Rescue Me (Louis Tomlinson Fan-Fiction)

Louis and Elliot were foster siblings at one point in time. now they are living separate and opposite lives. what happens when they meet again? and what happens when Elliot's parents reappear?


1. Chapter 1

            “What did he do this time?” I sigh into the phone.

            “He hit another student…again.” The principle of Blake’s school says.

            “I’ll be right there.” I say for what feels like the umpteenth time this school year.

            “This time we’re considering expulsion, Ms. Owens.”

            “I understand.” I say and hang up my cell phone. I exit the break room and go to the nurse’s station where Shelby is sitting at the desk. “Hey Shelb, can you cover for me? I've got to go to the school again.”

            “Blake?” she asks in her tinny voice.

            “Yeah, he hit someone, again!” I say exasperatedly. I grab my hat and bag from the coat rack and walk out of St. John’s hospital to my beat up van.




“Yes I understand.” I say to Ms. Jabsen. I stand up and put my hand on Blake’s shoulder. He shakes my hand off.

            “We’ll be having a meeting about this Blake tomorrow.” She says and I nod. Blake and I walk out of the school and toward the white van. I don’t look at Blake or say anything to him as the silent anger boils inside of me.

            “Elle, I’m sorry.” He says.

            “I’m tired of you saying sorry! I want you to stop doing it!”

            “I didn’t mean to.”

            “You're a good kid Blake. Act like it!” I scold. “We’ve talked about this, Blake. I told you, one more problem and you're in anger management.”

            “No! No, no, no!” he says frantically.

            “Yes. You promised me it wouldn’t happen again. You can’t control yourself and we’re going to make sure you learn how.”

            “Please don’t, Elle! I promise I will control myself next time!”

            “That’s what you say every time! And I’m tired of it!” he stays silent as we drive toward the apartment. “You're grounded. From everything.” I say with a tone of finality.

            “What?! You can’t do that! You're not my mother!”

            “I am your legal guardian, and I can discipline you. And you obey me or you get sent to juvenile detention.” I say without looking at him.

            “You wouldn’t do that.” he scoffs.

            “Think twice, buddy.” I say as we pull into the apartment buildings parking lot. We go up to apartment B of building 16 and enter.

            “You can read. That’s it.” I say as I grab all of his electronics, including the TV remote. “Now I have to go back to work. Be good.”

            I stumble down the stairs with my full hands and dump them into the back of the van. I climb into the driver’s seat and start back towards the hospital.




            “OH, GOD, HELP! MY ARM! MY FLESH!” someone with a British accent screams. I run to the lobby and see a limping man with a broken arm. The splintered bone is protruding out of his flesh.

            I rush over to him and his friends lean him onto me.

            “What’s your name sweetie?” I ask.

            “Louis, OW!” he says and a shudder of pain runs through him.

            “Who thought to put the tourniquet on him? I ask his friends. A blonde boy in a tank top raises his hand. “Good job.” I commend and lead the limping man behind the curtain. “We’re going to prep you for surgery, ok?” I tell him and start cutting away his shirt. He howls again.




            “Hey Elliot, you’re assigned to room 415.” Shelby shouts to me as I look at a patient chart. I put down the chart and go to room 415. Before I enter I look at the chart. It’s the man with the broken arm. His name is Louis Tomlinson. Hmm, that sounds familiar.

            “Shut up, you twat!” I hear from inside the room. I knock on the door and they quiet. “Come in.” the same voice says.

            I enter the room and see Louis lying in bed with a cast on one arm. The blonde boy is by his side in the chair.

            “Hi, I’m Elliot, I’m your assigned nurse.” I say and smile.

            “I used to have a friend named Elliot.” He says. “Wait. Elliot…Owens?” he says as he looks at my name tag.

            “Yeah.” I say.

            “I’m Louis. Tomlinson. Do you remember me? Remember Lou Moo? Louis Mooie?”

            “Louis Mooie? That’s you?” I say as I begin to recognize him.

            “Yeah! Nice to see you Elly Jelly.”

            “Wow, haven’t seen you in forever!” I say.

            “I’d hug you but,” he hold up his broken arm and winces.

            “That’s ok. What have you been up to?”

            “I'm in a world famous band, actually.”

            “Nice!” I say and chuckle.

            “What about you?” he asks.

            “I’m a nurse. As you can see.” I laugh.

            “Ya know, I was always a little in love with you.” My eyes widen as he blushes slightly.

            “Oooh?” the blonde friend says.

            “Go get me some Jello!” Louis says and chucks a pillow at him. The blonde guy giggles and slips out of the room.

            “So you were in love with me?” I ask in disbelief and he nods his head and smiles. “I was the weirdest kid!”

            “That’s why I liked you. You weren’t normal.”

            “I dyed my hair black; all I wore was flannels, jeans, and snow boots.”

            “That wasn’t even the weirdest part.” He says and I laugh again and move closer and grab the IV materials from a drawer.

            “We need to put an IV drip in your hand.” I say.

            “No! You know I hate needles!”

            “Sorry, it’s necessary; you need your pain meds. It’s just a little pinch.” I move to the left side of the bed and take his right hand in mine. “You might want to look away.” I say and he keeps staring at the needle. I laugh and push his head to the other side and he laughs.

            I slide the needle into his vein and he shouts, “Ouch, ouch, ouch!” I start cracking up as I attach the drip and hang the bag.

            “You always were dramatic.”

            “We should have lunch sometime.” He says as I tape the needle in place.

            “I don’t know when I would find time.” I say truthfully.

            “Before or after work?”

            “Maybe, I’ve just got a new baby and- ,”

            “Oh I get it. You're with someone.” He cuts me off.

            “No, actually. I’m just really busy.”

            “How many kids?”

            “Four. I'm a foster mom, they aren’t mine biologically.” I nod my head as I speak.

            “Really? You always said you would do that. You wanted to give kids a better life than we had.”

            “Yeah. I’ve succeeded.” I say happily.

            “How is it?”

            “It’s hard. I’ve got two boys and two girls.”

            “What are their names?” he asks.

            “Blake is fourteen, Audrey and Brooklyn are seven, and Oliver is three months.” I say.

            “Are they in contact with their real parents?”

            “Blake is.” I shake my head solemnly, “I wish he wasn’t. His dad is a violent drunk.”

            “Ah.” He simply says and nods his head.

            “It was nice catching up, but I got other patients to attend to.” I say with a sorry smile.

            “I understand. But, hey! Come back and see me!” he shouts after me as I say goodbye and slip out the door. 

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