When Opposites Attract

Scarlett Johansen was a normal 18 year old girl. Well it depends on how you define normal. She's not very popular, she's very shy, and does not like to draw attention to herself. One thing that does make her different is, Scarlett loves to sing. She would love to go pro but the only thing holding her back is her shyness and insecurities but that all changes when she meets her complete opposite. He's known as the funny guy with an outgoing personality of her favorite band, One Direction. When she tries out for a singing competition with her best friend, Aislyn, she meets them but will her self issues cause some trouble for herself in the future? Read on to find out(:


2. Performance

I continued to stare at Cece with wide eyes. We're performing for One Direction?

For this competition you are suppose to prepare a song to perform for one artist. The thing is, nobody knows who they are. It's kind of like a surprise. I always thought it would be Demi Lovato or someone like Carly Rae Jepson. Never in a million years would I have thought it would be One Direction.

"Omg, One Direction? I can't believe it!" Chandler squealed jumping up and down.

Brooklyn and Aislyn had the same expression I have. Excitement yet nervousness.

"Now we have exactly one hour before we perform for them so we have to start working now." Cece announced.

We all walked over to the center of the room. Cece, Aislyn, and Chandler stood in front while Brooklyn and I stood in the back. We were visible  if you looked at us from straight ahead but when Cece sang the first solo, she always walked in front of me. The next solo was Niall's which was taken over by Chandler. Of course, she sang it beautifully. The chorus is Brooklyn and I's chance to sing. We harmonized perfectly which Cece didn't seem to like.

Cece took Liam's and Zayn's solo. Chandler always took Niall's while Aislyn took Zayn's. Brooklyn and I always took Harry's. When it comes to the boys songs, I could always sing Harry's part perfectly.

I could tell Brooklyn was disappointed about being a back up. She had a great voice that should be heard.

"Truly, Madly, Crazy, Deeply in love," We sang. Cece echoed, "In love."

"With you."

"With you."

Cece held the last note perfectly. I had to admit, we sounded pretty good. The only thing is I would've preferred if we all had a solo.

A man with a clipboard poked his head, "Five minutes ladies," then he disappeared.

My heart started to pick up speed again once I remembered who we were performing for.

One Direction.

What if they don't like me? What if they think I sound horrible? What if we don't make it? What if they think I look ugly?

I looked down at my wardrobe.

"Oh gosh, I look like a potato." I thought out loud.

"Oh no you don't." Aislyn frowned coming over to me. "You look beautiful, as always."

Thank goodness for Aislyn. I've always doubted myself including my body. If it wasn't for her, I don't know if I would alive today.

"But Aislyn, look at me then take a look at the rest of the 'band'." I bent my two pointer and middle fingers when I said the word band. "Everyone here is all dressed up and I'm here in Hollister shorts with a green t-shirt."

Aislyn laughed, "You. Look. Fine."


"Hey girls, you excited or what?" Chandler strolled over, bouncing up and down, with Brooklyn beside her.

"Uhh yeah, just a little nervous that's all." my hand went back up to my hair and started to twirl.

"Who is your favorite from the band anyway?" Brooklyn asked us.

"I love Niall. Especially when he wears his snapbacks but I also love Zayn because of his laid back style." Aislyn smiled dreamily.

"Oh my gosh, I totally love Liam and Louis! Liam seems so sweet and Louis, omg, he is so funny and outgoing." Chandler mused.

"Oh cool, I like Harry. He's so cute and romantic," Brooklyn spoke, "How about you Scarlett?"

I opened my mouth to speak but then shut it. I've never really thought of my 'favorite' 1D member. They're all so beautiful like angels it's hard to describe. I guess, all of them, in one way. I love to eat just like Niall, I can't dance like Zayn, I'm very sweet and caring like Liam, and I can be a flirt, but I fail epicly, like Harry. And Louis... I'm not like him at all. Not even close. He's like my complete opposite. He's funny, I'm boring. He's outgoing, I'm insecure. Two very different people.

"Um, I can't really choose. Harry I guess. I love his eyes and dimples." I finally answered.

"I like Harry. He's hot." Cece chimed in.

We didn't know how to respond so the conversation fell into silence.

"What happens if the song doesn't work out?" Brooklyn suddenly asked.

Cece laughed, "Of course it's going to work, why wouldn't it work?"

"Brooklyn's right. We should come up with a back up plan, just in case!" Chandler jumped in.

I nodded. They were right. If One Direction thinks were good, what if they want to hear another song?

"How the heck are we going to come up with a back up performance in less than five minutes?" Cece hissed at us.

"Well," I spoke up causing Cece to glare at me, "I know a back up song and positions to use."

Brooklyn, Chandler, and Aislyn smiled brightly at me while Cece just crossed her arms.

"It's Use Somebody. Their cover."

Aislyn smiled giving me a thumbs up while Chandler jumped up and down, "That's perfect!"

"Yeah." Brooklyn agreed.

They looked over at Cece and so did I. She sucked her teeth before sighing, "Fine, fine. Let's just quickly learn this stupid thing."

I was very excited to show the girls my idea. The only thing is, there was a small hope inside of me hoping One Direction and Simon won't want to hear more. If so, that means I'll be singing lead...



"Right this way girls."

The man who first put us together was leading us to the performance room. After going through another maze of always, we stopped in front of two large double doors. I could hear a girl singing and she sounded amazing. I couldn't recognize the song but it sounded peaceful.

"She's sounds really good." Brooklyn nervously spoke. Her face had a look of nervousness with a side of paleness as if she was about to faint.

I reached over and held her hand causing her to faintly smile, "Thanks." she whispered.

I nodded before I jumped at the sound of Simon's voice.

"I'm just going to be completely honest with you. That was the most horrible and degrading thing I've ever heard."

I looked over at the girls who had their hand over the mouths from Simon's rudeness. I mean, I'm pretty sure we've all saw American Idol at least once and our life to know how criticizing Simon is.

Suddenly the double doors were slammed open revealing a crying girls.

'Must've been the girl singing', I thought to myself.

I didn't understand why Simon was so mean. She was absolutely stunning and had a great voice. Was it because he was frustrated with no groups showing up? Oh gosh, now the pressures on us.

"You guys ready?" the clipboard man asked us, handing us each a microphone.

Slowly, we all nodded. He opened the doors wide for us and Cece was the first to stroll in with her chest out and her head held high. It would be for two reasons. One, she wants to look confident or Two, she wants to make sure her breasts are noticed.

We followed her in and one by one, the boys appeared around the corner. I could practically hear the bees in my stomach. Harry smiled at each of us, landing on me last.

Oh gosh, he looked at me.

"Finally!" Simon groaned. "A girl group."

The girls and I smiled faintly.

I looked at the boys and accidently made eye contact with Niall. I quickly looked down at started to twirl my hair. I heard him chuckle a bit. I look back up to see him whispering to Louis who sat next to him. Louis then turned his attention to me and smiled.

Oh gosh my stomach hurts.

I managed to lift up one corner of my mouth into a small smile.

"What's your name girls?" Simon asked with a clipboard in his hand.

"My name is Cecelia but I would prefer Cece." Cece spoke casting a glance in Harry's direction.

Simon nodded then looked next to her at Chandler. "My name is Chandler Pop." Chandler smiled. Simon smiled back at her bubbliness. Okay, a smile. That's a good sign... Right?

"I'm Brooklyn Joy." Brooklyn looked as if she was about to throw up.

"That's a peculiar name," Louis spoke. His voice brought a smile to my lips. I can't believe I'm standing in front of One Direction right now.

"Are you originally from Brooklyn, New York?" Harry asked chuckling.

"Actually I am." Brooklyn giggled.

"I like that name," Simon asked examining her, "Brooklyn."

He won't something down on his clipboard before returning his gaze at Aislyn.

"I'm Aislyn Forge." she sounded confident and I envied her so badly at the moment.

Finally when Simon and the boys looked at me, I couldn't find the words to talk. I felt so embarrassed after not being able to speak.

"And your name?" Simon asked staring at me.

"I'm.. uh... I'm Scarlett." I stuttered.

I could hear Cece giggle from the other side of the room. I almost burst out laughing as Harry turned to her and said, "It's not polite to giggle at someone when they make a mistake."

Cece's face turned red with embarrassment. I smiled and Harry seemed to notice as he smiled at me.

"So Scarlett. What's your last name?" Simon asked biting his pen.

"Johansen." I spoke.

He smiled before writing down something on his clipboard. Probably 'stutterer' or 'weirdo'.

"Okay girls, what have you prepared for us today." Liam asked with a soft smile.

"We've prepared Truly, Madly, Deeply by the one and only, you guys." Cece spoke smiling.

"Okay, start when ever you're ready."

I looked at all the girls and we all smiled before nodding our heads toward the sound person.

"Am I asleep, Am I awake or somewhere in between. I can't believe that you are here and lying next to me. Or did I dream that we were perfectly entwined. Like branches on a tree or twigs caught on a vine." Cece sang.

I made sure to catch every emotion or movement these guys did. Harry nodded while smiling. Liam closed his eyes and bobbed his head along to the music. Niall was watching intently except for Louis and Simon, who were watching me. I noticed their gaze and quickly shield myself behind my hair. I peeked through a small opening and I could see Louis whispering to Simon. Simon nodded before quickly writing something on the clipboard.

When Chandler sang Niall's solo, he beamed brightly at her, mesmerized by her voice. When it came for Brooklyn and I's turn we turned toward each other and smiled.

"Truly, madly, deeply, I am. Foolishly, completely falling. And somehow you kicked all my walls in so baby say you'll always keep me. Truly, madly, crazy, deeply in love. With you. In love with you."

I almost squealed with excitement as Brooklyn and I nailed the chorus. I smiled but it quickly changed as I felt Simon's eyes on me again. Why does he keep looking at me?

Cece sang again for solo which sounded beautiful once again. When Aislyn sang, I couldn't help but smile. My best friend is awesome. I looked at the boys to see them all smiling. Even Simon who finally took his eyes off me.

But it came right back as Brooklyn and I sang the chorus again. Cece echoed us at the very end, ending the song. I took the mic away from my mouth and breathed out. Finally, this was over.

The boys clapped wildly at us. Harry hollered a bit with Liam. Simon was emotionless as he stared down at his clipboard then up at me.

"I wasn't too pleased." Simon suddenly said.

My heart stopped as he continued to stare at me only.

Did I screw up or something?

"Wh--Why?" Cece asked following his gaze to me. She glared at me as if I was the reason he wasn't pleased.

"Don't get me wrong girls, you were phenomenal. The thing is, I heard too much of you," he pointed at Cece and she took a step back, " and I was looking forward to hearing you." my eyes grew big as he pointed his pen at me.

"Bu--but..." Cece stuttered.

Aislyn shook my shoulder and smiled at me.

"I like you Scarlett. I really do. It's just, you're too shy and look like a 'good girl'" he put quotations around the words 'good girl'.

I looked down at my wardrobe and frowned. I knew it was my outfit. I looked like a potato. A good girl potato.

"What I want you girls to do is sing another song and have Scarlett sing a solo." Simon leaned back on his chair playing with his pen as he stared at us.

"Oh we could just do your idea Scarlett!" Chandler squealed. I opened my eyes wide at her and slowly shook my head.

"Oh come on Scarlett, you sound awesome." Brooklyn boasted.

My mouth was open in disbelief at the moment. I looked at the girls then at the boys. I must've looked like a freak with my mouth so wide.

"Scarlett's idea it is. What song?" Simon asked.

"It was Use Somebody. The boys cover." I nodded toward the boys who also stared at me.

He nodded, "Okay, start."

The music started and I took a deep breathe as the girls sang, "Oh woah oh, oh woah oh." twice. I took another breathe before I put the mic up to my mouth.

"I've been roaming around always looking down at all I see. Painted faces fill the places I can't reach." I looked over at Simon who was.... Smiling!

"You know that I could use somebody. Yeah. You Know that I could use somebody. Yeaahhh." I held the note strongly and found myself smiling when I finished.

I let Brooklyn have Louis' solo. She had a great voice and I plan on making it heard. When the beat picked up, my leg started to bounce to the beat. Aislyn noticed and started nodding her head with the beat.

"Someone like you--oh woah oh oh woah oh." we all sang.

When it came it to Niall's solo I was originally going to let Chandler take it but she insisted I did.

"Off in the night while you live it up I'm off to sleep. Waging wars to shape the poet and the beat. Well I hope it's gonna make you notice." At this point, I was just having fun. A smile spread on my face.

"Well I hope it's gonna make you notice....someone like me!" I belted out the last note making sure I held it long and straight.

All the boys smiled at me and as did Simon. He wrote something down on his clipboard before he held up his hand to stop the music.

"Well girls.... better.." Simon spoke still scribbling down on his board.

Aislyn hands grasped mine and I looked over to find all of us holding hands, including Cece. At that moment, Cece looked innocent and so sweet with her face scared. I smiled at the moment we all had the same hope. Hope that we would make it.

"Okay girls bottom line is," Harry snatched Simon's clipboard causing a glare, "We didn't like you.."

My heart fell into my feet and I could feel the same with the girls.

"We loved you!" Harry screamed.

The girls jumped up and down squealing as I just stood there with my mouth open. I can't believe it. We made it. I made it.

"Hey Scarlett, I wanna speak with you." Simon ushered me over.

I slowly walked up to six chairs. I felt the boys eyes on me and I could feel the bees return to my stomach.

"You're my favorite and I expect big things from you." he spoke.

I covered my mouth with my hands trying to hide the gaping whole in my mouth.

"You can't be serious." I exclaimed.

"We're 100% serious." Louis said smiling.

I looked over at him and couldn't help but smile. He continued to stare and smile at me.

"Enough Louis. Your eyes are going to end up staring at her for hours." Niall chuckled shoving his shoulder.

Louis looked at him confused before looking back at me. I blushed as he once again smiled at me. I turned around and was instantly attacked in a group hug by my girls. Even Cece joined in after she just stood their awkwardly.

"Yay! Group hug!" Zayn yelled as he ran over to us.

The boys followed except Simon who just sat there sipping his soda. I felt someone's front pressed behind me and I looked to see a smiling Louis.

"Hi love."


I didn't notice it until he stared at my hand that twirled a strand of hair. Dang it, I gotta stop doing that.

"Why do you do that? Twirl you hair?" he asked letting his accent come out.

"I really don't know. It just happens when I'm nervous." I explained, blushing.

I looked back up to see him smiling.

"I make you nervous?" he asked still smiling with a hint of red in his cheeks.

A smile slowly spread on my face, "I guess so."

He pressed closer and wrapped his arms around the giant group of people, including me. He rested his head on my shoulder and looked up at me. He batted his eyes and I couldn't help but giggle.

"Okay okay, enough. Back to business." Simon rose off his chair. "First things first, we need to head back to the house to talk."

He grabbed his clipboard and walked out the room. We followed him through the doors and into the maze of hallways again. I looked around to see, of course, Cece walking with Harry. He must've said something funny because Cece laughed, throwing her hair behind her shoulder. Aislyn and Brooklyn were with Liam and Zayn who were talking. Chandler was with Niall. She held onto his arm and he quickly slipped off his snapback and placed it on top of her head. I felt a pang of jealousy. I wish Niall let me wear his snapback. The feeling disappeared quickly though.

I looked around confused. Where was Louis?

"Looking for me, love?"

Frightened, I turned around to a Louis with a goofy smile.

"Did I startle you?"

As I tried to control my racing heart, I nodded. Louis laughed as we both walked to the van that was waiting in the parking garage for us. As we walked it became silent and I could feel the awkwardness between us.

"Wh--why are we taking such a dark van?" I asked trying to bring up a conversation.

He turned toward me with a thoughtful look, "One, you're very bad at starting conversation," he chuckled, "and two, it's a way so the fans can't really see through."

I felt my cheeks go red and nodded. We needed to ride in a black van with tinted windows for transportation? Maybe being famous is something I want to reconsider...

We reached the van and Louis quickly ran in front of me and opened the door. I blushed as I got in. Harry was right behind me but Louis cut him off.

"Aye!" Harry yelled at Louis, "I wanted to sit by Scarlett in the back!"

"Sorry mate!" Louis chuckled, not even a bit apologetic.

I looked around and noticed there were only two seats in the very back. It was me and Louis. Just the two of us. My hand went straight to my hair and started to twirl.

"You're doing it again." Louis remarked.

I looked down at my hand and quickly grabbed it with my other, pulling it into my lap.

"Sorry." I gushed looking down at the floor.

I felt a tug on a strand of my hair and looked to see Louis playing with it, "Don't apologize love, I think it's cute."


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