Ashley The Rebel: First Love

Ashley Styles is the sister of the world famous Harry Styles, Also Ash is a huge Rebel. You might wonder why Harry and Ash is not together. Well, when Ash (A.K.A Ashley) was 11, her and Harry parents got devorce. The mom took Harry and the dad kept Ash. Ever since the parents seperated, Ash ben a rebel. She didnt care about school. She just wanted to have fun. Her dad didnt let her though. He would ground her and make her go sit in her room. One day Ash dad had enough. He kick Ash out and brought her a plane to london. He was sick of her being a rebel and didnt care. But Ash doesnt know who she might run into in london follow by 4 other guys. What will Happen? Will Ash stick with Harry and fall alove? Or well she push everyone away and still be the rebel she always ben? Find out here..
P.S: I post up to 6-10 chapters a day so make sure u check.


7. Meeting Laim, Louise, Zayn, and Nial -Part 3

Ashely P.O.V

I was done so i walk into this room called the game room. I heard Harry talking saying no dating her. I rolled my eyes. I know hes my big bro but come on, you cant control my love life. I walked into the room with 4 cute boys staring at me. I notice the blonde one very cute. I snapped out of my thoughts and turned to Harry. "Hey Harry" i said looking at him. "Are thes the boys you want to intrudoce to me?" I ask. "Yea" he replied. "This is Laim, Louise, Zayn, and Nial." Nice to meet you they all said. I find their acents kind of cute. "I like your hair, its nice especially with the black at the tips". I heard Nial said. I blushed and said thankyou. "WE HAVE A BLUSHER!" louised yelled. "Um i can hear you from right here loud enough". "Sorry hes a bit loud" Laim said. Tell me about it i said rolling my eyes.

Nial P.O.V

Ashley is so beautiful i hope none of the guys fall for her. Who am i kidding? Me and Harry are the only singles one here.  Harry cant date his sister, and i cant date her either. Harry's stupid rule. Im going after her if he likes it or not. "I'm hungry" i whined. I saw Ash chuckle. God she looks so beautiful when she laughs. "Yea me to" Laim said. "Then what are we going to eat? we cant just sit here and whine" Ash said while chuckling. "How about Pizza?" Everyone nodded. "I'll go and pick it up, i need to stop by the rebellion store anyway." Ash said. I'll go with you" i replied. She just smile and say come on then''. I saw harry gaved me dont-try-it-or-your-dead-look, i just shrug and follow behind Ash. I went with her so i can get to know her better. I cant just rush her into a relationship not knowing a single thing about her. Like the quote says, You know my name not my story. And i heard Harry says shes a lil rebel, what do that mean?

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