I Knew It Then

*Shortlisted as one of Movellas top 10 1D fanfictions* "I promise you, I will be worthy of you one day". One day. ︱Isla never believed in love. Much less that it would come to her, a size eighteen curly headed nervous wreck. So when Harry Styles enters her life abruptly, a true believer in love and its beauty, Isla must learn to accept all the things love entails, but the journey is not easy. Along the way she must learn to overcome the venomous voices in her head telling her that she is not worthy. In this vicious cycle of finding an even ground in the battle that is her self image, Isla must learn to love herself again. This is love story yes, but not only about the love between two people, Harry and Isla, but the love she must regain for herself. Because before she can love him entirely, she must learn to love herself.
©Ohhipstaplease 201


17. You're Absolutely Perfect Isla.


You're Absolutely Perfect Isla

Isla's P.O.V

"Damn it Niall, pass the rolls." Liam says feigning anger. 

"Sorry mate." Niall says showing him the empty basket. 

"Who let Niall keep the bread basket? Honestly haven't we established a rule about this before?" Liam says turning to the boys, hoping for some backup. 

All the boys nod in unison and Zooey and I burst out in giggles. My mother shakes her head, smiling lightly. I get up and take the basket from Niall's hands. 

"I'll get more boys, there is plenty to go around." I walk towards the kitchen, only to feel a pair of arms tightly wound around my waist. 

"Baby," Harry says in my ear. "What would you say to maybe...having a sleepover tonight." I swallow roughly.

What was going on with Harry. 

"Isla, we don't have to if you don't want to."

I turn and face him, lightly tracing the contours of his face with my fingertips.

"Why wouldn't I want to?" He smiles widely, his green eyes lighting up instantly. But, in all honestly I was petrified. It was what I feared most of all. If something more happened with Harry tonight, if he were to see me naked, would he still love me tomorrow? Would he still think i'm as beautiful as he says. It sinks in slowly that maybe, maybe he wouldn't. He'd take one look and tell me to forget the beautiful words he had once murmured to me in sweet confidence. He'd forget that he told me he loved me, that he always would. 

"Isla?" I look up at him. He smiles lightly while furrowing his brow. "Love, what's up?" 

"Nothing." I say smilingly. 

"Isla, be honest." I sigh loudly.

"Why do you want to sleepover?"

I look up at him, willing myself to continue the eye contact. He chuckles. 

"Baby, we've slept together before." 

"And you didn't ask permission then, so why are you asking now?"

"Because, maybe we could..." He gently traces the contours of my waist pressing me once more onto the counter top. "Get better acquainted?" I feel myself blush furiously. 

"Harry, I don't know-" He kisses my forehead. 

"We don't have to do anything you're not ready for Isla. Just remember that." I nod and chuckles lightly, hugging me tightly to him. "We have forever anyways." Harry's raspy voice whispers in my ear. I feel my entire body flush with heat.

"What? Are you baking the rolls from scratch? What's taking so-" Liam stares at us and smirks. "Alright, I get it." He grabs the abandoned bread basket from the counter across from us, fills it with the bread from the tray next to it and turns to look at us. "I won't say anything." He winks and turns back to go to the dining room.

I laugh quietly into Harry's broad shoulder. 

"We just can't have a break." He says laughing as well, resting his chin on my head. "Well, let's get back then love." He unwraps me from his tight embrace and interlaces my fingers with his. 

He leads me back to have dinner with our family.


Isla's P.O.V

"Good night, baby." I say to Zooey.

She smiles up at me widely. 

"I'm not going to bed yet." She starts to head for the stairs.

"Zoe, don't you dare go bother Niall. He's relaxing okay?"

She looks at me with a furrowed brow, crossing her arms in front of her pajama clad body. 

"She's not a bother love." Niall appears at the bottom of the stairs, smiling widely at me. I roll my eyes and rub Zooey's head, fluffing her hair.

"Go." She races down the stairs, jumping off the last step to fall into the security of Niall's arms. "Don't keep her up too late." I say to Niall. He winks at me. 

"Don't worry beautiful, i'll put her to bed at a reasonable hour." Zooey tightly wraps her arms and legs around Niall and he chuckles loudly. I watch them walk away and shake my head. I did not want to think about what would happen in a few years if this little crush continued. 

"Isla," I turn to see my mother peeking out her door. She smiles at me widely. "I'm going to bed sweetie." I walk over to the door and kiss her cheek.

"Love you mommy." 

"Love you baby." She reaches for me and kisses my forehead lightly. I turn and she closes her door lightly. I walk past Harry's door, lightly grazing my finger tips across the wood. 

"You looking for me?" I look up to see Harry looking at me intently from the stairway. 

"Oh well..." I quickly tuck a strand of hair behind my ear and smile up at him. "Are you going to bed yet?"


Harry's P.O.V

She looks up at me, her hazel eyes full of confusion and wonder. I smile lightly.

"Well, I am rather tired." I say sighing and stretching my arms above my head. "Let me change and i'll meet you in your room love."

She nods and moves away from my door, silently staring at me. I lean down and kiss her forehead and she quickly turns and walks down the hallway. I shamelessly watch the perfect sway of her full hips with every step, how her hair swings in unison. I bite my lower lip and before I could stop my thorough assessment of her, she turns to face me. She blushes as she looks at my bitten lip, and round eyes staring at her body. She quickly opens the door to her room and closes it shut. I chuckle to myself.

Damn. I scared her off. 

I quickly manage to throw off my clothes and change into joggers and a jumper. I quietly close the door, seeing as the entire house was now dark and quiet. I make my way to Isla's room, my heart beating wildly in my chest as I lightly rasp the door with my knuckles. 



Isla's P.O.V

I silently look at the door, and feel anxiety grow in the pit of my stomach. I had changed into a night gown, something that I had bought on a whim a long time ago. Something I never though I would wear. I look at myself in the mirror, the straps were falling off my shoulders, the material draping heavily and looking as if it were sized too big. I sigh as I stare at my thighs and arms, the jiggling still remained. 


I turn and look at the door, cautiously I walk towards it. I turn off the lights and open the door.

Harry steps inside, the moonlight barely illuminating his face. I nervously back away from him, tightening the light robe I was wearing over my night gown. He looks at me, quite differently from before. His eyes, dimly illuminated by the moonlit night pierced mine.

He spoke to me through his stare, calming me before he could even speak a word. I watch as he cautiously takes a step towards me, wrapping an strong arm around me. We both breathe in sync, watching each other's deliberate movements with heavy lidded eyes.

He kisses my neck, gently letting his lips trace my collarbones. I run my hands through his thick hair, and he half-smiles in approval. He gently nudges me toward my bed, gently removing the satin robe I had just tightened around my waist. He places it upon the bureau, his eyes never leaving mine.

I reach for him as he lays me on the cool sheets. I unzip his hoodie, finding soft skin underneath. I trace every crevice, every dimple, every aspect that made him who he was, while he placed loving kisses on my lips. He smiles as I kiss him back, deepening each kiss, making each one last longer than the last. As he reaches to lift my night gown, my hand instantly stops his. He looks up at me, kissing me gently once more. Looking straight into my eyes, reassuring me. I nod and silently watch as he lifts my only article of clothing, I lift my arms as he slips it off and gently throws it away. He silently drinks in my naked body, my naked soul.

His eyes illuminated by the moonlight coming in through the window. I watch him as he traces the contours of my body, the scars, the ragged marks that I despised so much. He kissed each one gently, reverently. He took his time, all the imperfection suddenly drifting away, seeming to be utter perfection in his large, able hands and dreamy eyes. 

He was able to make me feel beautiful without uttering a single word. 

He gently raises the covers over us, ridding himself of his own clothing. I blush as I feel the warmth of his body upon mine. As I feel the jut of his hip bones dig into my hands. He looks at me once more, his hair falling into his eyes, his silver chain dangling above my bare chest. 

"You're absolutely perfect Isla." Harry whispers into the darkness. 

He kisses my forehead as I feel a single tear stream down my cheek. He quickly kisses it away, tracing my cheek with his large hand. 

"You're beautiful, every inch of you, love."

Another tear streamed down my flushed face because for the first time in my life,

I believed that I was. 

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