Throw my blades away for you

Alexia(alex) is stunned by the turn of events that happen. Her dad has as a stroke, and a few months later her mom kills herself. She lives with her 20 year old sister Talia who is nver there when she needs her. Alex cuts her wrist, and suicide does disturb the thoughts in her head.Then when she meets a romantic caring boy who gives her a reason to live.


6. Authors note:)

Hi!! I hope you enjoyes my first five 5 chapters so far. This is my first story on Movella also my first fanfic so i'm soo very sorry for the spelling mistakes, short chapters and not organized chapters. My next few chapters will be improved!! And i'm sorry I haven't updated in a while beacause I haven't go tthe time!! Thank you so much and I'm very happy that I already go 47 people who read my fanfic! Thank you so much!!


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