Hurt, abandon, lost..

Hi, I'm Brooklyn Heather... I'm 12 I would tell you my last name but I don't know it.. I live in a orphanage with 32 other kids. You might be wondering how I ended up here? Well when I was 4 my parents passed away in a car crash, and I was sent to an orphanage. I have been here for 8 years and I've seen people come and go...but I'm never one if them. Nobody likes me I always sit by myself and hate talking to other people. One day five boys came into the orphanage and changed my life forever......


3. Chapter 2

Brooklyn's POV: ~prologue~
Hi, I'm Brooklyn Heather, I have been in this orphanage for 8 years now (I came when I was four)  ever since my parents passed away in a terrible accident caused my a drunk driver..that's why I hate/am scared of anyone who's people like them who killed my parents. I also have never spoken a word since I've been out in here. I'm 12 now. I don't have many friends. Just one, Eleanor, she is a volunteer here she is so sweet to me. I'm afraid to talk to her..because what if we come best friends and then she dies...but we still communicate. She has even gotten me an iPod so I can listen to music I love music. But I'm getting off topic..anyways I have been here the longest. Actually longer than most people who "work" here. 


**Ok now it's time for things to spice up**


Brooklyn's POV: 
"Okay everyone go wash up and change into your nicest clothes we are having visitors in an hour!" 
 " Yes, Miss Eleanor" everyone but me replied I just flashed her a thumbs up. I run to my room excited maybe this time I will get adopted, I say that myself every time someone's been 8 years but I will never lose hope. I shower and change into my favorite blue skinny jeans that are quite faded, but I still love and throw on a pink long sleeve tee with black converse Eleanor bought me 2 years back. I pull my hair out of the braid I slept in and walk down stairs. I take a seat on the beanbag and pull out my iPod and began to listen to The Fray, my favorite band! I close my eyes and sit back and have a flashback from when my parents were still alive. 

"Higher mommy!!" A younger me yells! 
"Not to high Brookie Cookie or you might..

My flashback was interrupted but five teenage boys walking through the doors. Eleanor ran up to one boy with brown hair and blue eyes, I pull my headphones out of ears and hear "I missed you" 
El pulls the boys the middle of the room announcing that they will be adopting a girl between the ages of 7 and 14.. That's me!! I walk up to El and wave she gives me a hello and introduces me to the five boys.
" Hi, sweetie I'm Louis" the one who hugged El said.
"Hi,I'm Niall" I heard an Irish and accent say. 
"Hello love, I'm Harry" a boy with curly hair said.
"Hi, Zany here!" The raven haired boy shouted.
"'s nice to meet you!" The last boy said. 
I wave and smile.. 
"What's your name love?" The blonde haired Irish boy says.
I look at them with fear and then and Eleanor with tears in my eyes. 
"Is she okay?" They all say.
We all sit while El explains how I don't talk and that she only knows my name and that I'm a sweetie pie. 
I look at all of them.. And push out a couple words for the first time in 8 years.."Hi I'm Brooklyn Heather.."
They all look at me with shock and El has tears in her eyes.




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