*one direction fanfiction*

One night of partying turns into a week of finding the one girl tattooed on all five of their butts.. But little do they know she's been working for them the entire time.

Meet Amber McLain. She one directions water girl. She seems shy during the work hours and doesn't speak at all to the boys but once she's out of work she goes crazy. She's a party animal that clubs at least three times a week. And what happens when one night of partying turns into a tattoo of her on all five boys? Will they find out why they have it and will they know who it is? She's the shy girl who wears T-shirts and jeans to work. And they are the world famous boy band.

Find out what actually happened that night along with the boys Marked


2. chapter2:

Ambers POV:

"Fuck." I mumbled trying to get out of bed when I quickly fell back down due to the pounding head ache I have and what feels like a huge bruise on my stomach. "I really need to cut back in the alcohol when I club." I said trying again and succeeding to get out of bed.

I reached for my Advil and got in the shower. Shit my stomach hurts.

I got out and put my bra and panties on and looked in the mirror in my bathroom. That's when I saw it.

"What the actual fuck.?" I said blankly looking at myself. "Tell me I didn't... Oh my god please tell me I didn't!" I said trying to wash it off. "And I fucking did.ughhhhh!" I yelled in frustration.

I looked down and it was staring me in the face. I had gotten so blasted last night that I got a tattoo of one direction. On my stomach. Just great. Like really?! I already have to see them like all day everyday.

"Oh shit." I said looking at the clock. I realized I have thirty minutes till work. I quickly got dressed in a black hoodie and jeans. Pulled my hair up into a pony tail and jumped in my car.


"Can I not get a break from them?! Like seriously!!" I said as I changed to station.

Soon enough I was at my job as one directions water girl. Yay.


When 1Direction was singing on stage I decided I could play with my phone for little bit. I checked my pocket and started panicking. Where the heck was it. I went and looked for it in my bag, It wasn't there either! Omg. I hope I left it home!


When I got home I ran for the bedside table.thank God is here. It said I had a new message so I opened it it said it was from Harry. Do I even know a Harry? I opened my messages and sure enough we had like an entire conversation.

H: heeeeeeeyyyyyyy ;)

A:hhhhheeeeeeyyyy(; I think I'm drunkkkk... LOLZ!

LOLZ? When did I ever text like that?!

H: mee too babe ;) wanna do something crazy..?;)

A: what did you have in mind mister...(; I'm down for almost anything right now (;

H: oh really..?! I don't think you could handle all if this babe ;)

A: I can handle a lot more than you think styles(;

Wait styles...? Oh my fucking god. I was flirting with HARRY STYLES?!

H: ohhhhkayyyy then meet me and the boys out front I have something in mindddd...;)

A: kkkkkkkk ill see you soon (;

And that's where it ends.. What the heck did I do...?

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