Ashley The Rebel: First Love

Ashley Styles is the sister of the world famous Harry Styles, Also Ash is a huge Rebel. You might wonder why Harry and Ash is not together. Well, when Ash (A.K.A Ashley) was 11, her and Harry parents got devorce. The mom took Harry and the dad kept Ash. Ever since the parents seperated, Ash ben a rebel. She didnt care about school. She just wanted to have fun. Her dad didnt let her though. He would ground her and make her go sit in her room. One day Ash dad had enough. He kick Ash out and brought her a plane to london. He was sick of her being a rebel and didnt care. But Ash doesnt know who she might run into in london follow by 4 other guys. What will Happen? Will Ash stick with Harry and fall alove? Or well she push everyone away and still be the rebel she always ben? Find out here..
P.S: I post up to 6-10 chapters a day so make sure u check.


5. Meeting Laim, Louise, Zayn, and Nial -Part 1

Ash P.O.V

    I didnt want to intrude in Harry's flat, but he insisted. I cant wait to meet the other boys though. I hear all of them is cute lol. But am sure before i step on foot in that house, Harry will watch my every move. There goes my chance of love lol. But- "Are you alright"?I snapped out of my thoughts and turn my forcus to Harry. "Yea, just a bit nervous". I replied. "Dont be, they dont bite, and am sure they will love you. You will be like their little sister." Me and Harry both chuckle. Hmm, a little sister to them? More like a little rebel lol.

    We just got to Harry's flat. It was very big and pretty. Maybe because they have 5 boys living in there. Am just hoping my room is not no pink color. Harry knows how much i hate pink. My fave color is blue and black so if the room is pink, i may have to do a lil spray can painting.

Harry P.O.V

I'm so excited for Ash to meet the boys. It will be much less boring with her there since shes a little rebel. Ever since she was young she used to play tricks on me and Gemma. Good times, good times. I snapped out of my thoughts when Ash was waving her hand in my face. "Earth to Harry! When are we going in? We ben standing here for the pass 5 mins". She chuckle. "Oh, yea sorry". I open the door to the flat. No one was in the living room. Ash came from behind me. "Well' where are they?" she asked. "Guys! Laim Louise Zayn Nial!" I yelled. "Were in the game room mate"! I could tell that was Louise. I turned to Ash to start. "Ok Ashley, let me show you your room." She nodded and smile. "Can i ask you one thing Ash" I ask. She look at me and nodded. "Why did you dye your hair blue?" I ask. "Well' its more of a rebel color and brown wasnt working for me". She replied i nodded. Her room was next to Nial's i hope no funny business will be going on in thes doors with thes 2. Yes, i will be her over protective brother like i use to.


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