Ashley Bella Payne: New Family, New Life

Ashley parents died when she was only 8, now shes in a foster home being adopted by no other then One Direction! She starts a new life with her family, what could go wrong? Shes a nice girl and she gets good grades. She is a normal 15 year old girl. But what is she going to do when her family get kidnap? Will she risk her life? Or will she stay and panick? Find out here!


5. Meeting Laim, Louise, Zayn, Harry, and Nial

Nial's P.O.V

I went over to Laim while we were walking to the car and whispered in his ear. "Good pick mate". He nodded and replied. "Say that to Zayn, He was the one that pick her". I nodded. I slow down to walk with  Ashley. She kept looking at the ground while she walked. "Hi there, am Nial and you are Ashley"? I asked. She nodded. "Nice to meet you Nial". She said with a smile. We all got to the car and got in. I let Ashley sit in between Laim and Zayn.

Ashley's P.O.V

 This was very weird. I have 4 boys, which one is my dad? "Um, not to be rude or anything but, which one of you is my dad?" Isaid in my british acent, looked around at all of them. "Me" this guy next to me said. "Am Laim, Thats Louise, Nial and Harry. Am sure you already met Zayn. I nodded. "Yes i have, ok well thankyou." "She have a british acent!" I heard louise said. I chuckle because he seemed so suprised. Ok so Laim is my dad, and thes must be my uncles right? Yeah they have to be. We were driving when we reach this huge flat and we came to a stop. Louise and Harry had helped me with my 2 bags. Yes it was very heavy. Since i couldnt buy my own cloths, My aunt always buy me a few shirts and pants and new shoes every month.

Harry's P.O.V

 I hope Ashley like us. Shes very quite for a 15 year old though. I'm suprise that she didn't went crazy that we were adopting her. Laim is going to show her the room she will be staying in. Paul told us this so late so we didn't have enough time to decorate her room and buy her some cloths. She said she didn't need cloths because her aunt brought her some. But Laim insisted, maybe he want to do a little shopping bond with his new daughter. I don't blame him, i will like to take my daughter out and have a bond with her.

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