Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato forces Selena Gomez to go to a Justin Bieber concert . Yes Selena does like his music though . She gets too meet Justin Bieber ... Read to find out what happens next .


2. Mall with the girls


Hi guys or girls . My name is Taylor Swift . My two best friends in this whole world are none other than Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato.

So today we were going to the mall too get a couple of outfits , including an outfit for Justin Bieber's concert tonight. So his this guy singer that is totally hot . No , I don't like him in that way , I just think his hot . 

Selena says that she doesn't glove Justin as Much as Demi and I do , but to me it seems like she's one of those fan girls that are totally obsessed with him , but she won't just admit it to herself . Demi also thinks this that's why we got her meet and greet tickets to Justin's concert tonight . 

Selena: so that's kinda the whole point of it ..

Whoops, I didn't realize that Sel was talking too me .

Taylor: so Sel , I wasn't listening .

She rolled her eyes and started from the beginning .

Selena: okay so I don't really need a whole cute outfit for Justin . But I kinda do want one because I want a boyfriend . Then Demi said that Justin will fall Inlove with me no matter how I try too look, ugly or not. Then I said maybe but he is probably one of those guys that date and dump , then never call back so that is kind of the whole point . I don't want to be one of his many girls .

Taylor: it sounds like you like him .

Selena: I do not .

Demi: whatever, lets try that shop .

It was a Gucci top . I loved their dresses so much , totally amazing . Just in that one shop we found our outfits too Justin's concert .

Demi picked a denim stylish shorts and a crop top . She's wearing it with some super cute heels . Only Dem can pull that outfit off .

Selena and I are wearing something similar too Dem . Both of us are wearing shorts and heels , just our t-shirt are different . Selena has an 'I love him' crop top and I have just a normal pink t-shirt .

Selena: okay so there's our outfits for tonight .

Demi: yip , so where we heading next ?

Taylor: to the food court ? I'm starving .

Selena: me too.

Demi: me three .

We headed over to the food court .

Selena: so what should we have ?

Demi: Italian or Chinese?

Taylor: oo how about sushi ?

Demi: that doesn't really fill you up .

Taylor: neither does Chinese .

Selena: then I guess we are having Italian .

We walking over to one of the Italian restaurants . A waiter took us over to a table for three . We ordered a pizza , but not any normal kind of pizza ! No ! These pizza's here are so huge that you can only order one slice and it will still be too much for you too eat . Plus it came with different topping , you pick .

Selena: okay so after we eat where we going ?

Demi: the food isn't even here yet and you already want to leave .

Taylor: how about we go home . We can do a bit more shopping tomorrow ?

Selena: but I need to buy some groceries , there's like nothing in the fridge .

Demi: okay so we buy Sel's things , then drive to my place so I can pick up a few things for the concert , they we go too Tay's place so she can get whatever she needs . Then we go back to Sel's place then just relax there until its time for us too get ready for the concert?

Taylor: sounds good.

Selena: deal .

The food took about half and hour too arrive . We spent atleast about two hours in that restaurant just eating and talking . 

It was about three in the afternoon now . It's getting kind of late so we left the restaurant and went to a different shop too buy Sel's things .


After an hour we were back in the car on our way too Dem's place .

Demi: okay so it's four now , we will be at Sel's place at about 4:30pm . Then we start getting ready , because the stadium is about thirty minutes away and each of us have too shower , do our hair , apply make up- 

Taylor: okay we get it . 

The best things about our houses is that it's so close to each other . We saw each other everyday and I loved that , I don't know what I would do with Sel and Dem.


We were back at Sel's house now . All three of us took a shower , and it's about 5:15pm now . We were in the middle of putting on our outfits .

Demi: okay guys , I'm done getting dress , I just need too dry my hair and brush my teeth .

We all finished getting dress , then we headed back into the bathroom to brush our teeth . When we were done it was time to do our hair .

We blew our hair and left it loose . But Demi curled the tips of her hair .

Selena: okay it's 6pm now , we have to leave in thirty  minutes.

Taylor: that's just enough time to do our make up .

We did all our make up , then left for Justin's concert . Eep this is going to be amazing .


Okay guys I know that the meet and greet is usually before the concert .

But in the next chapter I'm making it after .

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