The war

"Margret where are you" I yelled at my little sister "I can't tell you that would be cheating" she yelled back I was 8 at the time this memory is the last happy one before it all went down hill


2. Descriptions

Hi, I'm jordyn description: pretty tall like about 5'6 eye color : blue hair : color:dirty blond with pink tips hair length: about mid back likes: not almost getting killed by random forest creatures dislikes: almost getting killed by random forest creatures best friend: Caroline closest other friends: Emily, Abby, and Abbie personality: light and funny when not keeping the others in line very serious after near death experiences very sarcastic at all times especially if she has been kidnapped loud when needed and  extremely defensive of the others who she considers her sisters real sister : Emily jordyns typical outfit Hi my names Caroline description : height : about 4'9 eye color : brown/green hair color : blown tipped with blue on the ends hair length : very long almost to the edge of the top of her jeans likes : almost getting kidnapped and battles dislikes : getting kidnapped and not getting to fight personality : very sarcastic, protective, kind, and funny best friend : Jordyn other closest friends:  Emily, Abby, and Abbie. Hey wassup I'm Emily but you can call me Em description : hair color platinum blond hair length : inverted bob not stacked in the back eye color : blue height : about 5'0 likes : baby animals dislikes : when her sister treats her like a baby personality : funny sarcastic and tough like her sister she can kick your butt any day of the week sister : Jordyn best friends : Abby and Abbie older best friend : Caroline. Hi we are Abby and Abbie we're twins of the nonidentical variety descriptions :  Abby hair color : black with green streaks height : 4'11 hair length : to shoulders eye color : brown personality : funny and creative and strong all the girls could kick your butts likes : neon green dislikes : blood Abbie : hair color : carmel brown with lavender streaks hair length: mid back eye color: brown height : 4'10 personality : bubbly and giggly she knows how to brighten every ones moods likes : annoying her sister and knifes dislikes : spears and not eating for a day


                                                 What the hair colors and dyes mean 

If their hair is dyed at the tips it means that they are the leaders if its not dyed like Ems it means that you are next in line to be a leader of the group you're in ( your group is only determined by who you find that you end up with your age and maturity level decides your hair color and if you have a unnatural color in it) so if one of the leaders fall you get her hair coloring if your hair has streaks that means you are not yet ready to be a leader but will be soon


Jordyn and Caroline are both sixteen

Emily is fourteen and so are the twins


Jordyn has to many to name will be revealed later

Caroline can use other people's powers

Em and the twins powers are yet to be discovered

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