Marcel: the nerd

This fanfic is written from Marcel's POV/diary. It talks about his life, and how crazy it is to be Harry Styles' twin brother. But when Marcel gets bullied by the kids at school, does Harry come in to help him? Read along and find out!


2. Day 2

Dear Diary,

So it's 3 years of One Direction today. Everyone is so proud of them, and everyone cries at how happy they are. But no one seems to care about how I feel about it. Let me tell you something that I've never told anyone else. I was going to audition with the X Factor, But I felt discouraged, because I knew that Harry was a better singer than me. When we were younger, he would always sing for the family, and they'd love it. But when I would come in to sing, they wouldn't cheer as much. Harry even had a band before 1D. 


No one ever encouraged me to do anything. Everyone always cared about Harry. That's why I didn't audition. I felt like if I auditioned, the judges wouldn't like me, and Harry wouldn't get his chance. And I didn't want that to happen. I'm glad he made it big. I'm glad that he now has four other...brothers...that are probably way better than me. Harry probably likes them better anyways. I'm just "the unwanted, lesser-known, nerdy, older brother". But it's okay. I have Leeroy. He's like a brother. Sort of. I don't know. I miss having Harry around.

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