Just another fangirl

Beautiful Emily (17) is just a normal fangirl, she keeps fan pages one Instagram, twitter etc. but then she finds out that her dad has a new job which is good but it means she has to move to London.Away from her friends and start a new school. But luckily for her One Direction are performing in London and to apologise for having to move at such short notice her Dad got her front row seats.Shes always had a huge crush on Louis so when he notices her from the stage and invites her to the after party after the concerts she dies inside for a while.


1. The Big News

Emily's POV--

i hate buses, after half an hours journey I arrived home from collage, I had to walk a few streets before I reached home. I finally arrived at my house and after searching for my keys for ages I found them wedged between two huge books I dident even know where in my bag.

"I'm home!" I shouted to my mum and dad. The rushed down the stairs to see me, this was a first. " you to look exited to see me for a change, what's going on?" I questioned.

"well, your mum and I have some very exiting news to tell you" he smiled this was the happiest I'd seen my dad in a long time, I started to get really suspicious 

"go on....." I asked worriedly not knowing if I wanted to know this 'exiting news' 

"WE'RE MOVING TO LONDON!!" He shouted!

"WHAT!?!" I was annoyed

"I thought you would be happy about this, I've got a really good job now" he was confused

"I don't want to leave all my friends! I feel like I fit in now, I was always changing schools when I was younger and I never felt like I belonged to any of the schools and now you want to move AGAIN!"I started to shout

"well,I worried you might not have wanted to move, sooo, you know that boyband you like with whatshisface in it"


"that's the name , well, there performing at the O2 aren't they? So I decided to get you some front row seat for it?"

"OMG OMG! It's a deal!"

"we can always stay here if you like though but then there's no tickets"

"NONO, I'm alright I'll go, I better get packing then!" And of I ran up the stairs to fangirl!

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