Old Secrets, New Secrets (On Hold)

Emily thinks that her dreams are coming true as her best friend's brother, and long term boy friend, asks her to marry him. All of a sudden though, all she has left is her best friend as her fiancé goes missing the day after their engagement.
Finally, two years later she is cleaning up all of his old stuff because she doesn't feel the pain as bad, now she is dating again. But she finds a letter in his stuff with her name on it. When she reads it, she realizes that there are more than just humans out there. Her best friend disappears before she can tell her though. She now has no one.


1. The Question

          "Emily?" he asked as he walked up to the side of the bed where she was sleeping. He didn’t want to wake her because she looked so peaceful while sleeping. Her firey bright red hair flowed in all directions, yet it was always wavy when she woke up, her eyes were closed so gently against her pale skin, and she had an ever so present smile on her face when she was asleep. She was beautiful, not stunning unless you were looking for her in a crowd.

          Brandon glanced around the small apartment. It was not big, but just the right size for the two of them, yet it was only supposed to house him. He slightly laughs at the thought of her first moving in. The dorms had scared her because she had watched some cheap, two-dollar, "scary" movie you get at Wal-Mart. It was just funny, but she was scared easily and couldn’t stay alone too long. He couldn’t blame her though, you never know what is out there.

          Slight movement came from behind him and he turned around in his flannel pajama pants that tickled the tops of his feet. Emily was sitting up slightly still lying on her side, but her legs were stretched out instead of in her normal "ball" position. She was smiling at Brandon, just observing him. Then her attention was turned to the digital clock sitting next to her bed on a small brown table.

          Suddenly Brandon was covered in blankets, a game they started from having a pillow fight one day. He shed his mask of blankets as he saw a mess swarming into a tornado of hair flying into the bathroom from the closet. He slowly followed it to see the damage it was inflicting in the bathroom. Emily was standing in front of the mirror, putting her "lucky Chinese pin" in her hair that she always wore. The pin was just a metal stick (with a very sharp end), with a red glass ball on top that had cherry blossoms on it, then beads hung down from there. With her hair in a bun, she shed her pajamas with the bathroom door still open and Brandon standing in the doorway. He smiled watching her dress. Once she was dressed, she came toward him and pecked his cheek.

          "You are blocking my way, baby," Emily said to Brandon as she tried to push past him, but still with a smile on her face.

          Brandon looked at her, tilted her chin up to him with his hand that wasn’t still holding the blanket, and bent down to kiss her gently on the lips. "I love you," Brandon spoke softly as he stared into her eyes. He knew she was beautiful, even if she didn’t think so, and he told her that all the time.

          Emily sank into him naturally, his warmth covering her in an embrace. "I love you, too, Brandon. But that still doesn’t change that I have to work today, even though I want to stay here with you," she pecked his lips then continued while pulling away, "I can’t."

          "You actually have the day off today, because I called into the firm for you and you no longer have to work today," Brandon was smiling mischievously, then threw the blankets over Emily. He plopped onto the bed as she pulled all of the blankets off her with a bewildered expression.

          "You did what?"

          "I called into McSperitt Law Firm, your work, and told them that you couldn’t come in today because of how special this day is."

          The mental calendar is empty of July 25th being a special day, her mind minions tell her. "What is so special about today?"

          "Can it not just be a special day?" Brandon questions with a mischievous expression.

          "What is going on today? Don’t make me use my puppy dog eyes to get it out of you!" she threatened, then realized that he was not going to tell her by the devilish grin he had on his face, "Just tell me! Really! I don’t want to miss work for just anything! Please."

          Standing, Brandon let out a sigh. As he strutted over to her, his arms seemed to move in uncomfortable positions, but were a discarded thought to Emily. He looked like he was about to give her a hug, but stopped right in front of her, not close enough to feel his breath, but just close enough to make someone feel uncomfortable. He looked into her eyes like he wanted an answer to an unspoken question that only her eyes could tell. She looked back with curiosity.

          "What?" she asked in a sweet tone, still looking into her eyes. She wanted to know the unspoken question so she could answer him.

          Brandon just had one request, "Close your eyes."

          She did as he said, with giggles of wonder tickling her nerves. But then she felt the warm hands she knew so well slipping something cold and metallic on her finger. Her eyes popped open wide as she saw Brandon on his knee, holding her left hand, with a small band with a glint in the center on her third finger in. She gasped, while Brandon had the expression of questioning again on his face.

          She didn’t know how long she stood there, slightly outside the bathroom doorway, eyes wide, holding her hand over her mouth, which was gaping, open. She didn’t even notice the face that Brandon had, as she said nothing, and he got up from kneeling, and sat on the end of the bed.

          The touch on her shoulder made all of her brain minions’ go from the state of being in a coma, to full working order. She started crying.

          She was pulled into a hug. "Ss-hhh. Ss-hhh. Don’t worry. It is okay. Ss-hhh. We don’t have to do this. It is okay. I knew this was too fast. I am sorry," Brandon sounded broken and confused as he took her left hand to pull the ring off.

          "No!" Emily yelled as he was pulling the ring off. She pushed his hand away from her left hand and put the ring back in place. He looked at her with pure confusion. She pointed an accusing, but playful, finger at him, "Don’t you dare be sorry that you asked me to marry you! And especially don’t try and take the ring away when I was to dumbstruck to say yes, even though I knew I wanted to."

          Brandon looked like he was trying to process all of this, "Wait…, so…, YES????"

          "Of course!" Emily laughed.

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