Think It's Time... For Love

Rosalie Belen Galindo is a young girl with big dreams , struggle filled life , plenty of friends , and some very dark secrets. Except what happens when she meets a special someone when she least expected to?


1. Rosalie " Bebz " Galindo

          Hellou everyone my name is Rosalie Belen Galindo. Lets see well i was born on the beautiful winter day of February 11 , I am currently 18 years young. I lived in Arizona up until about seven months ago when my parents finally let me move to London. My hobbies are listening to music , writing , reading , and going clubbing. My best friend is Nubia Alexa she stayed back home in Az Thoe. My best friend here is actually an old friend from high school her name is Bianka Ruiz. If your wondering yes we are all Latinas and proud baby. I am a complete Directioner for life as well as Nubia , Bianka on the other hand could care less about them which is fine I don't mind. Well gotta run Bianka's hungry and if I don't make food she will FREAK!! Bye Beauty's 

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