Ashley Bella Payne: New Family, New Life

Ashley parents died when she was only 8, now shes in a foster home being adopted by no other then One Direction! She starts a new life with her family, what could go wrong? Shes a nice girl and she gets good grades. She is a normal 15 year old girl. But what is she going to do when her family get kidnap? Will she risk her life? Or will she stay and panick? Find out here!


2. I'm Getting Adopted!? -Part 1

Ashley's P.O.V

  I wake up to Ms Davidson yelling in my ear. "Do i have to get up''? I whined. "Yes, hurry up and get dress". Am getting dress but Im not going down there. I rather stay up here and draw. Much better then just waiting down there and then going back to your room because you didn't get adopted. I grab my off shoulder grey sweater, blue rip skinny jeans and my red converse hightops. I took a quick shower and went to get dress.

1D P.O.V

"Why do we have to adopt a child?" Louise ask. "Because Paul said so. Not stop complainging it will be fun. "What gender and age are we getting?'' Nial ask. "Girl, 15 yrs old" Laim replied. "Who's the daddy"? asked Harry. "Me" Laim replied. We got to the angels adoption center, lets just hope we dont have screaming girls begging to adopt them..

Ashley P.O.V

I got dress, apply some eye liner and lip gloss and walk to the mirror, "Perfect" I smiled and said. I walk over to my painting area and heard Ms Davidson old grumpy voice. "All girls ages 13-15 please meet down stairs now". I rolled my eyes. "Im not going, i rather stay up here and draw or what ever."

Laim's P.O.V

Like i expected, we walk in to a bunch of screaming girls, this is going to be a long day. I heard Zayn whispered in my ear. "Im going to go to the bath room brb". I nodded and me and the rest of the guys started searcing for a girl to adopt. "This is going to be a while.." Harry whispered to me i nodded and we all both begin our misson.

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