A young girl named Rachael believes in chance & luck. Her faith is heightened when she meets the boy of her dreams by chance, but her faith is put to the test when her dad develops cancer. Will the one thing she's always believed in be taken from her? Or will she find something new to believe in within herself?


1. Tuesday Morning

     It's funny the way life works out, sometimes. You're expecting one thing, but what you receive is something completely different. Sometimes, it works out in your favors. For me, this seemingly average Tuesday morning was thankfully one of those times. 

     "You're ridiculous," I muttered to the girl before me. This girl happened to be my sister, Kristy. Despite me glaring her down, she still managed to flash a pearly white smile at me, her hazel eyes glistening with anticipation.

     "Oh, you'll be fine," she said reassuringly with a wave of her arm, her golden bangles crashing into one another like the waves of the ocean. Except instead of a calm, soothing sound, they made an obnoxious, clanging sound that made me want to throw them out the window. Kristy had always played by her own rules, including accessory-wise, & was painfully optimistic. Hence, why she set me up on the ever-dreaded blind date.

     "I'm just going to embarrass myself," I said with a frown. I turned to look at myself in the mirror. "Just look at me!" My sister had given me a makeover, & to be quite honest, I felt like I was dragged through Tyra Banks' closet. She had me in a classic LBD with black pumps & bright red lipstick. "Isn't it a little early for an outfit like this? It's not even 12 yet, Kris."

     As usual, she waved my comments to the side. "Nonsense, you look great. He'll barely be able to keep his hands off of you!" I sighed & shook my head. There was no budging my sister when it came to this stuff. I turned to shoot her a doubtful look, & she frowned at me, placing her hand on her hip & making a ruckus in the process. Her perfectly arched eyebrows knit together in frustration. I found myself giving her a glance-over, taking in her deep shades of makeup, & her long, gypsy-like day dress that reached the floor. Her left leg was jut out so you could see her gold metallic sandals that wrapped around her foot like a boa constrictor. I felt obligated to ask her for my first wish.

     "You need to stop being so negative," she said with a huff. "What happened to miss 'luck is always on your side' & 'all you need is chance', hmm?" She looked at me accusingly, but I turned away from her stare, looking back at my reflection, instead. Now I gave myself a once-over. My dreadfully plain brown hair was curled into small ringlets, & my green eyes seemed to pop underneath my curled eyelashes. My normally pale skin was golden, thanks to the magic of makeup. I felt even smaller than usual in this skimpy little dress. Granted, it accentuated my thin waist, but it couldn't disguise the fact that I was merely 5'4". Very short for an 18-year-old. 

     My sister came to stand next to me, her bright orange hair & pale complexion contrasting with mine. She gave me a small smile & said, "You know, someone once told me that all you need is faith, & chance will do the rest. Sound familiar?" She raised her eyebrows at me & I couldn't suppress a smile. She was right... as usual. It is her job, being the older sister, & all.

     "Okay, okay, you're right," I admitted with a grin. "But this outfit is ridiculous, & if I'm going on this date, we're doing it my way." I pulled off the dress & shook off the pumps. I made my way to my closet & flung the doors open. I looked from hanger to hanger, & finally realized something. "I have nothing to wear." 

     My sister grinned & with a pump of the fist she exclaimed, "Time to go shopping!" I smiled grimly. Chance better be on my side today, because I was going to need it.

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