Would You Believe Me If I Said I'm In Love ? * Punk 1D *

"Niall Why did you follow me ?" I asked. "To do this." He said and pushed me against the car. I yelled in pain. "Niall stop !" I said which failed because he started kissing down my jaw line. A small moan left my mouth . Shit. Niall looked and me and smirked. "I Guess I've found it." . He went back to kissing my jaw line when he started biting down on my skin in the middle of my neck. I tried pushing him off which only made him bite harder. I screamed in pain. "Niall .stop. your hurting me !" I said I felt a tear run down my cheek. Niall stopped biting and looked at me with a evil smirk across his face.
"Now You Are Mine." He said and grabbed my phone from my back pocket and started typing his phone rang so now his my number. Great. sarcasm never killed anyone right ? " I'm picking you at 8 wear something sexy." He said and slapped my bum. He put my phone on the hood of my car and walked away. I just stood there in shock of what he did.


11. Falling Hard.

We went to Niall's Place instead of mine. Why ? I have no idea but I didnt care as long as I was with Niall. He made me feel Safe and I liked that. We pulled up to his flat and I jumped out of the car.

"I was going to open it for you." Niall said I smiled at him.

"Well arn't you sweet ." I said as we walked to his door he quickly opened it and we walked in. I looked around a bit. How the hell can he afford this all ?

We walked into the kitchen and I sat on a bar stool that was there.

"Niall Do you have juice ?" I asked him He chuckled.

"What kind of juice ?" He asked I shrugged.

"Any kind is good." I told him. He looked in the fridge and pulled out cranberry juice. I smiled I loved cranberry juice ! I have no idea why but it tastes so good !

"Do you have vodka ?" I asked and smirked.

"Is that even a question ?" He said sarcasticlly.

"Well give me some vodka !" I said causing him to  chuckle again. He looked through some cabinets and finally found it. He handed it to me and gave me a small glass cup. I poured some vodka and cranberry juice. Mostly cranberry juice though.

"Do you want one ?" I asked Niall he shook his head and lifted the beer he had in his hand.

" Suit yourself." I said and quickly drank all of drink.

"Slow down !" Niall said with a smirk.

"It's mostly cranberry juice I think I'll live." I told him making him laugh. I shook my head at him and just drank cranberry juice. After about 3 more cups of cranberry juice I had to use the Restroom. I ran to the closest restroom he had which was in the living room. I used the restroom and the looked at myself in the mirror. My make up was a bit messed up so I washed it off then walked out to see Niall laying down on the couch asleep. I sighed to myself. This dress is really getting on my nerves.I walked upstairs Into Niall's room and looked through his drawer and pulled out a plain black shirt. I tried reaching for the zipper but failed.Shit. I went down stairs where Niall was asleep. I pocked his cheek and he groaned.

"Niall ! Help me take off my dress !" I whispered yelled at him. His eye's shot open and he looked at me with a evil grin on his face.

"Slow down now. My dress is very uncomfortable ." I told him sternly.

"Yeah sure." He said with a smirk on his face.

"Will You shut up and unzip the damn dress !" I told him he nodded and stood up I turned around and moved my hair so he could unzip the dress. He then slowly unzipped the dress I held on to it so it wouldnt fall.

"Thank you." I told him turning to face him. His eye's weren't blue they were like early dark and full of lust I'm guessing. Niall bent down and kiss me but full of force and need. He started kissing down my neck looking for my soft spot probably. And he found I tried to hold back the moan but unfortunately I fail. I felt him smirk on my skin he placed his lip's back on mine I let go of my dress and wrapped my arms around his neck .

"Jump." He whispered in my ear I hesitated at first but gave in. I jumped and wrapped my leg around his waist he took us up stairs into his room. He gently laid me down on his bed and kissed down my jawline. My hands wander under his shirt so he could take it off and he did. He placed his lips on mine again and I felt his tongue glide across my bottom lip asking permission and I accepted. He undid my bra and I tugged at his pants. He slid them off and he managed to do it with out breaking our kiss. I was now only in my panties an him in his boxers. He reached down and grabbed my breast with one hand and massaged it causing me to moan in his mouth. ( Didnt break the kiss remember <.<) He kissed down my neck to chest then kissed my lip's once more before pulling down my panties. We were making out once again he hand was rubbing clit causing me to moan offten. I tugged at his boxers so he could take them off already. I wanted him even though he was bad for me and he would hurt me but at this point I really didnt give a fuck. I wanted him and I wanted him Now !

"Niall.." I whinned causing him to chuckle he slipped off his boxer's and throw the blanket around us. Why ? I dont care !

"You ready ?" He asked me I nodded. He kissed me as he pushed into me HARD.

"Niall !" I moaned loudly. I started digging my Nail's into his back as he thrusted faster.I moaned his name loudly.

"Scream my name baby !" He said going a bit faster I moaned. "SCREAM !" He demanded this time. He started rubbing my clit as he thrusted making me scream in pleasure.

"Niall.. I'm so close." I manged to say.

"Me to." He said and his thrusts got harder. I couldn't hold it in any longer. He thrusted again hard and I screamed his name as I hit my climax as did he. He pulled out of me rolled over to the side next to me. We both tried catching our breath looking at each other. I smiled at Niall and he smiled back. I think I'm falling... I'm falling hard.


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