Save Me

What happens to a young high school girl when she uncovers the true identity of her replacement teacher...Will she be in total danger or will she even die for the one she truely disires and loves the most. Lies will be told, Hearts will be tested, lives could be at stake and people she love will be in danger forever.
Save me...


11. Chapter 11

We were suddenly interupted by a crashing sound down stairs.

"Hey I will back," I whispered brushing my lips against his.

He nodded and let me go, than pulled me back kissing my lips gently.

I got up off the bed, slipping my bare feet into some slippers, than heading towards the door.

I opened the door a  crack and peered out into the light hallway.

I couldn't see anything so I opened the door fully and walked out, leaving the door wide open.

I took a few steps looking around for anything different, but nothing seemed or looked out of place.

I headed towards the stairs walking down them one at a time.

When I reached the end, a scent of something flared up my nostrils, making me bare my fangs.

"Who's there"I said sternly.

Nobody answered and that made me feel scared.

I heard something or someone come up from behind me but before I could react, I could feel a tight grip around my mouth and throat.

"Agggghh" I muffled out a cry.

"Shut-up and be quiet, if you bite me you won't be able to talk again" said the person who's breath smelt of stale, old fish.

I nodded squeezing my eyes shut, feeling the tears running down my horrified face.

"Tessie!" cried a fimilar voice.

"Let her go Stefarn, it's me you want not her" Cried Bejin.

The man holding me turned me around to face Bejin who was scared, and spilling tears from his eyes.

His eyes were black as coal and his fangs were glitering in the light.

I could tell my eyes were blood red, but I still feared that I would be killed in minutes.

"Mwhahha and why would I do that you cold-hearted vampire" Stefarn said cruely.

Bejin just stared baring his fangs even more.

Suddenly a low growl came from deep in Bejin's chest and I knew he was extremly angry.

"If you don't give her back I shall rip out your throat, rip open you stomach and than shove your throat into you open stomach" Bejin said staring at Stefarn with his icy, black eyes.

"Hmm and if i continue to say no, will you risk losing your precious little girlfriend" Stefarn shot back angrily.

"If you hurt her-

"I will not hurt her yet" Stefarn said grinning widely exposing rotten teeth.

Stefarn than clicked his fingers and the last thing I saw was Bejin lunging towards us.

We than landed in this darken room, that smelled like stale beer and piss.

The smell made my guts feel like crap.

"Okay gentleman, take the girl to a chamber behind the highest tower, lock her up and don't let her up" Stefarn said a his lifted my chin with his bony finger.

"He put his lips up to my ear and whispered in a sickly voice "I'm going to have fun with you my dear".

I let a low, growl hoping he would get the message.

"Oh a little growl like that won't stop me Tessie" Stefarn said with a amused smile on his lips.

Stefarn nodded his head and than I knew I was being lead up to my prison.

The man lead me up a flight of  stoned stairs that smelt just as sicking as the room we were in before, than stopping at a tall wooden door.

The unlocked and pushed me in and locking the door behind me.

I got up from the dirty, piss smelling floor and looked at my palms which were slightly scrapped from being pushed.

I looked around the samll room at the furniture placed around.

In one corner a small bed lined with ripped blankets, in another corner one bedside table with a small lamp and on window that was bared up.

I walked over the bed and sat down bringing my knees into my chest.

I felt the tears slip down my wet face, i put my head in my knees and started to cry more.

I felt afraid, lonely and extremly inscure without Bejin.

I'm so sorry Bejin, I shouldn't of been so careless I thought picturing his scared and horrified face.

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