A Dream Come True

Nikki Torres is entering junior year in high school. She's on the schools cheerleading team. She's kind, spirited and a joy to be around. She's in love with the biggest boy band in the world, One Direction. Her biggest dream was to meet them. The boys are taking a break from their busy schedules and plan on going back to high school in California. Will the boys end up at the same school as Nikki? Will the boys find love ?


5. Meeting the Boys

Nikki's P.O.V.

Class finally ended. I needed to find Becca to tell her about my exciting news and find out what see wanted to tell me. Wait I didnt finish reading her text earlier. I took out my phone to finish reading her text.

From: BeccaBoo<3 : No! Even better.. Harry Styles <333 !!!

Omg I have to find Becca. I was about to start walking when someone calls after me. "Hey Nikki" I turned around to see Zayn walking towards me. "Hey Zayn, whats up? I asked. "I was wondering if you could show me around school" "Oh yeah sure" I answered. Ahh Zayn just asked me to show him around school I am so lucky ! I found out me and Zayn had all our other classes together. This is the best day ever. It was finally lunch time. I called Becca to see where she was. "Heeey" Becca answered excited. "Hey where you at? Oh and did you talk to you know who?" I asked. "Im by the pizza cages and yes hes with me now!" she whispered into the phone. "Okay I will be there in a minute I have someone to show you too bye" I whispered back and pressed end on my phone. Me and Zayn walked to the pizza cages. "Hey guys" I say while walking up. "Hey mate" Zayn says bringing Harry into a massive bro hug. "Zayn, this is my bestfriend Rebecca" I introduced. "Hello" he says shaking her hand. "Harry, this is my bestfriend Nikki" she introduces smling. "Hello love" he takes my hand shaking it. Me and Becca just looked at eachother with the biggest smiles.  "Where are the other lads?" Zayn asks Harry. "No clue mate I will call Lou" he says walking away. "They got stopped by fans they will be over shortly" Harry says walking back. A couple minutes later Niall, Louis, and Liam comes walking to the group. "Louis in the house bitches!" he yells. We all started laughing. Wow hes even funnier in person! "Nikki, Becca, this is Niall, Louis, and Liam the rest of the group" Zayn says. "Hey" we say in sync. "Im starving!" Niall whines while rubbing his stomach. "Your always hungry mate"   Liam says. "Im starving too! What are we all waiting for lets go eat ! I say way too excited. "Woah somebody is excited to eat" Zayn says smirking. My faced flushed red. "Dont be embarrassed, I think its cute" he said putting his hand on my shoulder. Holy crap he just called me cute. "Thanks" I look up at him giggling. Lunch finally finished and me and Zayn went to our next class. The rest of the day went pretty fast and me and Zayn got to know eachother a little more. The final school bell rang and I packed up my stuff. I was just about to look for Becca when Zayn stops me. "Hey Nikki, soo I was wondering if maybe you and Becca would like to hangout with me and the lads sometime" he asked nervously. "sure" i said smiling. "Great" he says while stepping in for a hug slipping a piece of paper in my hand. He waved bye and disapeared into the crowded hallway. I quickly found Becca and we started walking towards her house. We went straight to her bedroom to look at the note.                    Hey Nikki,

Thanks for showing me around today. It was really nice meeting you and Becca. I was wondering if you two would like to comeover and have a movie night. Let me know (; 



"Ahhh he gave you his number! He so likes you Nik!" she yells. "You really think so?" I ask. she nodded in response. We both lay on the bed screaming and talking about our day. Best First Day Ever !



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