Beneath your beautiful

Marcel, aka the school nerd.
Sienna, aka the school beauty. But it was only a simple Wednesday that could make them realize opposites attract.
(16+ please. If not, read at your own risk.)


1. Beating into a Blessing.

Chapter One: 




I walked down the hallways of my high school and sighed.  I strutted over to my locker and I unlocked it as I grabbed my math textbook and stuffed it in my book bag. I grabbed a few other school necessities when I heard banging and loud commotion. I jumped at the sudden noise, before I closed my locker, shrugged my book bag over my shoulder and hurried over to the scene. There was already a crowd of numerous people. I squeezed through, shoving people, as I came closer to where the loud groaning was coming from when I saw the familiar face of Zachary Gordon. 

I shoved a hand through my long, honey- hair and put my book bag down on the floor, before Zachary kicked the poor guy on the floor again. The guy on the floor winced in pain and squinted his eyes shut, waiting for another blow. He was pressed against the lockers and when Zachary lifted his leg up to kick him again I ran in the middle of the clear opening where the fight was happening, "Stop!" 

People gasped at my actions others shook their heads, knowing I was about to get the same treatment as the boy on the floor, still bent over. 

"Or what baby?" Zachary smiled before grabbing a strand of hair of my hair and twirled it around his finger. I smacked his hand away and crouched next to the brunette boy on the floor. I pushed his hair back and looked at his bruised, bloody face. I recognized him as the school dork, Marcel. We went to school with each other since middle school.  I sighed and the bell rang before everyone dispersed to their first period. I grabbed my bag and took out the pouch of tissues from my front pocket and dabbed his face lightly. He moaned slightly before opening his eyes and looked around. 

"Is it over?" He groaned, and he grabbed his stomach, rubbing it slightly. 

"Yes Marcel, do you need to go to the nurse?" I asked, placing the bloody tissue under the lockers. I'm polite, I know. 

He shook his head, still laying down. I stood up and stuck my hand up and he accepted the gesture as I helped him up. I put my book bag on my back and placed his arm over my shoulder as I guided him through the doors of the high school, towards my car. I opened the passenger door for him as he sat down and I hurried over to the drivers side. 

We sat in silence as I the car was cranked up, only the faint music of the radio playing. 

"Do you want me to drive you home?" I asked, breaking the silence. 

His jade eyes met mine before he smirked, "Please." 

I nodded and turned the windshield wipers on, wiping away the snow that already piled on the windshield. I backed out of the school as Marcel told me where he lived. We had a decent, non-boring conversation, and I have to admit, Marcel was a pretty cool guy. 

We pulled into his driveway and his house was absolutely gorgeous. 

"Thanks for the ride," Marcel grinned, his cheek was now a shade purple. I gave him a worried look, "Are you going to be okay? Where's your mom?" I asked, looking around for his mom's Chevy. 

Marcel smiled, "She's not here. You can come in and have some tea?" Marcel asked quietly, a little unsure. 

I bit my lip slightly before looking up at him, "Yeah, that sounds nice." As we both walked into his house. He had clean white carpet and there was a flight of stairs and a huge living room that you could see from the door. 

"You have a beautiful house." I whispered and I heard Marcel suck in a breath, "Thanks, wait here, I'm gonna change." Before hurrying upstairs. 

I walked into the living room, taking my Ugg boots off and sitting on the couch. I looked around the living room. I saw a picture that sat on top of the mantle and it was Marcel and a girl who looked a little older than him at a wedding or some sort of formal event. Next to it was Marcel with a bra on over his soccer jersey, I giggled to myself when I heard Marcel walk down the stairs. He had on a white t-shirt, grey sweatpants, his hair was still slicked back and he had on his big, bulky glasses. 

He walked in with two mugs, steam coming off both of them. "I didn't know what kind of tea you liked," He trailed off. I took a sip of it and nodded, "This is really good Marcel!" I exclaimed, taking another small sip since it was scorching hot. He grinned and took a gulp of his, "Thanks." and blushed. 

"I have to ask you something.." Marcel asked. 

"Hmm?" I asked, setting my warm mug on the coffee table. 

"Why did you help me? Like, why did you stand up for me?" He said shyly. 

"Well why wouldn't I help you? I mean, I hate violence. I hate Zachary. I also hate the school in general." I sighed and Marcel nodded, understandingly. 

"Me too, but you are so popular & pretty, and I'm just, a loser..." He mumbled, looking at his lap. 

I frowned at him, I took my hand gently lifting his chin up, "Marcel, you are anything but a loser okay?" He just smiled slightly and looked at me. 

"Okay," I took my hand back in my lap. "I have something to ask you also." 


"Why do you wear those vests and khaki's? Aren't you ever hot or uncomfortable?" I asked and Marcel laughed. 

"I really have no other clothes and no time to do shopping I guess," He shrugged. 

"Let's go shopping then!" I cheered, grabbing my keys off the table. 

"Really?" He asked raising an eyebrow. I nodded, "Well, change first." I giggled. 

Marcel chuckled, "Right." He went upstairs and came back down not long after. He was in black skinny jeans, the same white t-shirt, and white converses. His hair, again, still slicked back and the same glasses. 

It took about 45- minutes to go to the mall and our conversation consisted with laughs, jokes, and pointless stories of our childhood. When we finally arrived, Marcel & I looked around forever before we went into PacSun. The mall wasn't that busy since it wasn't even noon, & that's when I realized we didn't go to school at all really. oops. 

Marcel looked around and picked out about 15 t-shirts and three muscle tee's. We went to the cash register and when the cashier scanned the clothes, Marcel began to take out his wallet, before I swiped my debit card and entering my PIN. The lady gave us two bags and we walked out of the store. "Don't me buy me anything else." Marcel said seriously, I smiled and pinched his cheek slightly. "Marcel, it's fine!" 

We walked around for about 2 hours and we completely updated Marcel's wardrobe. New jeans, shoes, you name it, we got it. 

I helped him organize his closet and what not. I looked at my phone and saw 25 missed calls from my dad. Shit. I sighed as I slumped on Marcel's bed. "What's wrong?" He asked. "Nothing, I better get home though." Marcel frowned and I laughed. 

I stood up and Marcel stood up with me, "Thanks Sienna." He smiled. I wrapped my arms around his next and he froze for a minute before placing his hands around my stomach. 

"Hey, anytime. Call me tomorrow morning and I'll pick you up." I whispered in his ear, before kissing his cheek. I began walking over all the shopping bags and accesories. I turned around, "Also, go get medicine for those cuts, they look like they're getting infected," And smiled, before leaving Marcel's house. I sat in my car, looking at his front porch. 

Is it bad that I'm falling for the school dork? 

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