I Knew It Then

*Shortlisted as one of Movellas top 10 1D fanfictions* "I promise you, I will be worthy of you one day". One day. ︱Isla never believed in love. Much less that it would come to her, a size eighteen curly headed nervous wreck. So when Harry Styles enters her life abruptly, a true believer in love and its beauty, Isla must learn to accept all the things love entails, but the journey is not easy. Along the way she must learn to overcome the venomous voices in her head telling her that she is not worthy. In this vicious cycle of finding an even ground in the battle that is her self image, Isla must learn to love herself again. This is love story yes, but not only about the love between two people, Harry and Isla, but the love she must regain for herself. Because before she can love him entirely, she must learn to love herself.
©Ohhipstaplease 201


6. What Just Happened Isla?


What Just Happened Isla?

Isla's P.O.V

Confetti is released into the air, it flutters around us as they reach the chorus of 'What Makes You Beautiful'. Thousands of voices collide, making one harmonious sound. Thousands of faces reflect the same thing, pure and utter joy. The music pounds loudly, reverberating throughout my body. I turn to look at Zooey, she's standing on her seat singing along loudly. I laugh to myself, unbelievably happy at the scene before me. My mother waves her hands in sync with Zooey's and I can't help but do the same. We watch the stage as the boys walk over to the side where we were seated. The lean over the edge as Harry reaches his solo, he looks at me straight in the eyes smirking lightly. The spotlight flashes on us and I feel the arena quiet down

"Baby you light up my world like nobody else, the way that you flip your hair gets you overwhelmed." He stops for only an instant catching his breath and smiling at widely at me. "But when you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell" I feel a thousand emotions overwhelming me, as he continues watching me. The music slowly lulls out and the boys give their thanks. They take their bows, they blow their kisses and finally run off the stage. I sit back in my seat and think back to what just happened. 

What just happened Isla?

Harry's P.O.V

"Mate, everyone is going to talk about that tomorrow."

I smile discreetly as I run a towel through my hair. Louis watches me, a smirk on his face. I take a seat on the couch and Louis settles with the chair in front of me. Niall comes over and takes a seat next to me, busily tuning his guitar.

"What has this girl done to you in the matter of twenty four hours?" Louis says, truly concerned. 

Niall watches me smiling awaiting an answer.

"What do you mean?" I say playing stupid.

"Harry, when have you ever sang to anyone on stage?" I can't help but keep smiling. "Harry?" He snaps his fingers in front of my face "I asked you something."

I shake my head, "I don't know mate. I don't know. I just, I knew it when I met her."

He looks at me his brow furrowed, "Knew what?"

Niall smiles as he gets up and claps me on the shoulder. He looks into Louis' crystal blue eyes and gives him the answer I was about to give, "He knew she was the one" He walks off, guitar in hand, and Louis chuckles loudly.

"You knew it then?" He says disbelievingly.

I nod and smile widely, "I knew it then."

Isla's P.O.V

Paul leads us back to the room we were before, he opens the door and smiles at me. As soon as we walk in Zooey runs to Niall and climbs up on his lap.

"Niall that was amazing!" She says bouncing up and down.

"Thank you princess" He says running a hand down her long curly hair. M

y mother sits next to Lou and they start talking excitedly about hair. I smirk to myself, my mother could so easily open up to people. Harry walks up behind me and wraps his arms around me

"Hello" He whispers in my ear. I feel shivers go down my spine "What did you think?" He says while turning me around so I could face him. I suddenly feel all eyes on us and I feel myself blush violently. Louis wolf whistles and Niall laughs out loud. My mother and Lou look at us with a wide smile on each of their faces. I cover my face with both hands only to feel Harry embrace me tighter, resting my head onto his chest. Everyone laughs loudly and I can't help but join in. 

For an instant in time, everything was perfect.


"Isla! Isla! Isla!" I open my eyes to find Zooey jumping up and down on my bed.

"Are you out of your mind?" I say hazily checking my phone. My eyes widen when it reflects back seven twenty am. "It's seven in the morning Zooey! What could you possibly want!?" She pulls my hand, trying to get me out of bed. I relent and get out. She takes me to her room, her computer screen lit and her bed unmade. She pulls me toward the screen and reads back to me

"Mystery Girl Identified As Isla Maheras."

I look at the website at the top of the page and sigh loudly. No. No. No. No. A picture of Harry and I appears on the page, me in the truck, sunglasses on and him smililing widely at me. "Damn it." I mutter. Zooey looks at me questioningly. She doesn't quite understand the severity of the situation. I scroll down to the comments holding my breath.

"Zooey, why don't you go get dressed?" She looks at me confused, but does what she's told. I  breathe in and out nervously as I start to read the comments. 

harrystyleslover23: Are you serious? THATS WHO HE'S DATING?

ohhipstaharry: she looks like an effing whale

relastyles: Theres no way

zooeyhoran: I think theyre perfect together

My little sister would do something like this. I wipe the tears away harshly, damn it Isla don't cry. You already knew this would happen. I feel a hand on my shoulders and look up to see Zooey smiling lightly.

"Isla, don't cry. You won".

"I won what sweetie?" I look at her, my brow furrowed.  

"You won the best thing ever. You won his love." I look at her, trying to process it in my mind. What just happened? Was my little sister actually giving me advice? She runs a hand through my tangled hair, lightly trying to untangle it. "Isla?"

"Hmm." I say rubbing my temples.

"Promise me something."

"What sweetie?"

"Don't ever change who you are. Just remember when he met you, he liked you. He liked you for you." I turn to look at her, her greenish hazel eyes glimmering. Innocence was reflected in ever aspect of her being. Yet she was mature enough to comprehend something that I have yet to understand. I take her into my arms and hug her tight. 

"You are wise beyond your years kid." I whisper into her ear.

She looks up at me and smiles. "And you are beautiful. Inside and out" 


So, if this is a horrible dream...This is about the time I wake up right? Right before shit hits the wall?

Please, let me wake up.

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