One Direction Imagines :)

Hi Everyone I`ll Try My Best To Do These Imagines So Just Comment Your Favorite Boy,Age,Hair Color, Eye Color,Personality And Tell Me What Kind Of Type Like Horror,Romantic,Clean,Dirty Anything You Wish For And You Could Do More Than One Boy Plus Tell Me The Place You Want It To Be At!!!!! This Is My First Time So I Will Try To Give It A Go Well Bye =) :)


3. Harry Imagine For Poppy :)

You woke up next to your adorable boyfriend Harry he was already awake. Good morning Hazza Good morning gorgeous so Harry what are we doing today for our anniversary. First get ready and meet me downstairs you said okay when you were done with everything you had to do in the bathroom you went downstairs to see rose petals everywhere, it was leading you outside to a beautiful garden, you saw harry in the middle of a big heart made from rose petals you said aww harry its soo beautiful then you were kissing each other, he had a tux on and you were wearing a beautiful dress and a little bit of makeup then, he started leading you to a limo you asked him where are we going to he said its a surprise when you got there it was a fancy restaurant when you both got in there he sat you down and you ordered Caesar Salad and he ordered Beef Stroganoff you were both talking about the future having kids,pets and getting married when you were finished and he was finished. You both left the restaurant and went home when you got inside but of you`s got wet you saw the boys, they throw water balloons at you and it ended up everyone having water balloons fights and water gun fights you kept throwing water balloons at harry when you throw one at harry it hit him on the face and he fell in the pool, and you made all the boys fall in the pool too, when they all got out the pool. They chased you everywhere so you tried to make them slipped on the grass by wetting the grass with alots of water when they slipped they were all mud when they caught you, they hugged you and now you were all muddy. Then you saw harry get on one knee and said Poppy Will You Make Me The Happinest Boy Alive you said YES OF COURSE and both of you`s were kissing and all the boys hugged both of you`s. At the end of the day Louis,Niall,Zayn and Liam feel asleep on the floor and you and Harry were cuddling on couch and harry fell asleep. Today was the most awesome day for you and harry and you felt your eyes getting heavy and you fell asleep. xxxxxPoppy I hope you like this I tried my very best!!xxxxx

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