My Boy

This is just a cute little romance about a girl named Caycee and a boy named Josh. They've been in love since they were 6 and its all mushy :) <3


3. Chapter 3

3 months later

‘Did you sleep with Josh?’ He shouted, flecks of spit spraying my face.

‘Yeah I f*cking did, and I’m pregnant!’ I screamed angrily. Rage flooded onto his face.

‘WHAT! Come here!’ He shrieked, lunging forward and grappling at my arm. I batted him away, my fingernails scratching his face.

‘You’re a little whore! No one will ever love you!’ He spat venomously. I refused to let the tears fall. I clenched my fist and hit him hard. He staggered backwards. I breathed heavily and examined my knuckles. Sh*t! It was bleeding, swollen and F*CK did it hurt! I heard him walking towards me and as I looked up, he swung a chair at me. I hit me on the head. Everything went black.

Josh’s POV

I walked down the corridor to mine and Caycee’s locker. I swapped my science, English and woodwork books for my maths book and my P.E kit. Caycee had told me to meet her outside her French class. I walked to the door and waited. After about five minutes the corridors were empty and Caycee still hadn’t come out of class.  I had seen her teacher come out and he just gave me a dirty look. I decided to go in and see if she’d already left or if she was still in there. As I opened the door I saw Caycee lying on the floor. I ran over to her and saw that she was bleeding from a gash on her head. Tears slid down my face as I called 999.

‘My girlfriend’s unconscious and she’s got a cut on her head. Please hurry, she’s pregnant!’ I exclaimed worriedly. After an agonising few minutes, a number of paramedics rushed in. They lifted her gently onto a stretcher. I followed them out to the ambulance and climbed into the back. I grasped her hand, my heart pounding against my rib cage. The medics were talking about her heart rate and pulse but all I could hear was murmuring.

‘Hold on baby, don’t leave me.’ I whispered as I stroked her hand with my thumb. We arrived at the hospital and she was taken straight into surgery. I sat on one of the cold, uncomfortable chairs and slumped over, putting my head in my hands. Slow, hot tears slithered down my face. I feared the worst.

Caycee’s POV(Thoughts)

Sh*t! That hurt! Wait, why aren’t I awake? Bloody hell, please tell me I’m not dead! Oh f*ck! What about the baby? I shouldn’t have hit him. Why am I so stupid? Josh? Caycee, stop being stupid and wake up! He needs you! Why can’t I wake up! What’s that? Paramedics? Sh*t, it must be serious. Please god, don’t let me die! Josh, baby, don’t worry, I’m holding on and I’ll never leave you.

Josh’s POV

‘How is she?’ I asked as the doctor came into the waiting room. I’d been waiting four hours to hear if she was okay.

‘She’s stable.’ He smiled. I breathed a sigh of relief.

‘Thank you. What about the baby?’ I asked. He looked surprised for a second.

‘They’re both fine.’ He replied calmly. I jumped up. I’d never felt so shocked.

‘Both? There are two?’ I questioned in a state of disbelief.

 ‘Yes, congratulations!’ He laughed patting me on the back.

‘Can I see her?’ I asked. I wanted to share this moment with Caycee. He led me down what felt like a maze of corridors until we reached her room. I walked inside and sat by the bed.

‘Hey baby.’ I whispered. She turned her head and opened her eyes.

‘Hey.’ She replied smiling. I broke down and she reached out a hand to brush away my tears.

‘I’m sorry baby, I should’ve told someone about him.’ She croaked. I kissed her fingers.

‘It’s okay.’ I replied softly.

‘How’s the baby?’ She asked, resting a hand on her stomach.

‘They’re fine.’ I said, just like the doctor had done to me. Shock and confusion clouded her face briefly but was soon replaced with a look of excitement.

‘Wow, twins!’ She exclaimed laughing. I laughed along with her. She looked at me with tears in her eyes.

‘I love you so much Josh.’ she said. I leaned over and kissed her.

‘I love you too.’ I replied with pure sincerity. We sat in silence for a while, just looking at each other. The sound of her soft steady breathing soon filled the room. I pulled a blanket up and tucked it around her. I kissed her head before I left to get myself something to eat. I walked into the hospital café and bought myself a large coffee and a bacon sandwich. I sat at a table in the corner and thought about what could’ve happened. It could’ve all gone so wrong. I shook my head slightly, erasing the thoughts from my mind. I ate my bacon sandwich with relish. I hadn’t realised how hungry I was. My coffee was in a takeaway cup so I walked back to Caycee’s room. The doctors came and went, the hours passed like days. I just sat. Staring at the one person that I couldn’t live without. I thought about all the memories we had…

Josh’s memories of Caycee

We are 6 and this is the first time I’d seen her. She smiled at me and asked me to help her pick some berries. I said yes and we picked and ate for hours. I asked her to be my girlfriend and she accepted happily. Our parents called us in.

We are 8 and we are in Caycee’s garden, underneath her apple tree. I was shaking it trying to make some apples fall down. One wobbled and fell. Caycee held out her hands and caught it perfectly. She let me have the first bite. The sweetness filled my mouth and I watched as Caycee took a bite. I stayed over at hers that night.

We are 9 and a boy at school is bullying Caycee. I go and tell him off. He lands a punch to my face. I walked away with a black eye but feeling ever so brave. Caycee kissed me that day. Our first kiss.

We are 12 and I am holding her hand as we run out of her house and into the pouring rain. We run to the store and buy some apple laces for ourselves and some oranges for my mum. We run back to my house and my mum wraps us both in a huge towel. We hug and warm each other up. My mum makes us both a hot chocolate each and we sit down on my dad’s chair and sip happily. Mum flicks on some cartoons and Caycee falls asleep, her head lay softly on my shoulder.

We are 15 and it’s our nine year anniversary today. I take her to the spot that we’d met. I had sprinkled rose petals on the ground earlier that day. More hedges had grown so it was a circle of hedges and then a clearing in the middle. She had kissed me passionately when she saw it. We sat down on a blanket and I opened a hamper. Inside were chocolate covered strawberries, freshly squeezed apple juice and some pasta salad. We ate happily, laughing. We fed each other the strawberries. I looked at her laughing at something I’d said. I loved this girl with everything I had. She was my everything. She completed me. She made me.

Then there was today.

End of memories

I stopped myself, unwilling to let myself think about it. I had her here with me, I just hoped that lasted. A sudden, ear piercing beeping filled the room. Doctors rushed in.

‘What’s happened?’ I asked frantically. The doctor looked at me.

‘She’s gone into cardiac arrest.’


:O I just made that sound ultra-sad L It gets better! PROMISE J

I didn’t even know where this was going, I just wrote it…

Hope you like it J Thank you for all the support, love you all :*


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