I love a Nerd!

Jaymee is the most popular girl in the school and Marcel is the nerd. They get partenerd up in Math which is Jaymee's worst subject. When Marcel turns up at her house he look s different then usual. Her bestfriend Alyssa dares her to ask him out. Does she end up falling in love?


6. Bad Boy Or Nerd

Jaymee's POV

I woke up with someones arms around I turn my head to see Marcel. That suprised me. I pulled out of his grip "Morning beautiful" he said in a husky tone. "Morning.. Get up we have to get ready for school." "K" I got ready and came out wearing this:

"You should dress like that more often" he whispered in my ear. I jumped "You don't have to scare me when you say that" "I know I just wanted to" "Your mean" "I know and you love it" "In your dreams" "Never only in reality darling" "Come on lets go were going to be late" "I say we ditch" "Is Mr.Goody Two Shoes trying to be a bad ass?" "O hunny I'm not trying" "O really I bet you never got sited before" "Twice actually" "For what?" "Beating up Trevor Kalis and putting him in intensive care. Then I got caught with weed in my car the funny thing is I only got sited" "Wow I like bad boys" "I like bad girls" We both leaned in and kissed we pulled away and smiled. "Lets go" he said.


We walked up to school people staring. Then Sarah Lee Walekd up and said "Who is he?" "He is mine and his name is Marcel so Ladies back off!" We walked in and Marcel was getting stared at "Everyone this is Marcel you guys know him as the school nerd but now he the worlds hottest nerd and my boyfriend so back off ladies"


We went back to my house and it was quiet then Marcel broke the silence "Is your mom ever home?" my eyes teared up because no one but Alyssa knows what happened to my mom "Jaymee are you ok?" "Y..ya" "No your not I can tell by the tone of your voice. Whats wrong?" "My mom is always gone but shell be back in a month" "Why?" "We moved here two years ago after my dad diedand then she met Ethan her boyfriend that hates me but I honestly don't know why" I paused. "Thanks" "For what?" "Helping me and everything" With that we went to bed.

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