Separated at Birth

Ever had the feeling you were controlled? Maybe missing a piece of your life? Well London and Paris were twins that were separated at birth when there parents separated. The mother took Paris, and the dad took London. They were living miles and miles away and still didn't know about each others existence. With controlling parents setting up their life, they didn't have time for much, but they did have time for One Direction. What happens when the lads start dating the twins, bring them together, bring there life back together?


44. Still no chapter name ha

Paris' POV
 "Yeah.. she is my uh... friend from school," I said smiling. Mum just shook her head.

"Hunny, please hang up the phone, we need to talk," Mum said walking towards the living room. I sighed.

"Gotta go, see you later," I said hanging up. I set my phone on the counter before walking to the living room with Liam. I sat down on the couch. "What is it Mum?"

"I know you know this, cause London is a unique name, and its the name of your sister," Mum said crossing her arms.

"A sister! What?" I said pretending to be shocked.

"Stop the bullshit Paris, I want to know why you know her," Mum said pissed. "You can tell me."

"I know, its we met on accident and so we have been hanging out ever since school got out," I said twiddling my thumbs. "Im sorry mum."

"Its fine sweet heart," Mum said sighing. "To be honest I haven't seen London for ages, but if your father knew, man he would be angry, he didn't want you two to ever know each other." I was confused.

"But why, we are sisters!" I said shocked. The door bell rang interrupting my rampage. Liam went to answer the door.

"Where is she?" I heard London's worried voice. I then saw London jog into the living room. "Uh... wow.. um hi Mum," London said smiling.

"I called London saying you were hurt," Liam said smiling. Mum got up and walked over to London hugging her tight.

"Oh my baby girl," Mum said almost in tears. "your so grown up." London just held onto mum crying herself. Mum then let go. "Now we don't tell your father anything," Mum said wiping her own tears. I nodded.

"Thank you mum," I said hugging her. Mum just walked off upstairs. I didn't know she would be this happy.

"Wow, what an emotional morning." London said laughing. "Well, I have to get going, work doesn't wait for anyone." London said before leaving.

"I was shocked your mum didn't over react," Liam said following me into the kitchen. I shrugged.

"I know if it was my dad he would have sent London away to like a boarding school or something." I said sitting on a stool. Liam sighed.

"Well then we shouldn't tell him," Liam said smiling.


London's POV
 After work I stayed a bit longer talking to my boss. "So he dumped you and then Harry asked you out?" Sophia asked going through papers. I nodded laughing.

"Crazy, yet I still miss Niall, but I can't help but love Harry," I said sighing. "And so my heart is torn."

"Sounds like it," Sophia said looking up at me. I then heard the door ding indicating a customer.

"Hello?" An Irish voice rang. I frantically jumped over the counter hiding.

"London," Sophia whispered shocked.

"Hello, Sophia right? Is uh London here?" Niall asked. Sophia shook her head. "Oh, do you know where she could possibly be?"

"Sorry, I don't know, is there anything you need me to tell her?" Sophia asked.

"Here, just give her this, I want her to know I still care for her," Niall said. I heard footsteps walking away.

"He is gone," Sophia said smiling. I stood up. Sophia handed me a small charm bracelet. "He wanted me to give you this." I held it gently. I put it on.

"Im gonna get going," I said grabbing my coat. "See you tomorrow," I said before leaving. I then drove home quickly. I saw that there was a car parked across the street. I got out looking around. "Weird," I whispered unlocking my door.

"London?" I heard Niall's voice. I turned around to see him walking closer. "I've been meaning to talk to you."

"Niall, what could you possibly want to talk about?" I asked shutting my door. Niall sighed.

"I know everyone thinks Im the bad guy, but Im just stupid. I wanted to tell you this from the minute I broke up with you, I love you London. For crying out loud Im deeply in love." Niall took a deep breath, it began to sprinkle. "I don't know what I was thinking, and I knew once Harry asked you out I would never have a chance." Niall said beginning to cry. "I have never made a bigger mistake in my life, and if makes it easier I know you probably wish you would have never met me, which I wouldn't blame you, but your the first girl I could say that I love more then anything. Please say something?" Niall begged.

"Niall," I whispered unable to breath. It was now down pouring. Niall sighed backing up.

"I knew it," he said sighing. My vision began to haze. Niall walked to his car slowly. I tried walking towards him but I saw three of him. "NIALL!" I cried out before falling into the wet grass. I knew I was stressed, but I didn't think it was going to hit me like this. Please god take me now.


Paris' POV

 Me and Liam spent our day at his house watching old black and white movies.

"I got it, its probably Harry," Liam said chuckling. He got up answering his phone. I paused the movie we were watching. "No, it can't be... okay we will be over there soon." Liam said frantically.

"What happened?" I asked standing up.

"London, she fainted, Niall took her to the hospital," Liam said tossing me my coat. We quickly got into my car driving over to the hospital. Niall and Harry were already waiting for us.

"What happened?" I asked running up to Niall quickly. He shook his head.

"Im not sure, I began to walk to my car and she screamed for me, and when I turned around she was laying on the wet grass, so I took her here," Niall said quick as possible.

"What were you doing at her house?" Harry asked a tad bit angry.

"None of your business," Niall said pissed. I sighed.

"Guys, stop it," I said walking over to the front desk. "London Starr?" I asked smiling.

"Room 230," the lady said sweetly. I nodded taking Liam's hand. I knew Niall and Harry followed behind us silently. This was not what I expected to happen at all.



NOTE: Sorry if it sucks, Im just really out of ideas :/ ~Mystery_Horan_Girl

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