Would You Believe Me If I Said I'm In Love ? * Punk 1D *

"Niall Why did you follow me ?" I asked. "To do this." He said and pushed me against the car. I yelled in pain. "Niall stop !" I said which failed because he started kissing down my jaw line. A small moan left my mouth . Shit. Niall looked and me and smirked. "I Guess I've found it." . He went back to kissing my jaw line when he started biting down on my skin in the middle of my neck. I tried pushing him off which only made him bite harder. I screamed in pain. "Niall .stop. your hurting me !" I said I felt a tear run down my cheek. Niall stopped biting and looked at me with a evil smirk across his face.
"Now You Are Mine." He said and grabbed my phone from my back pocket and started typing his phone rang so now his my number. Great. sarcasm never killed anyone right ? " I'm picking you at 8 wear something sexy." He said and slapped my bum. He put my phone on the hood of my car and walked away. I just stood there in shock of what he did.


23. What The Fuck Is Going On ?!

Miranda's Pov:

I woke up to the sound of my phone ringing I had a slight head headache from last night but it wasnt bad.. I grabbed my phone and saw a text from Niall. I sighed then read it.

From Niall.:

Hey We Need To Talk About Last Night. Meet me out side in twenty Minutes. x

 I quicky brushed my teeth and put my hair in a pony tail and walked out of my restroom . I texted Niall back okay then slipped on some shorts a Nirvanna T-shirt.

"Sarah !" I yelled.

'' In The kitchen !" She yelled. I walked to the kitchen and she was sitting down on a stool drinking coffee playing on her phone.

" Hey what are you doing today ?" I asked her.

"Going out with Zayn.'' She said I nodded.

"You ?" She asked.

"Erm.. I dont know ? But I'll be right back." I said she nodded and I walked outside. I saw Niall leaning against his car and I walked over to him.
I didnt get to say anything when he put his hands on my cheeks and kissed me. He kissed me full of passion and made butterflies go to my stomach. I wrapped my hands around his neck and deepened the kiss. I felt his tongue glide across my bottom lip but I pulled away and just looked at him for a second.

" I'm sorry.." He said breaking the silence I sighed. How could I forgive him ? it was a week ago... But I loved him. Niall sighed.

"Just Please.. Miranda I'm sorry.. I miss you." He said and ran his hand through his hair. I didnt say anything I just kissed him. I pulled away and looked at him.

" I forgive you." I said looking into his beautiful blue eye's. He smiled and hugged me.

" I Love You." He whispered in my ear I pulled out of the hug and looked at him.

" Do you mean it ? Or your just saying that because I said I loved you last night ?" I asked he chuckled.

He grabbed my hands and looked me in the eye. " I Love You So Much.. Your The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me. And It Hit Me Last Night When I saw you kiss Louis. I realized How much of a dick I was.. And I'm sorry that I hurt you... I Promise I wont hurt you again." He said I smiled and pecked his lips.

" I Love You Too." I smiled he smiled to.

"Come With me." He said I looked at him confused." Just get in the car." He said I sighed and got in.

"Niall where are we going to go ?" I asked.

"You'll see." He said I sighed. Where is he gonna take me. I searched my pockets for my phone but Didnt Have it.

"Niall can I see your phone ?" I asked.

"Why ?" He asked.

"Because I'm Bored and I Forgot My phone." I said he sighed then gave me his phone.

"Thanks." I said he nodded and I unlocked it. I looked through his games and saw Temple run. I started playing when he got a text from Natalie.

From Natalie: Boss is really mad Horan . What did you do ?

'' Erm Niall you have a text from Natalie.." I said he sighed.

"what does it say ?" He asked.

" Boss Is Really mad horan. What did you do ?" I said he turned to me and grabbed the phone from my hands.He put his phone in his pocket and we got to some cabin that looked kinda scary.

"Niall this place looks kinda scary." I said he chuckled.

"Not Inside." He said and got out the car I sighed and got out with him.

"Niall why are we here ?" I asked he shh'ed me and we walked into the cabin.The cabin was really nice inside actually. It looked kinda like Natalie's house/ My house. I laid down on one of the couch's while Niall went to the other room to call Natalie. I really wish they didn't work like this.

Niall's Pov:

"Horan What the fuck did you do ?!" Natalie yelled through the phone.

"I Didn't do anything ! He tried to kill me !'' I said.

"Who Did ?" She asked.

"That knew Client we have ! He lituerally pulled a gun out on me because he thought I didn't bring him the right amount !" I said Natalie sighed.

"You didn't have to get your gun out and almost kill him ! He's in the hospital ! Boss said that they were gonna get there revenge some how." She said I sighed.

" They're watching Horan and they're gonna go after Miranda and Sarah because you had to shoot at the client." She sighed.

"And what let my self get killed ?! I dont think so." I said she let out a small chuckle.

"Listen I need you to just keep my sister Safe alright.. I told the guy's that we might have a war.." She said.
" I know and I will !" I said.

"Alright well I gotta go. Bye Horan." She said and the line went dead.

Miranda's Pov:

I was laying there waiting for Niall when someone knocked on the door. I didn't get up or more when they knocked on the door again but harder. I stayed where I was and Niall walked into the living room.

"Erm.. Niall some one's here." I said he looked at me confused then someone knocked on the door again Niall turned to the door then me.

" Go into one of the room's and don't come out till I come and get you okay ?" He said and pecked me on the lips. I got up and ran to a room closing the door behind me I got in the closet and slide down. I head some gun shots then a car screeching off. Someone walked into the room I stood up with my arms up so I can defend my self.

" Miranda ? Miranda where are you ?" Niall said I ran out of the closet and hugged him.

"What the hell happened ? " I asked him.

" Erm well a gang is after me because I almost killed there boss." He said fast I looked at his face and his lip was bleeding.

I sighed. "Why can't you guy's have normal job's ?" I said annoyed. I grabbed Niall's hand and took him to the restroom. I wet a piece of towel and looked at him his lip was bleeding and his cheek was kinda swollen. I sighed and cleaned his lip he winced a little when I touched it.

"That's why you don't get crazy jobs like a retard." I said he laughed.

"You can't alway's choose what you do ?'' He shrugged I sighed.

"Can We Leave then ?" I asked.

"Yes we can." He said and grabbed my hand and we walked out the cabin.


"Sarah ?" I said walking in her room. Nothing I sighed. She did say she was going with Zayn.

Sarah's Pov:

I was waiting for Zayn when there was a knock at the door I ran to it hoping it was Zayn but it wasnt. It was some tall weird looking guy.

" Are You Sarah ?" He asked.

"Um Yes."I said he smiled evilly. I was about to close my door when he stopped it. I ran into my room and called Zayn.

"Hey -" I cut him off.

"Get over here now ! Some one guy is here and I'm scared !" I said really fast.

"Okay just stay there.. I'll be there ." He said and the line went dead.
 I got in my closet and slide down I put my hand over my mouth to bloke out the sound of my breathing. The guy walked in my room with two other men. I put my phone in my pocket and looked to see if they were still there. I did see anyone till the door opened and a guy grabbed me throwing me over there shoulder. " Let me go !!" I said kicking and punching the guy.

"Dont do anything stupid or that pretty little boyfriend of yours is dead." He said.

"Dont you touch him !'' I yelled punching his back harder. He just chuckled then through me in a van.  I heard the car start and I was by myself in the van. I got out my phone and texted Zayn.

To Zayn :): Zayn there taking me somewhere !! Please ! I need you !

I looked through my contacts and Texted Nat and Miranda.

To Natty and Miranda : Guys I need help ! Someone kidnapped me ! Please Help ME !!

I sent the text then stuck my phone in my pocket. Please ! Someone help me..

Miranda's Pov:

I saw my phone on my bed and grabbed it. I had several texts from Sarah.

From Sarah Bear :); Guys I need help ! Someone Kidnapped me ! Please Help ME !!

From Sarah Bear :); Please Help !! There gonna hurt me please !

From Sarah Bear :); Please Help !

From Sarah Bear :); HELP !!!

I dropped my phone and Niall walked in.

"What's wrong ?" He asked I pointed to my phone he picked it up and read the texts he stuck my phone in his pocket and grabbed my hand pulling me outside to his car.

"W-w- Where are we going ?" I asked holding back sobs.

"To get your best friend." He said and gave me my phone back. It vibrated it was Sarah she was calling I answered it.

"Sarah ! Oh My God are you okay ?" I said.

"NO ! Hurry please ! Were in some abandon building.. Please." She said through sobs.

"Were coming.'' I said.

"Thank you." She said and the line went dead. I started crying and Niall rubbed my back.

"It's okay we'll get her back." He said.

''We need to get Zayn !" I said he sighed.

"They have Zayn to." He said.

"Well Fuck ! We need more then just us two then !" I said he sighed.

"Nat's meeting us." He said.

"With Liam ?" I said.
"Yes.'' he said as we pulled into an abandon wear house.

"Here." He said handing me a gun. "For protection." He said I sighed and grabbed it. We got out the car and Nat was waiting for us. I ran up to her and hugged her.

'' Ready to get Sarah back ?" She asked I nodded and let her go.

'' Liam and I will go first then you guy's follow alright ?" Niall said and Nat and I nodded.

Sarah''s Pov:

I sat in the corner with my knees in my chest when the door opened.

"We've got a little present for you..'' The man said walking in. Another man walked in dragging a guy in. I noticed who it was and It was Zayn ! They man Chuckled then walked out I ran over to Zayn and his face was covered in blood. He was still breathing . Thank god !

"Zayn.." I whispered shaking him a bit.

'' Zayn please." I said putting my hand on his cheek. I whipped away some blood and kissed his cheek.

" Sarah.. I'm sorry..'' He mumbled out.

'' Zayn it's okay.." I said and his eye's fluttered open.

''I Love You." He said I smiled.

"I Love You Too." I said he smiled.

"Zayn.. What did they do to you ?" I asked.

" I should ask you that." He said I shook my head. I dont ever wanna talk about what they did. I heard gun shots and then door flow open. Miranda was standing there with Natalie.

"Get up come on !" Miranda yelled and I help Zayn up and we walked out. Natalie and Miranda shot at some guy's and we got out side.

"Hurry get in the car !" Natalie said and we did as she said and got in. Guy's were shooting at them and they shot back Niall and Liam came running out shooting.

"Get in the car hurry !" Niall yelled Miranda was still shooting but then got in the car. Natalie and Liam got in there's and we sped away.

"You guy's are so lucky we love you." Miranda said out of breath. "I don't think I ever wanna hold a gun again." She said dropping the gun on the floor of the car.

" After what just happened you will need to know how to use a gun better." Zayn mumbled Miranda sighed.

"What the fuck did we get into ?" Miranda said.

"Something bad." Niall said I sighed and sat back in the seat. What the fuck was all this about ? Why the fuck is someone after us ? What are they talking about ?

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