Ashley The Rebel: First Love

Ashley Styles is the sister of the world famous Harry Styles, Also Ash is a huge Rebel. You might wonder why Harry and Ash is not together. Well, when Ash (A.K.A Ashley) was 11, her and Harry parents got devorce. The mom took Harry and the dad kept Ash. Ever since the parents seperated, Ash ben a rebel. She didnt care about school. She just wanted to have fun. Her dad didnt let her though. He would ground her and make her go sit in her room. One day Ash dad had enough. He kick Ash out and brought her a plane to london. He was sick of her being a rebel and didnt care. But Ash doesnt know who she might run into in london follow by 4 other guys. What will Happen? Will Ash stick with Harry and fall alove? Or well she push everyone away and still be the rebel she always ben? Find out here..
P.S: I post up to 6-10 chapters a day so make sure u check.


4. I dont want to intrude..

Ash P.O.V


   Omg i just found my brother. How great is that. But still i need a place and a job, ugh.Me and Harry was walking down the street idk where we were going. ccccccc,.,km, I notice Harry keep taking glances at me and smiling. "Omg, why do you keep staring at me?" I ask looking at Harry. "Am just happy i found my little sister". I blushed. "Am happy i found you to. Espically when i don't have nobody by my side." I said looking down. "What do you mean"? He asked. "Well, am a rebel, so i barely give any care about school,work, and grades. Dad on the other hand wants me to stop partying and forcus on my grades. We have a fight about it every single day when i come home from a party or something. Yesterday when i came home from my friends party, he was pissed and kick me out. Here i am now." I said while letting a few tips escape. I quickly wipe it away. Am a rebel, am suppose to be strong.

Harry's P.O.V

  I felt really bad. She has no where to go and her dad kick her out. I don't mind her staying with me and the boys. I just dont want her to fall in love. "Well, I have a flat that i share with 4 other boys, and we have a guess room, you can stay in it if you want. We actually need a girl around. It becomes boring with only us guys. It's up to you". I said while looking at her. "I dont want to intrude or anything. Its your guys house. She replied. I stopped and look at her in the eyes, she did the same. "You are my sister. I finally found you and am not letting you go, ok"? "Ok" she said smiling. She has DIMPLES!!! I grab her hand and we both headed to the car. Time to go meet the boys.

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