Just another fangirl

Beautiful Emily (17) is just a normal fangirl, she keeps fan pages one Instagram, twitter etc. but then she finds out that her dad has a new job which is good but it means she has to move to London.Away from her friends and start a new school. But luckily for her One Direction are performing in London and to apologise for having to move at such short notice her Dad got her front row seats.Shes always had a huge crush on Louis so when he notices her from the stage and invites her to the after party after the concerts she dies inside for a while.


7. The Next Day

Emily's POV-
I woke up the next morning and I remembered what happened last night, I KISSED LOUIS TOMLINSON!! I really wanted to meet up with him soon he was so handsome and kind but I dident have his number so I had to wait for him to ring me
Louis' POV-
Last night was amazing I wanted to call her right now but I dident know I she'd be up yet, I'll call anyway cause I really want to meet up with her!
"Hi,Emily, I was wondering if you wanted to meet up today? At 1:00ish and we can go out to eat then you can come back to mine for a bit?"  I was getting nervous invade she said no
"Yeah, that's great I'd love to meet you again,I really enjoyed last night aswell"I was soo relived when I heard that answer
"See you soon"
"Yeah,see you soon"
I had an hour to get ready so I popped into the shower and got some nice clothes on and I was ready to go
Emily's POV-
I was so relived when he rang,I finally found something nice to put on, I wore my new red dress with some black stilettos and I was ready to go and meet Louis.

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