The Love of Sewer Rats (A Hidden Power Competition)

Eva was born and raised in times of struggle, of mutants, tyrants, and love. This is the start of her story.


10. The Ugly Truth

Bar one.

Eva ran towards Seth and pressed her jacket against a cut on his head. A noise sounded behind her and she turned. Edan was unconscious, but still breathing on the floor, Vayu was to the left of him, fatally injured, and Antaeus was stood. Being held in a headlock. This final attacker had a bald head covered in scars. The smell of cologne drifted to Eva from where he was stood and the intruder’s bright white suit was splattered with blood. This man, Eva instantly recognized from the many tales she had been told about the Evil EMP which rules all above the sewers, with powers like none ever seen before. This was the emperor…This man- no – this monster-

Was Diablo.

The creature spoke.”Ahhh, what a pleasant reunion. How thrilling it is to see my old friends again, and an audience to their demise! What a treat! That girl who dares to stand up to a god such as me must care about you quite a lot to do such a foolish thing-“

Antaeus gurgled in her defense, “- she’s just a girl this has nothing to do-“

“HOW DARE YOU INTERRUPT ME WHEN IM TALKING!” Diablo used his free hand to scratch Antaeus’ face. His long, yellowed finger-nails left deep marks mere millimeters away from his eye and Antaeus was silenced. “Well... if this girl is going to cause me this much trouble I might as well kill her right now...” He clicked his fingers and a flash of lightning cracked and hit Eva’s shoulder. She didn’t budge apart from to wince in pain. Frozen to the spot with fear and defiance. “Still standing... impressive... but not that impressive for long, i see corpses almost every day. If I’m not busy...” He grinned and raised his hand again.

“NOOOOOOOOO!” Antaeus screamed. Diablo’s face twisted in anger.

“I told you to STOP-“


“What?” Eva muttered, confused. “You said you never met my parents, you never told-“

“-Ahhhh,” Chuckled Diablo, “how utterly delicious... what luck to have such an entertaining spectacle unfold in front of me on a night such as this. Do continue Antaeus.” He prompted him to talk with a dig in the ribs with his elbow which made Antaeus gasp in agony. “Fine. I’ll give you a hint shall I?” This monster seemed to feed on Antaeus’ pain. “Antaeus, and his good friends Vayu and Edan here, were with your mother and father the night they died,” he sneered,” Discuss.”

Eva was almost in tears from the confusion. “Tell me he’s lying. Right? Vayu? He’s lying isn’t he.” Vayu clutched his injured chest and closed his eyes, ashamed.

 “W-w-why didn’t you tell me!?”

Antaeus sighed, “We wanted to tell you but-“

“But WHAT?!”

“We always wanted-“

“JUST TELL ME!” Eva was now in floods of tears.

“Your mother and father broke the law; he would have killed us if we didn’t. I’m so sorry Eva...”

Realization dawned on Eva’s face. Then sorrow...

“Say it.” Eva waited for a response from her protector, her father figure for the past 10 years. None came. “Say it...SAY IT! I WONT BELIEVE YOU UNTIL YOU SAY IT!”

“I was their superior so I take full responsibility.” Antaeus bowed his head in shame.

“Yes?” Diablo smile spread from ear to ear and his fang like teeth glistened like daggers. “But of what?” The sheer glee encompassing the tyrant’s features.

“I killed your parents.” Diablo squealed with joy.

“NOOOOOOOO!” Eva tried to manifest an ice spear but her powers wouldn’t work. Elliot came up to her from behind and threw the transmitter to Seth whilst holding Eva in place. “HOW COULD YOU!!!” the tears poured from Eva’s face as she struggled against Elliot’s grasp. But not once did she take her eyes from Antaeus’

“Well... this is getting a bit too emotional for me so, this little murderer and I must be going. Tootles!” Diablo and Antaeus vanished.

Eva’s world, everything she had ever believed in was a lie. She fell into Seth’s arms, saving her from the rubble, and sobbed until she couldn’t continue... her world was gone.

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