Rescue Me (Louis Tomlinson Fan-Fiction)

Louis and Elliot were foster siblings at one point in time. now they are living separate and opposite lives. what happens when they meet again? and what happens when Elliot's parents reappear?


2. Chapter 2

            “Wakey, wakey.” I say as I enter Louis’s room. “Gotta take your vitals.” He stirs and opens his eyes. He looks incredibly grumpy until he sees me, then he smiles widely.

            “Hey there. What time is it?” he says sleepily as he rubs his eyes.

            “Eleven fifteen.”

            “When is your lunch break?”

            “Twelve fifteen.” I say as I pull the IV needle out of his hand.

            “Ouch!” he says and pulls his hand back, “How about you come to my room for lunch? You get us something and we’ll eat in here.”

            “How about you buy, ya know, since you’re the rich one.” I say and chuckle.

            “And there's the Elly I knew.” He says and laughs, “Fair enough, I’ll pay.”

            “Ok, what do you want?”

            “Whatever you desire.” He lays his head back on the pillow.

            “You're the broken one.” I say.

            “Ok…how about…Subway? Something healthy.”

            “Sounds good.”       

            “I’ll pay you back when you bring it.”

            “Got it.” I say as I check his heart rate.




            “Ok, we have two turkey sandwiches.” I say as I enter Louis’s room at 12:30. I turn around and see that he’s not in the bed.

            “Agh! Ouchie!” I hear someone whining in the bathroom. I set the food down on the table and knock on the door.

            “Louis? It’s your nurse, Elliot.”

            “Yeah, come in.” he says in a pained voice. I slowly open the door and see Louis shirtless, holding a striped shirt in his hands. “I can’t get it on.” He laughs and hands the shirt to me.

            “Don’t worry I help people get dressed all the time.” I help him get his cast through the left arm hole then I help him put the rest of it on.

            “Geez, nurses are helpful!” he says after he's dressed. I laugh and we exit the bathroom. He sits Indian style on the bed and I sit in the chair beside his bed.

            “So what has brought you to California?” I ask him.

            “I actually have a house here now.”

            “Oh that’s nice.” I say and hand him his sandwich. “What ‘world famous’ band are you in?” I put air quotes around world famous.

            He smiles and says, “One Direction.”

            “You're kidding.” I say and laugh.

            “No, I’m not kidding.” He laughs with me.

            “That’s what makes you beautiful.” I sing. “That one?

            “Yep, that one.”

            “Audrey and Brooklyn absolutely love One Direction. We have both of their CD’s.”

            “That’s awesome!” he says.

            “So you’ve been living the dream?” I ask

            “Yeah, truly.” He nods his head. “What about you?”

            “Let’s see…” I tap my chin as I speak, “I’m a single foster mother of four and I can barely feed them all.” I say somberly.

            “Times are rough, huh?”

            “Yeah. Little bit.” I nod my head and bite into my sandwich.

            “I could help you out.” he says as he takes another bite of his sandwich.

            “I don’t take charity.” I say.

            “It wouldn’t be charity.” He pushes.

            “Thanks but no thanks.” I smile.

            “Alright. You always were stubborn.” He says and I laugh, “How was life after I left?

            “Well, the next year, Morena and Arnold died.”

            “Really? How?” he sounds flabbergasted.

            “Car crash.” I say.

            “What happened? Were you put back in the system?”

            “No actually.”

            “You were adopted?” he asks.

            “Um…I actually struck out on my own.” I look at my sandwich.

            “You what?! How old were you?”

            “Fourteen.” I say.

            “What happened?” he asks and sets down his sandwich.

            “I found my way to a homeless shelter, where eventually an older woman took me in. Nina.” I smile when I say Nina’s name, “She helped me get to med school. And here I am eight years later.”

            “I’m so glad you found a good home.” He starts eating again.

            “Me too.”

            “Ya know, you never returned any of my letters.”

            “Oh. I forgot about those.”

            “Yeah.” He drags out the word and says it like he caught me.

            “I was angry at you. And eventually I just forgot about you.”

            “I never forgot about you.” He says and points at me

            “Why? We were apart for nearly a decade.”

            “Are you kidding? I was in love with you! You were my first love.” I laugh.

            “I’m sorry I forgot about you.” I say sincerely.

            “Eh, it’s all the same. I’m just glad we met again.”

            “Your British accent is crazy!” I exclaim, off topic.

            “I always was British!” he laughs.

            “Not this British!” we both crack up. “When is your check out?”

            “Three.” He takes another bite of his sandwich, and then with his mouth full says, “Can I have a napkin?” I start laughing hysterically as I try to hand him a napkin. “That always did make you laugh.” He says and wipes his face as I wipe away my laughter tears. “So you forgot about me. Tell me more about it.”

            “Are we still on that?”

            “No, seriously, tell me more.”

            “I was angry at you for leaving me.” I say as he finishes his sandwich and throws the wrapper into the trash can. “You were my best friend. You left me with drunken Arnold and mean Morena. I was all on my own.”

            “I still feel guilty, if that makes you feel any better.” He says sincerely.

             “You shouldn't feel guilty." I say. "And I shouldn't have been angry. You couldn't deny a better life."

             "We both ended up with good lives at least."

             "Yeah." I say, "I'm really sorry I forgot about you."

             "Just don't forget about me again."

             "I can't really promise that."

             "Ever truthful as always." He says,

"I'm sorry I just don't have time for another person in my life."

            "You couldn't make any time?" He asks.

            "I have work and four kids." I say.

            "We'll figure something out." He says and nods his head.

            "Um, ok."

            "We're friends. Best friends. We'll figure something out." He throws his hands up when he says best friends.

           "Ha ha. Ok." I say.

          “Tell me about the kids.” He says.

          “Audrey and Brooklyn are seven. They call me mommy. Blake has anger management issues, he's twelve. He’s hit several classmates. The school is considering expulsion.”


            “Yeah.” I say.

            “I’d love to meet them.” he says and leans back on his pillows.

            “Oh, I don’t know.” I look at my lap and say lightly.

            “Why not?”

            “I never bring people home, except Nina. Especially not men.” He laughs.

            “Will you consider it?” he asks.

            “Maybe if I knew you better.”

            “Ok then let’s get to know each other a little better.” He says.

            “I’m good with that.”

            “Now when I say get to know each other…” he trails off and I laugh.

            “You always were a ladies man.” I say and he laughs.

            “I’m just kidding. I mean as friends of course.”

            “That’s good.” I say.

            “So, no husband?” he asks, starting a new conversation.

            “Nope. No boyfriend either.”

            “I find that hard to believe.” He rolls his eyes as he speaks.


            “Well, you're beautiful for one. And you have an amazing personality!” I blush slightly.

            “Well, thank you. But even when I was dating, guys didn’t bite.” I say.

            “Why is that?”

            “I guess it’s because I have a lot of… ‘baggage’.”

            “Don’t we all though?” he says with a shake of the head.

            “They didn’t see it that way.” He just nods. “What about you? Girlfriend?”

            “Actually, yes. I do have a girlfriend.”

            “Oh thank goodness! I thought you were hitting on me earlier!” we both crack up and I stand. “I've got to get back to work.”

            “Give me your number first.” He says and I write it on a Subway napkin.

            “I’ll see you later.” I say and exit his room.

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