A Love That Lasts

When May Smith a girl from California is suddenly dragged along with her mom to dreary old London she doesn't know what to do with herself. Then she meets Harry Styles, one of the cutest boys in school. Will he turn her world upside down? Maybe London wasn't as dreary as she thought. What will happen between Harry and May? I guess you will have to read and find out.


1. The Move

"GET OUT OF BED WERE GOING TO MISS OUR FLIGHT" my mom screamed. I groaned not wanting to ever leave the warmth of my bed. Especially not to move to dreary old London. My mom has been transferred there for work, which i am not very happy about.

"MAY I SAID RIGHT NOW!" my mom said.

That's me! I'm May Smith which is short for Mayfer, I'm 17 years old and i live in California. Well, not for much longer at least. My parents are divorced and I live with my mother

"May don't make me come up there!" she yelled again, but this time she was serious. "Alright mom i'm coming!"

 I finally dragged myself out of bed and walked to my closet. I threw on black yoga pants and a blue striped tank top with my LOVE PINK sweatshirt over top. I grabbed my big purse and walked downstairs to be greeted by my mom waiting to go.

"Ready?" she asked "yup" was my only response. As we walked out into the cold winter air. On the way to the airport i took out my phone and texted my best friend Livvy.

To: Liv 
I'm gonna miss you so much! Don't forget about me :( xx

Almost immediately my phone buzzed. 

From: Liv
I'm going to miss you too! Who could ever forget about you may? Love you(: Text me when you get there!! xx

I smiled and looked up, we were already at the airport. I hopped out of the car and walked inside. We had to go through security and baggage claim before we could even get to our flight. We were walking to the boarding area when a loud voice over the intercom came up "Flight 263 for London is now boarding, i repeat Flight 263 for London is now boarding." "OH SHIT!" my mom screamed a little too loud, my mom doesn't really know how to keep her mouth shut. The fact that we were on the other side of the airport made it hard to make it on time, so we had to run. 

Out of breath we finally made it to the boarding area and got on just in time, and we were off to London.

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