When Opposites Attract

Scarlett Johansen was a normal 18 year old girl. Well it depends on how you define normal. She's not very popular, she's very shy, and does not like to draw attention to herself. One thing that does make her different is, Scarlett loves to sing. She would love to go pro but the only thing holding her back is her shyness and insecurities but that all changes when she meets her complete opposite. He's known as the funny guy with an outgoing personality of her favorite band, One Direction. When she tries out for a singing competition with her best friend, Aislyn, she meets them but will her self issues cause some trouble for herself in the future? Read on to find out(:


6. Changes

"Scarlett, time to get up."

I groaned and pulled the sheets over my head. I was so tired from running with Louis last night that I immediately crashed after taking a shower and changing into pajama pants and a matching shirt.

"I'm serious, we have to meet the boys downstairs in a hour." I heard Brooklyn say in serious tone.

I knew I had to get up sooner or later and I'd rather be one of the first people up before Cece who practically takes an hour to get ready.

In this room it was Aislyn and I, sharing a bed, and Brooklyn who had the single bed. Cece and Chandler shared the room next door. There were two bathrooms upstairs. One for the boys and one for the boys.

"Alright alright, I'm getting up." I yanked the bed sheets off accidently hitting, a sleeping, Aislyn in the arm.

"Ouuuuuuch." she mumbled.

I apologized before tip-toeing out the room. I quietly shut the door and turned around only to have a scream escape the lips.

"Sorry love, I didn't mean to scare you but um," Niall apologized with a smile, "those are some interesting pants."

He carried a bottle of shampoo, conditioner, and had a blue towel draped over his shoulder. He had basketball shorts on hanging low on his waist. I looked down at myself and wanted to cry. Why in the world would I pack Hello Kitty pj's? Here's Niall looking hot and me looking like a five year old.

"Oh it's fine and thanks," I blushed, " Why are you up so early? Doesn't it take boys ten minutes to shower and get ready?"

He threw his head back and laughed from deep within his throat, "It does except for Zayn who takes as long as a girl to get ready."

I laughed along too until he had to go take his shower. I walked to the door and grabbed the handle. The door wouldn't budge. I knocked loudly.

"I'll be out in a minute." Cece yelled behind the bathroom door.

"Ughhh. That's the biggest understatement of the year." I groaned.

Suddenly the door swung open and I was pulled in.

"Thank god it's you Scarlett. I need your help." Cece pleaded.

My eyes opened in shock as I looked at a train wreck Cece. Her hair was poofed in all directions, her make-up was smudged, and she was still in pajama shorts with an overly large tee. Was I the only one who packed long pajama pants?

"What happened to you?" I gasped.

"Well, you see last night Harry and I decided to watch a movie, something I've never heard of, and he kept hinting how hot the girls dressed in the movies. Now I'm freaking out because I don't know what to wear."

Oh gosh, I'm never good in situations like this, "I could handle the hair and I'll go see what the other girls could do."

She nodded as she continued to examine herself in the mirror.

I quickly ran out the bathroom and back to my room. "911. Cece needs our help like majorly."

Aislyn by now was tinkering away at her long board and Brooklyn was looking through her new drawers, trying to find something away. They dropped what they were doing and rushed toward the bathroom.

I went to Cece's and Chandler's room to see Chandler sitting on the bed, painting her toe nails.

"Chandler, Cece needs us. All of us."

She quickly caps the nail polish and staggers to the bathroom on the heel of her feet. I quickly follow her out of the room and into the master bathroom full of girls.

"I can definitely do your make-up." Aislyn offered wiping the smeared mascara off Cece's face.

"And I can definitely help you with your wardrobe." Brooklyn examined Cece's size.

"I could maybe do your hair?" I suggested.

"Eee! I could do your nails!" Chandler squealed.

"Yes yes, just do whatever you can! Just make me look irresistible." Cece put her face in her hands.

Aislyn, Brooklyn, and I ran to our room to get the materials. I brought my curling iron and some hair sprays. Aislyn grabbed her pink polka-dotted make-up bag and Brooklyn just started laying out jewelry of hers.

Aislyn and I ran back to the bathroom to see Chandler already doing French Tips on Cece's nails. Aislyn had Cece close her eyes as she started applying some weird cream she got from her mom. Her mom works at a 'natural beauty' shop.

I sprayed Cece's hair with heat defendant spray and combed out the knots. I then grabbed one strand of hair and started to curl it.

In only a matter of thirty minutes, Cece's hair, make-up, and Nails were done.

"Oh. My. God." Cece gasped in the mirror, "I look amazing!"

"Yes you do but we only have twenty minutes left for you to get dressed and the rest of us hasn't even brushed our teeth yet!" I exclaimed tugging Cece out the bathroom.

We all walked into Aislyn, Brooklyn, and I's room and stopped short. Everywhere there was pieces of clothing. Fabric was scattered all over the floors, some jewelry hung from the ceiling fan, and all in the middle of it was a determined-looking Brooklyn.

"You ready Brook?" I asked, as I lightly shoved Cece toward her.

Brooklyn began pushing all the unnecessary clothing pieces to the side letting two dazzling outfits shine.

"Okay so, I raided your closet, Cece, and I kind of mixed different pieces together." she held up one outfit, "and this is what I came up with."

On a clothes hanger hung a beige hat, a cheetah/leopard blouse which hugged tight on the breast and stomach area, leather pants, and a solid black blazer covered it all. Brooklyn laid it carefully on the bed before rushing over to the closet and pulling out a pair of black high heels.

"I haven't really decided on the jewelry yet but I--"

"I don't care I love it!" Cece exclaimed running over to the outfit. She quickly grabbed the hanger and black heels before rushing out.

"Well thank goodness Cece's done, but what about us? We only have fifteen minutes left." Aislyn complained plopping down on our bed.

"I call dibs on bathroom!" Chandler screamed before quickly rushing out of the room leaving us girls mouth opened wide.

"I'm going to change in here then..." Brooklyn announced grabbing the other outfit she had sprawled on the bed.

I looked over at Aislyn who already had a pair of Hollister shorts on and was slipping on a red plaid shirt, rolling up the sleeves after wards.

"I'm gonna go longboarding." She grabs her longboard and walks out the room.

"I guess I'll go see if the boys would let me use their bathroom." I said rolling my eyes.

I walked over to my suitcase and pulled out my toothbrush and toothpaste. I quickly put my hair up in a messy bun and walked over to the boys bathroom.

I silently knocked on the door but no response came. I pushed down on the handle and it clicked open. Peeking inside, I looked around the bathroom. Nothing. Relaxing I set down my toothbrush and tooth paste.

I looked over at the shower and pondered. Should I shower again even though I did last night? I quickly sniffed myself and shrugged. I didn't smell bad but I didn't really smell like anything.

I yanked the shower curtain back and turned on the shower. After I quickly undressed I hopped in the shower, careful not to wet my pinned up hair. It felt so good to just relax. I quickly washed my body...twice, before I shut the water off. I peeked around the bathroom and groaned.

"Crap, I forgot my towel."

I checked around one more time but frowned. Nope. No towels.

"Hey! Aislyn!" I yelled out. I didn't want to scream really loudly, afraid the boys might here.


"What the--"

"Oh my god Louis!" I screamed as I quickly hid my naked body behind the shower curtain.

"Oh god, Scarlett I'm so sorry. I--I didn't know you were in here. I swear you sounded just like Zayn." he stuttered as he quickly turned around shielding his eyes.

I knew he couldn't see me but I rolled my eyes anyway, "So you're saying I sound like a boy?"

"A very attractive boy."

I closed my eyes and a smile managed to creep onto my face. "Why thank you Louis but would you mind doing me a favor?" I bit my lip as I poked my head out.

He turned around and his eyes went wide. Oh this was so awkward...

"Hm?" he asked as he avoided eye contact.

"Can you get me a towel?"

"Huh? Oh yeah, sure."

He left the bathroom and came back, two minutes later, with a fresh blue towel.

I mumbled a thank you and he left. Could there be anymore awkward tension between us then there already is?



"Girls, this is Lou Teasdale. Lou, this is Scarlett, Brooklyn, Aislyn, Chandler, and Cece." Simon introduced us.

Lou was prettier in person. I've always wanted to meet her. She seemed fun and cool just to be around.

"Hi girls, now who wants to go first?"

"Oh oh, me me!" Chandler frantically raised her hand.

Lou gave her pleasant smile before ushering her into one of the rooms.

"I have some errands to do so I expect you boys and girls to be on your best behavior." Simon announced. He stood up and made his way to the front door.

"So what do you girls want to do as we wait?" Liam asked.

We all sat on the two big couches. Us, girls, on one couch with the boys on the other.

We looked at each other and shrugged.

"Oh come on. I know you girls aren't that boring." Louis said.

I took out my phone and decided to check my instagram. I scrolled through my feed, liking photos and even commenting on a few. I was caught up looking at a shirtless photo of Cody that he posted that I didn't even hear Harry ask me a question.

"How about you Scarlett? You up for it."

Startled, I quickly closed the app, locked my phone and looked back up at Harry, "Huh? Up for what?"

"Up to play a round of Trigger?"

"What's that?" I asked getting more intrigued.

"It's a game where we sit in a circle and tell the person next to us that if a certain person does something, they have to do a silly action or something like that. It's actually quite fun." Louis explained for him.

I nodded with a smile, "Sure sounds like fun."

"Yeah." Aislyn agreed. Brooklyn and Cece nodded along.

"Okay, here's a quick example just in case," Zayn stood up straight, "I would whisper to Niall that every time Cece would flip her hair, which is basically every five seconds, he has to clap three times and make seal noises. As we go along, we all have to figure out who is what's trigger. Get it?"

As the girls and I took all this information in, we finally got the idea. We all hopped off the couch and sat in a circle. The order was Harry, Me, Niall, Aislyn, Louis, Cece, Brooklyn, Zayn, and Liam. When Chandler comes back she'll take the place of the person who leaves.

"Okay, I'll start." Liam announced. He looked over at Harry with a devilish smile. He leaned over and started whispering. Harry's face was at first full of concentration until his eyes grew wide and his mouth opened into a smile.

He shrugged before turning to me and whispering, "Every time Zayn scratches his head you have to scream Niall's name."

I practically almost spit on everyone as I had to hold in my laughter. "Please tell me you're kidding." I looked at him trying to hide my smile. He gave a cheeky wink before motioning next to me.

Sucking onto my teeth I turned to Niall, "Every time Brooklyn runs her hand through her hair you have to kiss Harry on the cheek." I whispered.

Niall's eyes opened wide but he turned toward Aislyn and whispered. After glaring at Niall with disgust she turns to Louis and whispered something. I felt a hint of jealousy rise up in me as Aislyn gently cups her hand to Louis' ear and whispers. I quickly shook the thought away. No negative thoughts here. None.

After everyone has been assigned their 'trigger' we start having 'regular conversation'.

"So Cece, how have you been." Liam asked.

Cece was about to say something before she was interrupted by a giggling Aislyn.

"Oh my god, Harry don't stop." she said between giggles.

The rest of the group laughed like crazy. Oh what a dirty Niall. Suddenly I had an idea.

"Hey, pssst, Brooklyn," I whispered so only she could hear me," there's something in your hair."

Freaking out she ran her hand through her hair twice. Bulls eye! Niall glared at me before crawling over to Harry and giving him two big kisses on the cheek. Harry quickly pushed him off, "What's wrong with you?" Harry chuckled wiping his cheek.

"It's my trigger." Niall winked giving him another kiss due to Brooklyn running her hand through her hair again.

I looked around the room trying to see if I could see any similar patterns. I was focused until I heard Harry moan really loudly.

"Please tell me that is your trigger." Cece giggled.

Harry nodded while his cheeks turned red. Suddenly Zayn got up and yelled, "Vas happenin'!"

As Zayn sat down he scratched the back of his head. Oh darn it. Does the back of the head count? I guess so considering it's part of the head.

"Niall!" I screamed.

Everyone burst out laughing, Niall clutching his stomach along with the loud laughing Harry. I didn't even mean for it to come out sexual, it just did.

"Is it sad that I actually liked that?" Niall chuckled sending me a wink.

I rolled my eyes and continued to play. Zayn scratched his head about five more times.


"Louder!" he screamed sounding more sexual than I was.

I giggled and felt the redness burn into my cheeks. This is such a fun game yet it can become very dirty when you play with certain people.

"Oh my god, Harry don't stop." Aislyn yelled three more times.

We eventually figured out Cece's trigger before she was called over by Lou, "You have to yell lalalalala every time Liam furrows his eyebrows!" Zayn yelled out confidently pointing at Cece. She frowned and nodded.

"So do I take her place?" Chandler asked.

We all turned to look at her, "Yeah, you--"

"Woah, Chandler..." I gasped.

She blushed and looked down at her feet. The Chandler we knew was totally different from the one we knew. Instead of her usual cute blouse and long dark jeans, she had on high-waisted shorts and a tucked in shirt. Instead of a pair of sandals she wore a pair of toms. It was actually really cute. Her make-up made crystal blue eyes pop out more and her face looked different with the extra blush and foundation. She actually looked... older.

"You guys like it?"

"Well duh!" we all gushed. Chandler giggled before taking Cece's seat.

We quickly explained the game to her and she joined in. She went wide-eyed when Aislyn triggered, I triggered, and Harry triggered.

"Okay every time Brooklyn touches her hair or something you have to kiss Harry on the cheek!" Chandler screamed pointing at Niall.

He nodded before getting up, "I'm going to go find me a snack."

Eventually Aislyn had already visited Lou and Brooklyn was in there at the moment. I was the only one left. For the game, it was me between Harry and Liam.

"Do you have to moan really loudly every time Aislyn flips her hair?" I ask Harry.

He shook his head but Liam figured out mine. "Every time Zayn touches your hair you have to scream Niall's name."

I nodded before laying back on my elbows like the rest of us were doing. In the end, Harry was the overall champion.

"What was your trigger?" Niall asked him munching on a Hershey's bar.

"Every time Louis looked at Scarlett I had to moan, which in my opinion, was quite often."

The group burst into a fit of giggles leaving Louis and I to blush. I began to twirl my hair until the door opened revealing a worn-out Lou.

"What the bloody muffins are you guys playing out here? It sounds like you're all having sex or something." Lou asked as she placed her hands on her hips.

We began to laugh hysterically. Either it was because of Harry's loud moans, Aislyn screaming Harry to stop, me screaming Niall's name or the fact that she used the words 'bloody muffin'.

"We were playing Trigger." Zayn explained. Due to his accent it sounded as though he said "trigga".

"Well anyways, last but certainly not least, come on Scarlett."

I got up from my laying position and followed her into a bright room. There was a huge desk with a mirror and make-up placed everywhere. The whole rainbow was practically in these make-up kits.

"Okay sweetheart, what are you going for?" Lou asked as she examined my hair in the mirror.

"Um, I really don't know. I'm used to just being my shy old self." I replied with a shrug.

"Exactly. No offense babe, but being shy is boring. Imagine the boys when they look at outgoing Scarlett. The sexy Scarlett. It has a ring to it." she motioned to sit on the chair and started looking through a pile of eye shadows.

The sexy Scarlett? You've got to be kidding me.

Lou pulled out many dark colors. Mostly black, gray, and gold. She started with my make-up first applying all sorts of foundation on my face. She then moved onto my eyes outlining them with glittery black eye liner.

"Tilt your chin up and close your eyes for me please."

I did as she commanded. I wasn't really a make-up person so I couldn't blame her for laughing at me as I continued to twitch every time some brush or pencil would touch my face.

"Just relax. The other were perfectly fine with the make-up part, why aren't you?" Lou asked as she applied some powder around my nose and cheeks.

"I never really wore make-up. Mostly because my mom never let me. It was always just a little bit of eye liner on the bottom and lip gloss."

Lou nodded understanding, "Between you and I, I didn't start wearing make-up till I was seventeen, almost a graduate out of high school."

I gasped. Lou is terrific when it comes to make-up. It seems as if she did make-up for her whole life.

"Okay, now I'm just going to apply the mascara and your face should be complete...after this." she quickly rummaged through the bag until she pulled out a red lipstick. She opened the cap and quickly rubbed some on her finger, then onto my lips.

"It tastes weird." I mumbled as I made a disgusted face. Lou chuckled only to add on another coat. Finalizing, she smoothed out the clumps of mascara and allowed me to look in the mirror.

"Oh my..."

I examined myself in the mirror, not sure if it was actually me or my hot twin. Doesn't really matter because I actually like it. I looked bolder and stronger.

"So do you like it?" she asked clasping her hands together.

I was at a lost for words, "I--I love it." I finally choked out with a smile.

"But you aren't even done. Psh, we've only started."




"Excuse me boys and girls," I watched Lou announce from behind the door, "please welcome probably one of the best transformations I've ever done in my career..... Scarlett Johansen."

She moved out of the doorway so I could pass. I was actually really nervous. I twirled my hair so much when she finished that I practically curled the ends. I refused to let Lou curl my hair, explaining I was waiting for a special night. She understood immediately.

I slowly walked in front of my new friends. Every single mouth dropped and every single pair of eyes widened.

"Scarlett? Is that really you?" Aislyn asked flabbergasted by the look of her new best friend.

"Yup." I said casually popping the 'p'.

"Your face..." Harry stated with sparkling eyes, "It's ten times beautiful than it already was which was really beautiful may I add."

"But your hair..." Brooklyn spoke as if she was talking to herself only, "It's gorgeous."

Instead of my usually frizzy wavy hair, Lou straightened it. It was longer than before, flowing mid way down my back.

"Hashtag long hair don't care." I laughed making the girls laugh along with me.

"She's even funnier too." Louis took note sending me a dazzling smile.

"But your clothes!" Cece exclaimed shocked, "How come you didn't pick that outfit for me?"

I looked down at my clothes. I was wearing a white flowery tank with a black leather jacket over it. For the jeans, I just wore dark navy blue jeans. To finish it all off, I wore black combat boots. Sexy but simple.

"Well," Lou explained, "I was saving it for a special cause and that's when Scarlett walked in."

I walked over and gave Lou a big bear hug, "Thanks so much." I whispered to her.

She patted my back before announcing, " Now I have to get back to Lux so I'll see you all when I see you." She went back to the room and started packing up her stuff.

"So what do you guys think?" Brooklyn asked.

The boys stood up from their standing position and randomly, checked us out. Harry was the first to check me out. His eyes lingering a little too long on my bottom. I shifted my feet uncomfortable as I began to twirl my hair. Next was Niall.

"Ya know, I don't mind if you scream my name a few more times ya?" he chuckled. I rolled my eyes but laughed along with him.

Next was Zayn who sent me a eyebrows raised and thumbs up. Liam smiled at me leaving Louis the last to look at me.

I don't know if I the outfit or just the feeling of change, made me feel bolder. When Louis looked at me, I stared right back at him. I wasn't able to stop my hand from twirling though. His eyes lingered the longest, starting from the bottom of my shoes to my eyes.

I heard him mouth the word 'beautiful' with a smile. I felt my cheeks turn red and mouthed a thank you. His sweetness was too overwhelming. My mind kept replaying that night when we went to Olive Garden. When we had that food fight, running away from the security guards, forgetting about the car, walking home, racing Louis home, beating Louis, almost kissing Louis...

Suddenly my stomach began to hurt. I felt something I've never felt before. A feeling I've never experienced. It was a mixture between longing and pain. Not physical pain, mostly mentally. It's the feeling that I feared to have.

I want him.

I want Louis.



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