HeartBreaker </3

Emily was a good girl and very smart, she had very few friends and didn't date often. She hated the school jerk Tyler and never saw herself dating him but when he opens up will it change? Or stay the same?


1. Is he a jerk or not?

I walked through the hall as I saw Tyler also known as the school jerk, I tried to avoid eye contact with him while I got my books out of my locker. I got my books out and walked away but I tripped and fell "you ok?" My friend James said when he noticed that I had fell "I'm ok" I said as I tried to stand up but Tyler shoved me right back down, "ugh" I said as I gathered my stuff and walked to class "he is so annoying, why do all these girls fall head over heals for him?" I asked myself as I got to class. I went to the back of the room and sat down, I began to draw a dove "why was he such a jerk?" I asked myself when the lunch bell rang so I hurried to the spot where James was sitting and I sat next to him "hey" I said to him but he didn't reply, "what was wrong with him?" I thought but I just finished eating. The bell rang, I started to walked to class but then I ran into Tyler "excuse you?" He said in an annoyed tone, I just rolled my eyes at him and walked away. I think he was following me cause we reached the class at the same time, but I continued to ignore him as I headed to the back of the class and sat down. The teacher then told me that Tyler would be sitting next to me, when Tyler sat down I didn't look up from my paper "so why did you roll your eyes at me earlier?" He asked me in a pissed tone "cause your a jerk" I said firmly at him with anger and annoyance in my eyes he didn't answer. Soon the bell rang for my free period, I walked outside and sat down "why didn't he answer my when I told him he was a jerk?" I asked myself but I just assumed that he hatred me and enjoyed the rest of my free period. The bell tangs and I walked into the school then walked to my class and sat in the back, I took some notes "why don't James talk to me at lunch?" I asked myself but brushed it off concentrating on my work. Tyler sat next to me, I didn't notice till he said something "hey emily" he said calmly "hey Tyler" I tried to say nicely "I'm sorry I was being a jerk" he said but I ignored it "did he really mean it? Was he really sorry?" I ignored the questions in my head. I drew a few music notes and noticed Tyler was upset but I didn't know why, then the bell rang and I went to my locker. There was a note in my locker it said: 'hey emily, it's Tyler I wanted to tell you I really like you, but I'm sorry I was acting like a jerk I didn't mean to. But will you e my girlfriend?'. I was shocked I don't know what to say or even what to right back, i decided to give him a chance so I wrote yes on the paper and put it in his locker and headed home. I couldn't stop thinking about the note I couldn't believe he liked me, I soon was tired so I went to sleep thinking about him and smiling.

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