The war

"Margret where are you" I yelled at my little sister "I can't tell you that would be cheating" she yelled back I was 8 at the time this memory is the last happy one before it all went down hill


3. The witch

Jordyns P.O.V.

Finally I thought to myself I had just finished packing up the hut it looks basically like a gigantic tree house that you paid a ton of money for just then Caroline walked in with the food

"Did you get enough for multiple weeks?" 

"Yah why do we need so much what are you not telling me?" 

"Wait is Em around?" 

"No her and Abbs and Abbie are practicing knife throwing."

"We're going on a trip all of us" 

"Did you tell Em she loves these-"

She was cut off by Em running in. "Jordyn you have to hurry come on"

"Wait Em what happened?" 










"repeat and calm down"

"ok, so me and Abbs and Abbie were out in the woods practicing knife throwing and we saw a baby rabbit so we went to check on it and then a net popped up and Abbs leg broke and then the witch said go back to your sister I want to speak with her and here I am" Said Em almost in tears. 

"Well if that witch wants to talk to me I'm sure as heck not going to disappoint". 

*skips walk to the woods*

"Ok I see the net but where are Abbs and Abbie."
"Hahahahahaha" cackled the witch 
"Oh so you did show up Avery we meet again hopefully for the last time."

"Oh no I quite like our little meetings"

"Really because you tend to leave 'our little meetings' with multiple injuries"

"Well your little friend Abbie she's not leaving unscathed" said the witch as she pulled Abbie out from behind her Abbie screamed in pain. 

"Leave her alone Avery we all know you just want to capture me and keep me as your little magical pet"

" Ok here's the deal you get Abbie back if you come with me"

"Only if we get Abbs back also"

"what a shame I was going to keep her to she shows much magical signs she will be very powerful but not as powerful as you my dear"

"Fine I'll go"

"But Jordyn I'm not ready to help Caroline yet!"

I ignored her and walked to the witch as the girls walked past me I tucked a piece of paper into a limping Abbie's hand "Wait" I said to the witch "let me heal Abbie before I go with you" 
"Fine" I healed Abbie Caroline already knew what I was doing as Em yelled for her to stop me. 
Caroline's P.O.V. 
This plan is risky I hope it works "Caroline please you have to stop her!" Em yelled as they went behind the tree and disappeared. "How could you just let her go Caroline I'll never see her again" 
"Yes you will calm down now Abbie give me the paper Jordyn gave you"
"Ok here" She said handing it to me I gave it strait to Em " I already know the plan it's a note from your sister to you" 
Em's P.O.V.
I started to read the letter in my head*letter*  dear, Em I know you are taking this hard I'm coming back the witch and me are at the hut come meet us here and yes I mean our hut ~jordyn *letter ends* " ok I know where to go"
Caroline's P.O.V. 
*skip walk to hut* 
"Now my pretty i have taken you to your home where you will lose your powers" 
"We can't let that happen" whispered Em 
"It won't have faith in your sister" 
"What is this is that child I smell?" 
"Stay quiet Em"I said
Jordyn's P.O.V.
Ugh she  is so annoying bam I socked the witch in the nose and made ropes appear and tighten around her "guys you can come in now" I said 
"What are we going to do with her now?"said Em.

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