limbs and they often won.

"Fargen frick!" exclaimed Aiden.

He also had a love of cursing without actually swearing. Being punished by sucking on a few too many soap bars had cured him of proper profanity years ago.

He got up, brushed himself off and took a bow. He then turned and exited her room. Giggling to herself, Aneli forced herself out of bed and into some clothes.

The smell of bacon hit her nostrils before she even entered the kitchen, causing her stomach to rumble audibly. Sitting down at the table she began stuffing her face with an assortment of breakfast foods. Aneli mumbled, "morning Ma."

"Are you even close to being packed?" her mother asked

Aneli's mother stood at the stove frying eggs. She was tall with brownish hair but that's where the similarities between her and Aneli stopped. Aneli had green eyes with a splash of freckles across her fair skin while her mother was tan and had eyes the color of honey.

Aneli and her brother were adopted as infants. Their parents made no attempt to hide that fact. The knowledge that their parents chose them, took them in and raised them as their own flesh and blood led to a fierce love between the entire family.

Of course all the love in the world can't shine a light on the mood of a tired and hungry thirteen year old teenager.

"Eh. Getting there." Aneli replied.

"Well, we leave for the airport in a couple hours whether you are ready or not." 

"Alright, alright, I'll be ready."

Aneli's father was an archeology professor at the local college. Her mother worked part time at the museum of history. Both had a love of discovering the past and most summers were spent on archeology digs at various spots around the globe. This year Aneli's father was offered a new position at a university in California. This coming fall semester was to be spent on assignment exploring a newly discovered tomb in Egypt. As a bonus, he was able to take her mother along to assist him.

When they returned, the whole family was to move to California where her father's new career was based.

Since Aneli and Aiden were beginning their own careers as high school students, they were to be shipped off to their uncles house in California. There, they would begin school while awaiting their parents arrival in the winter.

Aneli stuffed a final piece of bacon into her mouth and headed up to her room.

She was frantically throwing what was left unpacked into boxes when there was a light knock on her open bedroom door.

"Looks like a tornado came through here." Aneli looked up, her father stood there filling the doorway. He was a large man, heavily muscled but with enough of a belly to show how much he enjoyed her mother's cooking. He had a full dark beard streaked with gray and eyes the color of steel.

"Mind if I come in for a minute?"

"Sure." replied Aneli. If you can find somewhere in this mess to sit."

Her father slid some clothes aside and took a seat on her bed, ignoring the squeak of springs as her bed protested. He motioned for her to sit next to him and took her hand in his as she sat. This took Aneli by surprise. She was expecting a "hurry up and get packed" speech instead of whatever he came here to say.

"I wanted to give you something before we left." he reached into his pocket and withdrew a silver chain. He opened his palm and revealed a heart shaped silver locket. It was polished and gleamed in the light but age and wear showed it was obviously an antique.

"This locket has been in our family for years. It has been passed down from generation to generation and it is now time for you to have it."

"It's beautiful." replied Aneli. "I don't know what to say."

"Just keep it safe and close always. Your mother and I couldn't be prouder of your brother and you. We wanted you to have this to remind you of us while we are away."

"Thanks Dad." said Aneli. Her eyes started to tear up. "I'll miss you too."

He leaned forward and placed the locket around her neck. As soon as it touched her skin a small shock emitted from it. Her entire body broke out in goose bumps. A tingling feeling crept back and forth along her extremities like tiny lightning bolts flowing along her skin. Her vision began to dim and then shot back into bright, livid light. For a split second, everything in her vision had a glow to it. Books, posters and even heaps of laundry all seemed to alight in a yellow aura. Brightest of all was her father. He was awash in painfully bright white light. She could just make out his form by the slightly less bright outline of it. She closed her eyes to shield them from the searing light and when she opened them, everything was back to normal. No lights emitted from anything, except the overhead lamp doing its everyday job. She blinked a couple times but everything was as it always was. It had happened so fast and left so quickly, she was already doubting what she had experienced. Already chalking it up to nerves, or lack of sleep caused by the move she had ahead of her.

Her father had a concerned look on his face. "Are you okay? You kind of checked out there for a second."

She took a deep breath. "Yeah, just been a long couple of days. Need to catch up on some sleep."

He still looked concerned but said, "Alright, guess I'll let you finish up." His stomach rumble audibly. "Gotta go see what kind of magic your mother is whipping up in the kitchen."

He gave the top of her head a kiss and left the room.

Aneli shook her head, got up from her bed and once more threw herself into packing.

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