Ashley Bella Payne: New Family, New Life

Ashley parents died when she was only 8, now shes in a foster home being adopted by no other then One Direction! She starts a new life with her family, what could go wrong? Shes a nice girl and she gets good grades. She is a normal 15 year old girl. But what is she going to do when her family get kidnap? Will she risk her life? Or will she stay and panick? Find out here!


4. I'm Getting Adopted?! -Part 3

Zayn's P.O.V

 I wanted to adopt Ashley because she looked like a nice girl. And she didnt freak out that she was getting adopted by 1D. I went back downstairs to tell the boys. As soon as i reach downstairs, i see a blonde girl all over Harry and Louise trying to pull her off.  I pulled Laim to the side and whispered in his ear. "Laim, i found a girl. Shes 13 and shes really nice. She doesnt go fan girling when she met me. She was calm and quite. Oh, and she draws and plays guitar." I said while smiling.

Laim's P.O.V

 Zayn pulled me to the side whispering in my ear about this 13 year old girl he found. "Laim, i found a girl. Shes 15 and shes really nice,Her name is Ashley Bell Payne. She doesnt go fan girling when she met me. She was calm and quite. Oh, and she draws and plays guitar." Zayn and me was both smiling. "Ok, well is she packing?" He nodded. "Ok, go grab the others and meet me in the office. I was very happy that Zaynh found a girl that didnt went crazy over us.

Ashley's P.O.V

 This dude from the picture I was drawing said his band and him was going to adopt me. I shrug because i really wasnt a fan and i was happy that i get to leave this dump. I packed all my cloths, my laptop, and my only picture of me and my parents when i was younger. I grab my bag and head downstairs. That where i was suppose to meet my new "parents"'. I went to the office and saw the guy that was in my room follow by thes other 4 guys. I waited by the door for them.

Louise P.O.V

Finally Laim picked a girl thats not screaming about us or anything. I was about to give up trying to pull that blonde chick of Harry. Am just happy we got a girl and i have a neice sweettttt! Laim was done with the paper work so we all headed to the car with Ashley following us.

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