Ashley Bella Payne: New Family, New Life

Ashley parents died when she was only 8, now shes in a foster home being adopted by no other then One Direction! She starts a new life with her family, what could go wrong? Shes a nice girl and she gets good grades. She is a normal 15 year old girl. But what is she going to do when her family get kidnap? Will she risk her life? Or will she stay and panick? Find out here!


3. I'm Getting Adopted?! -Part 2

Ashley's P.O.V

 I got dress and went to my painting section. "Hmm, what to draw today"? I asked my self. I heard some other girls always talking about One Direction, or what their band called. I decided I can draw their album color. It look's easy so why not? I went one my computer to look up the picture. I got my art supplies and went to work.

Zayn's P.O.V

 I didnt know where the bath room was, so i just walked in any direction i could find. I saw a blue door open so i thought that was the bathroom. I started getting closer to it, but before i could lay my hand on the door know i saw a girl. She looked about 13 and had long brown hair. She had looked like she was painting me and the boys album "Take Me Home". I knocked on the door and ask if i can come in, she nodded so i step into the door.

Ash P.O.V

Some tall guy that looked about 19 came into my room. He must of notice what i was drawing because he was staring at it. "Are you drawing me and my band album cover"? He asked. I nodded answering his question. "I was boared and couldnt think of nothing else to draw". I replied. "Well, may i know a little bit about your self". He ask. I nodded. "Well, My name is Ashley Bell Payne. I am 13 years old. I ben in this place since i was 9. My parents died in car crash. Ms Davidson hates me so when adoption day comes i always stay up here to paint or to play my guitar. And- He cutted me off. Rude, "You play guitar?" I nodded. "How would you feel if you get adopted by the worlds famous 1D!" He ask excitedly. I shrugg. "Ok well, brb stay here and pack". "Ok" i replied.

A/N: Sorry theres 3 parts to 1 chapter. I like to include details to help the reader understand better. Next chapter is the last part of the chapter "Im getting adopted?!" please fave like and share. Thankyou!

*Ashley Rebel*

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