Would You Believe Me If I Said I'm In Love ? * Punk 1D *

"Niall Why did you follow me ?" I asked. "To do this." He said and pushed me against the car. I yelled in pain. "Niall stop !" I said which failed because he started kissing down my jaw line. A small moan left my mouth . Shit. Niall looked and me and smirked. "I Guess I've found it." . He went back to kissing my jaw line when he started biting down on my skin in the middle of my neck. I tried pushing him off which only made him bite harder. I screamed in pain. "Niall .stop. your hurting me !" I said I felt a tear run down my cheek. Niall stopped biting and looked at me with a evil smirk across his face.
"Now You Are Mine." He said and grabbed my phone from my back pocket and started typing his phone rang so now his my number. Great. sarcasm never killed anyone right ? " I'm picking you at 8 wear something sexy." He said and slapped my bum. He put my phone on the hood of my car and walked away. I just stood there in shock of what he did.


17. Where's Niall ?

"Hey Have any of you guy's talked to Niall ?" I asked.

"No." Liam said. "Nope." Nat said popping the p. Zayn shook his head so did Louis and Sarah I sighed and Walked up stairs. I went in my room and grabbed my phone. 2 missed calls from..... Niall at 8:53 pm that was 10 minutes ago. He left a voice mail I put my phone to hear it.

"Hey princess I have umm.... Business. Tonight I'll stop by I dont know when I'll be there not till late though. Sorry princess. Wait up for me if you can ? I should be there about 1 or 2. Well Bye princess call me when you get this." and the voice mail ended. I sighed and heard someone knock it was Louis.

"What ?" I said not looking at him I looked at my phone instead.

"You okay ?" He asked.

"Why do you care ?" I asked falling on my bed. He walking in and sat on the edge of my bed.

"Because I just do." He said I sighed. Should I call Niall ?

"Should I call Niall he left me a voice mail that said he was going to be here late... like late...And He said Call him but what if i call and it's something important and He gets hurt ? I know sorda what you guy's do ." I said.

" Just call him." Louis said and walked out of my room. I looked at the contact hmmm... I clicked call and I didnt even know. Screw you body !

"Hello ?" Niall said.

"Hey  you said to call when I get your voice mail." I said.

"Oh yeah.." He said. He sounded like he was asleep.

"Niall Where you asleep?" I asked.

"What ?! NO!" He said.

"Lier." I said.

"No I wasnt asleep." He told me.

"Niall I know your sleepy voice." I said he sighed.

"Fine I wanted to take a nap before I had to go back to work." He said I sighed.

"You couldnt tell me that ?" I said.

"Well... No." He said I sighed.

"Okay well I'll stay up as Late as I can But if I fall asleep it's not my fault. Bye and Goodnight If I fall asleep," I Said.

"Goodnight Princess." He said and with that I hung up.I throw my phone on my bed and walked back down stairs. Louis I'm guessing left.

"Hey were gonna leave Mari." Nat said giving me a hug.

"Okay I'll see you guy's later." I yawned she laughed. Liam gave me a hug to... That was weird.

"Your spending the night huh Zayn ?" I said Laying down on the long couch.

"Yup." He said.

"Where's Sarah ?" I asked him.

"In the kitchen.'' He said and with that I yelled at Sarah.

"Sarah can you make me food ?! I'm starving I didnt eat lunch or breakfest !! PLEASE !!!!" I Yelled Zayn laughed.

"What ?" I said shrugging my sholders he just shook his head while laughing.

"Yes ! I guess since you begged and havent eaten !" Sarah yelled back.

"Thank you !!! I love you !!"  yelled she laughed.

"Yes I'll make you pasta !" She yelled I laughed. Oh how she knew me so well.

"Zayn where's the remote to the tv ??" I asked Zayn sitting up.

"Umm.... I think I'm sitting on it." He said.

"Well stand up !" I said standing up and he did to I grabbed the remote ew it was warm.

"Sorry." He said.

"It's fine." I told him I turned on the Tv and started looking through the movie channels.

"Oh My god ! " I said I saw one of my favorite movies.

"What ?" Zayn asked.

"Have You seen Selena ? " I asked.

"Who's that ?" He asked.

"Oh yeah were in The Uk they dont have spanish music here. But Sarah Told me about this Spanish artist Selena and Man she's pretty and talented !" I said.

"Okay whatever you say." He said I sighed.

"Were going to watch it." I said putting it one.

30 minutes through the movie.

"She has a big bum right ?" I said to Zayn.

"Yes she does." He said I laughed.

"Guy's Come get some food !" Sarah yelled Zayn and I didnt move. "Guy's hurry up !" She yelled again I stood up and walked to the kitchen because I was starving unlike Zayn.

"What's he doing ?" Sarah asked.

"Staring at Jeniffer Lopez's Bum." I said Putting pasta on a plate.

"ZAYN !!!" She yelled I laughed.

"Hey doll." He said walking in the kitchen.

"Are you going to eat ?" She asked he nodded and grabbed a plate.

We all sat back down in the living room once the movie ended I went to my room and laid down watching Music videos on Mtv.. It was three in the morning already and Niall wasnt here. I sighed and Went to sleep. Think about Niall and Where the fuck he was !

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