The Love of Sewer Rats (A Hidden Power Competition)

Eva was born and raised in times of struggle, of mutants, tyrants, and love. This is the start of her story.


3. Unworthy Duty

"EUGH! What the hell did you stop my fireball for?! I put most of my energy into that!" Edan demanded an answer from the wind psychic. Vayu quickly defended his actions:

"Our orders were to capture the ice-wielder and his wife, not to burn them to death!"

"You are such a stupid idiot!"

"Ha! That’s rich! Says the one who only passed his psych exams after he had attempted it TWELVE TIMES!"

"WHAT IN THE NAME OF DIABLO IS GOING ON HERE!?" Edan and Vayu turned to look at a tall, strongly built man with short, dark brown hair and piercing green eyes. This man was Antaeus, a powerful earth psychic, an old friend, and their backup. “I was told that you were supposed to be capturing an ice psychic and his human wife. Not bickering like spoilt children!"

“Alright honey, calm down." chuckled Vayu, un-phased by Antaeus' anger. "Maybe I should get that ice psychic to 'cool' you down a notch; he froze Edan's 'candle flame of evil' easily enough."

"Shut it Vayu! And-"

"-SILENCE!" screamed Antaeus, who stamped his foot to the floor in frustration. This caused a large crack to form in front of him which made the whole house shake. This split in the floor sped forward underneath the ice barrier in front of them and within seconds the arms-length-thick ice wall was in pieces on the floor. Then Antaeus - a man of few words - sped out of the back door of the house and down the road.

“Ty-pic-al Ant." Chuckled Vayu, pausing between each syllable. “Always the drama queen. Come on match-stick, we've got a job to do."

"Why I ought a..." Edan grumbled, and they both ran after their backup.

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