Blue Kool-Aid, Big Spoons, and Best friends

"Here." I hand him the large glass with blue liquid in it.
"What is this?" He chuckles.
"It's Blue Kool-Aid."
He nods and takes a drink. I see his eyes squint and he puckers his lips. "What did you put in that?" I laugh.

My mom hands me my bowl of cereal with a small spoon. I toss the spoon in the sink and grab one of the big ones. My mom looks at me weirdly.
"You know how I like it." I take a bite and she smiles shaking her head.

I sit with my head on Zelo's shoulder and his arm around me as we sit by the pond in the back yard.
"Zelo, you're my best friend."
"I'm gonna miss you."
"I'm gonna miss you too."


4. Rain Sound

*Emily's POV*

The rain gets harder and harder, making me want to run inside. Zelo jumps down from the tree like a ninja and looks up at me. I just sit there.

"Come on, it's not that high."

"That's because you're tall. Have you seen how short I am?" I ask.

He doesn't say anything and just laughs. "Here, I'll help you."

"What if I fall?" I ask.

"I'll catch you." I smile on the inside.

I guess this is a better time than any to free fall and just be fun for once. I jump down from the tree. My feet catch under me and I stumble a little falling onto my butt. Zelo starts laughing.

"Shut up." I say smiling. But he continues.

He holds out his hand to me and I gladly take it. His hand is warm and inviting, just like his smile. I brush off my now wet butt. When I look back up he is staring back at me still.

I am not much for an awkward moment. "Race ya." I smile and run off. He has longer legs, he'll probably win. We run all the way through the woods and up the back porch stairs and into the house. It was raining the whole time.

"I win." I smile dancing around a little.

"I gave you a head start." He smiles.

"Mmmhmmm." I mock.

My mom comes around the corner. "Em..." She pauses looking at our dripping wet figures.

"Emily don't get the floor all wet, you two go to your rooms and get dried off. Dinner will be ready soon."

I smile and run down the hallway towards my room. I take off my wet pants and slip on some black leggings. I take off my shirt to put on my other Beatles T-shirt. As I was sliding it over my head, I was facing away from the door.

I hear the door creak open I quickly pull my shirt the rest of the way down and spin around.

"I'm sorry, I really should have knocked." Zelo's voice echos through the door.

"It's fine, I was pretty much dressed already. You can come in now."

He walks in and just stands there awkwardly. "You can sit down if you'd like."

"Thanks." He says sitting down.

I turn towards the mirror and start to fix my hair and take my ear rings out. Zelo just sits on my bed and watches me. I can see him in the mirror just staring.

"What?" I chuckle as I say it.

"Nothing, you're just..." He doesn't finish.

I turn around. "Just what?" I ask looking him in the eyes.

"Just...different..." He smiles. "...beautiful."

I smile. "Thanks." I keep looking him in the eyes being interrupted by a crack of thunder and the flash of lightning through my window.

I smile. "What do you want to do now?" I am sitting at my desk chair with my legs crossed in front of me just smiling like a little girl.

It get's silent as he doesn't know. All we can hear is Rain Sound.

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