Our life our love our songs...

This girl Sage and Jessica are best friends they love to make songs they are not super stars they are just two girls that like making song they have a big life and they like one Direction a little they are not a big fan of them though Sage and Jessica life together in a big house but there parents are gone from them for ever but they are still living fine and good at paris and finds more friends in paris!?!....One direction and friends movellas


2. texts

Sage's Pov...

So me and Jessica were just chilling you know watching some t.v and then i got a text it was from Danielle!

Danielle :

Hey girl  do you and Jessica  want to meet up and hang???

I then text back a yes then taped Jessica i said we were going to hang out with Dainelle,Perrie and Elounor she said okay and then went to get a quick shower. I then got a text from her 


Great we are going to go to Starbucks then we are going shopping!!

i text back yay meet you there in like 20. She text back a okay see ya i read it then put it on the table then i went to get a shower. ***5 MINUTES LATER *** (yeah i know quick shower but trying to make it faster :P) I then picked out the prefect outfit it was a Dark blue top with a Heart on it then i wore Black Skinny jeans with a necklace that had my name spelled in cursive on it then i put my hair in a french braid! i walked out of my room to see Jessica she was wearing a Neon green top and it had a star on it then she was wearing black and white stripped pants she was wearing black heel's then she had her hair down and curly. You look good i said to Jessica 

Thanks so do you 

haha thanks okay we should probably get going okay she replied we then got into my car and drove off. 


Jessica's Pov..

We finally were at Starbucks we walked in and saw Danielle,Perrie and Elounor we waved so did they. Hey guys i said giving each of them a hug i know i haven't known them long but i am the type of person who will just hug a stranger. We  went up to go get coffee i got a cookie too teehee  when we were done we went to the mall! ***AT THE MALL *** Lets go to Rue 21 (i don't know a lot of shops soo yeah sorry ) okay the others all said so we went there and got LOTS of stuff i was a tiny bit jelly of Sage got this REALLY cute top and there was only one left and she got it first :'( .But what she dosen't know is that i am the same size top as her haha so i can wear it! We wen't to some other store's me and the other girls were becoming really good friends! I am so glad we ran into them on me and Sage's walk before we knew it it was time to go back home we told the girls bye then we left.A few hours after we got home i got a text from Perrie!


hey i had a fun  time today did you?

i then text back yes we should hang out more 


oh YES well got to go bye girrrl :P

bye i text back then i went and watched Cake boss !!!!!


Hey guys please like and favor you would mean the WORLD to me thanks ~Hannah 

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