Save Me

What happens to a young high school girl when she uncovers the true identity of her replacement teacher...Will she be in total danger or will she even die for the one she truely disires and loves the most. Lies will be told, Hearts will be tested, lives could be at stake and people she love will be in danger forever.
Save me...


2. Chapter 2

When I woke up I was in a bed with just my under wear on.

I looked around embarrassed but I couldn’t see Bejin anywhere.

I sat up and pulled the cover around my exposed body.

I searched around the room for my clothing I did find them but they sat on top of a draw set with a mirror on top of it and that was on the other side of the bedroom.

I looked at the door and it seemed to be closed but I wasn’t really sure if it was.

Should I risk being seen?  I thought hard.

I finally made up my mind and swang my legs out of the blankets and sheets.

I grabbed the top blanket and wrapped it around my body like a towel.

I walked towards the drawers when suddenly the door swang open and Bejin walked in.

He stood there with a crooked grin on his perfect face.

I stood there frozen and ashamed.

I didn’t want him to see my body till I was a little older but thinks never seemed to work with me.

“I uh was just um getting my uhh um clothes” I said stuttering.

Bejin laughed and said softly “Look Tessie don’t be ashamed of your body because frankly it’s a sexy body”.

I blushed and moved a step closer to my clothes.

“Any way I came to see if you were awake because it is time for the evening meal, and well the maids have chosen out a beautiful black, silken dress for you to wear tonight, I hope you don’t mind” Bejin said cheerfully.

“Oh okay than well a dress isn’t really my style but I will wear it for you” I said as I forced a small smile.

He clapped his hands and then about two maids wondered into the room with the dress Bejin had described earlier on.

“So I will see you in about ten to fifteen minutes I think” Bejin said quickly as he turned around and headed down the winding stairs.

I turned and face the maids who watched me with smung expression captured on their faces.

They helped me put the dress on and did my hair and make-up.

After they had finished they walked out of the room and left me there.

I walked over to the full body mirror and gazed at this person I didn’t recognise.

I placed my hand on my cheek and sighed slightly engaged at the fact it seemed I was in a fairy tale that will end at any moment; like in Cinderella at midnight.

I put my hand down and headed towards the door.

I opened it and there stood Ohtep who looked angry.

He just grunted and showed me the way to the dining room.

I followed anxious and not knowing what I was doing.

When I walked into the room Bejin was there standing at and empty seat.

“After you” he said calmly.

I walked over and took the seat he was standing at; I quickly added a thank you and waited for him to take his seat.

He took his seat and clapped again and there before my eyes a huge feast was laid out In front of me and him.

I looked around the table full of hot, steamy food that smelt wonderful.

He said a few words to the chief and he grinned and ran back into the kitchen.

“Tessie you can start to eat as I can see well guess that your mouth is watering like crazy” Bejin said as he laughed quickly.

I nodded and started to spoon large bits of mash potato and gravy onto my silver plate.

After getting the food I wanted I started to eat.

The chief came in with some wine and poured some into Bejin’s wine cup.

“Tessie would like to try a small bit of my wine?” Bejin asked politely.

“Hmm I think a little bit won’t hurt” I said with a smile on my face.

Just as the chief was about to pour the sweet scented wine I crash of glass came spraying all over the table.

I looked around but it was too late I was in the arms of a…what was this thing.

I screamed when he pulled his arm around my throat and held a long sword across my throat.

I closed my eyes hoping that he would just get it over and done with but I heard a groan and felt my arm been pulled on.

I opened my eyes and Bejin must have used his powers to bring me to him.

I hugged him when I got to his warm body.

“Tessie you okay” he said quietly.

I nodded and clung onto him not wanting to let go.

“Hmm I see that you got yourself a girlfriend Bejin” the creature said angrily.

“Shut up Stefarn, you miserable kook” He said coldly.

I had never seen this side of Bejin before and it kinda made me feel scared yet special.

“Yes I have got a girlfriend who I vowed to protect no matter what happens” he said annoyed.

“Well you know what Bejin we will get her eventually and when we do we will torture her and turn her into a creature of the night” Stefarn said amused.

“Right I have my doubt in what you say because you moron I will have her protected and safe” Bejin said tight his grip around me.

“Well we warned you Bejin and this is the word from the master” Stefarn said sadly.

They then smashed back through the window and left us gazing at the remaining glass shards that laid on the floor like rubbish.

Ohtep whistled for servants to come and clean the mess up.

I still clung to Bejin who had picked me up and put me onto a chair again.

“Tessie I will protect you and that’s a promise because without you I would be alone and well I don’t want to follow in Ohtep’s manner” Bejin said smiling.

I nodded I was still to shocked and shaky to understand anything at the moment.

I closed my eyes briefly and reopened them.

I looked up into Bejin’s eyes and smiled as sighed quietly.

I felt safe whenever I was close to Bejin and that’s all I wanted at the moment.

I didn’t care if I was really in any danger, all I wanted was to be with Bejin and that’s really all that mattered right now.

“Tessie I just want you to know that I will keep you as safe as I possibly can and that’s a promise” Bejin said whispering gently in my ear.

"I would do anything for you too Bejin my one true lover for all of eternity" i said whispering back gently in his warm ear.

I grabbed Bejin's soft, warmed face in my hands and looked deeply into his perfect eyes and thought i could see my future.

I pulled away when suddenly i felt Bejin's hands grab my arms and than his lips crushing down on my mine.

I closed my eyes and kissed him back, i could feel his hands go down my back and than trace my butt.

I didn't pull his hands away i allowed him to continue.

I had my arms wrapped around his neck but lightly started to trace his jawline and went down his neck.

I stopped the kiss and looked him in the eyes while i said "May i kiss your neck baby"?

"Yess you may go there any time you want" Bejin said sweetly.

I nodded and moved his collar out of the way so i could get to his neck.

I placed my soft lips on his lips and lightly kissed him.

He than mutted something and I knew what he wanted so i began to lightly bite him.

I could hear Bejin let out a long moan and he seemed to want more because i felt his hand press against my head.

I felt my teeth sink into his flesh and at that moment i knew he wanted me to taste his blood.

I finally got through the skin and i could feel his warm, blood fill my mouth.

"Tessie, please drink and don't feel awkward" I heard Bejin stiffle out through moaning.

I began to slowly swollow his blood and the taste was so addictive that i didn't want to stop.

I continued to suck on his blood when he suddenly pulled me away from him.

I wiped away the blood left stained on my lips and looked into his eyes, smileing and knowing what was to come next.

"Tessie Vale you are now mine forever and we shall never lose this love for one another" Bejin said looking deep into my eyes.

"Bejin I love you always and forever" I said softly.

"May I drink more blood from you" I asked shyly.

"Be my guest, soul mate" Bejing said with a small smile placed on his perfect face.

"hmmm soul mates for all of eternity, i like the sound of that" i said as i sank my teeth back into his neck.

I began to drink his warm blood again.

The taste of his blood was really nice and I was wanting more but Bejin pulled me away.

After he pulled me away he cupped my face in his palms and kissed my lips softly as he spoke "This love will be everlasting Tessie and i will protect you no matter what".

I closed my eyes and suddenly felt a sharp pain in my heart as I began to feel weak.

My legs gave way and i was nearly at Bejins feet.

He still had a grip on me and i knew that this was my body changing into his kind.

Bejin lifted me up onto the bed and whispered in my ear "This changing of you will be very painful but it will be over in a few minutes".

I tried to nod but my body didn't respond and this scared me slightly but i wanted it more than anything.

I suddenly had some type of burning in my heart now and it hurt like hell.

"Arggggghhh agghh" i screamed as my grip tightened on the sheets and blankets that lined the bed.

Everything suddenly went black and thats all I remember.

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